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  1. There is another upscale strip center going up on Furys Ferry rd. at Evans to Lock rd.
  2. That is FANTASTIC News! That area has sooooo much potential.
  3. There is a lot of acreage being cleared on Washinton Road in Evans before you get to Windmill plantation on the right on your way towards Pollards Corner. Does anyone know what this is going to be? Im guessing a new subdivision given its size?
  4. Downtown there finally seems like some activity going on. The library is underway, the judicial center area is being cleared, Condo-conversions on Broad Street are finished/finishing up, Starbucks and Quiznos at Marriott, townhomes on James Brown are up, St. sebastion way is "underway", and plenty of more projects starting soon! I know there is a 4 story cardiac center being built at University Hospital but can anyone tell me what the crane is for that I see on JC expressway at the Medical College?
  5. There is a nice rendering of the proposed School of Dentistry at MCG. Looks like a 4-5 floor building. Should start construction this summer. http://spotted.augusta.com/chronicle/displ...mp;photo=645499
  6. socaguy

    Aiken County

    I was in North Augusta the other day and the Downtown area is really starting to liven up. The new Municipal Building is coming along nicely, the new Jackson square (2 floor streetfront retail project) is filling up with stores and boutiques, and Hammonds Ferry continues to amaze me. Georgia avenue/13th street bridge is probably the most impressive entrances to Downtown Augusta.
  7. Does anyone know what the development behind the hotels near the I-520-Gordon Hwy interchange is going to be? They have cleared alot of land and it is visible from 520. Also, does anyone know how far along ADP is? Id like to drive by next time Im in Augusta.
  8. Wasnt there a CarMax in Augusta years ago??? Seems like it but maybe not.
  9. That sucks I like the old design much better. I guess the Augusta Historic Pres. Commission doesnt appreciate anything other than older buildings. Its a shame.
  10. I wonder if the author was referring to the townhouses going up in that area, (Walton way)
  11. This Sucks. I like the modern design of the library. Why does everything in Augusta have to have a "cheap" Southern look to it with "warmer" earth tones. I suppose they will put columns on it and perhaps a cheap looking green steel roof???
  12. socaguy

    Aiken County

    Great Pic! I guess the building will have 4 floors but with all the extra stuff on top will be the height of a 5-6 floor building or maybe more.
  13. Thats excellent news! I think Downtown is getting ready to boom.
  14. I know the Home Depot in Evans is open but wasnt there supposed to be some more shops including a grocery store and some out parcel restaurants that were going to go into the same development? Anything open there yet? Also, the apartments noted above, are they a go or did Nimbys shoot this down like they did the upscale apartments that were supposed to go at RiverNorth in N. Augusta?
  15. Man, when I worked at Macy's back in the 90's there was only a Macys East and a Macy's West. Of course New York was the main store for Macys East but Atlanta (Lenox) was always considered second. There was always some type of competition going on between the NY region and the Atlanta region, (which included Florida). Times have changed and Macys is just about everywhere now!
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