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  1. fsubelch

    ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    I found a great angle of the capital building. Hopefully if the day is nice I will be able to grab a quick picture.
  2. fsubelch

    ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    The picture was taken from the office building on the corner of Adams and College (The Florida Medical Association). I took the picture with my Canon 30D with a Tamron 18-50mm 1:2.8 lens. The editing of the picture was done with a program called photomatrix and Aperture 2. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have some time to get some more pics of the area and I will see if I can make some more colorful pics!
  3. fsubelch

    ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    This is the view out of my office window. I am still teaching myself the finer points of HDR images. Feel free to give me some feedback!
  4. fsubelch


    ^Both malls. Disco mall is located on the bottom floor near the Garnet and Gold store I believe?
  5. fsubelch


    Looks like Tallahassee mall is losing another store. Friedmans is closoing June 28th. I believe this is a company wide closing just just a local closing.
  6. fsubelch

    ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    Here is a link to the flickr pool for Tallahassee http://www.flickr.com/groups/tallahassee/ Sorry if this has been posted already.