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  1. Soooo we can expect maybe 20 stories by the time the city rejects the height and Hinman realizes the cost to engineer a 42-story building in a footprint that small. So much inherently wasted space with a wedge shape, too but I'd still love to see it. They'd definitely have to add levels to that parking garage. My office used to be in the Michigan National Bank Building (that Hinman owns) and we rented parking spaces in that ramp for company cars and employee cars and it was already always almost full then. There's no way a four or five story ramp can support this project and the MNB building.
  2. With all of the attention and redevelopment the city has had and with more and more building sites in the CBD being snapped up, I'm surprised a big announcement of a new skyscraper hasn't happened already. It seems like all of the publicity from changing the skyline would be worth big $$$. Just think of all the photos, letterheads, merchandise, etc that reflect the skyline that would have to be updated because of your building. Also, and I doubt it will happen anytime soon, but I've always hoped that the next big project would commission a renowned architect. It doesn't have to be Frank Gehry (although I do love his work) but something a little more interesting than what we have...
  3. where is the build site? Is the post office finally moving out of downtown? The parking lot at Fulton and market? The vacant Kent County parcel on north Monroe? I feel like it has to be a prominent waterfront location.
  4. Yea, it would be really nice if this whole building was redone and the upper floors were converted into apartments. No, not high end apartments, or even income based apartments, just regular ol apartments that people who work in the neighborhood can afford. I dunno how this eyesore blended in to other people, but I'm glad something is finally happening to it. They ought to add a few windows on the upper floors while their at it!
  5. Yea the grubbs ellis signs have been up all summer. I live right by this place, i can see it from my front door. If I see anything major going on over there ill post it here.
  6. Clarks isn't utilized as a market but more as a seven eleven with liquor. If Clarks became a fancier market it might attract more people outside of Heritage Square who normally avoid it. Their main sale is booze from what I've seen and the people loitering outside and the ugly facade definitely deters people from going in. They should really do things like clean the floors, make it brighter inside and maybe repaint the exterior. Especially if the development at 345 state comes to fruition.
  7. I agree that if Clarks were obliterated the biggest part of the problem would go away. However, I do like having a place to grab a gallon of milk, a lightbulb, a pack of smokes and a six pack that takes me thirty seconds to walk to but a more modern market would be nice. The indian family that runs the place are nice people too but they seem content with the way business is going and don't ever put money into cleaning the place up. As for the look and feel, it is ghetto but probably not as much as everyone thinks. I did hear that before I lived near by they used to stock 40's in produce display units but all that's gone. I guess my question is what will it take to change Clarks and where will the bums go? Will they move to division? Whats going to happen when all of commerce is built out, when the condo tower next to purple east is done and when all of the other developments around the missions reach completion? Do missions relocate from development pressures? Will the bums and the homeless just move farther down south division? I'm pretty intrigued by stuff like this so any insight or previous experience would be nice to hear.
  8. Almost forgot, the DDA is trying to expand their boundaries but that would only reach Lafayette on State st. 345 state is probably the main empty building at the moment but perhaps some more significant activity would occur in some of the other buildings around there.
  9. How will the rest of the neighborhood be cleaned up? I live 100 feet from the front doors of this building and theres a lot of crap in the neighborhood. The combination of the subsidized housing at Madison and CHerry, Clarks (liqour store) and that small triangle shaped park and the empty buildings are whats keeping the neighborhood the way it is. One block in any direction and things look up immediately. I'm getting cheap rent right now because of the neigthborhood but improvements would be nice. Its jsut going to take a heck of a lot more than this one building to clean up the place. I get people hanging out, drinking and eating (leaving all thier trash) on my front porch and in my front yart. I've yelled at guys peeing and/or sleeping in the front yard, the business next to my house has a parking lot behind it that is adjacent to my back yard wher ebums drink, fight, take dumps, you name it, people have went through my mailbox in the middle of the night etc. People are always passed out in the park, digging through dumpsters and sitting out front of the liqour store. We've all referred to it as the bum corridor that connects them to the missions down on division. My roomates and the other tennants are considering asking out landlord to build a fence In all honesty I'm never really worried or concerned fo rmy safety and we enjoy getting a really nice apartment for super cheap. Plus the cops love Peppinos so they are around quite a bit. I even had a halloween party, three kegs strong, and left the front door unlocked the whole time and we didn't get any bums wandering in. I was actually quite surprised. I'd like to see more happen in the neighborhood but its going to take more than a couple of rennovated properties to make a difference. I'm curious to see how potential tennants react to a newly rennovated building in a sub par neighborhood. Bums sleep, drink and dump trash all over the front steps of that building so perhaps they should do what they did at the bus station to deter gang activity and play classical music.
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