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  1. Of course its all a matter of opinion, but yes... while the Fleetwood puts out a good spread, I have to give the nod to the Firehouse Grill.
  2. Ive been going to Dalmations for a couple of years now. Best breakfast in town... You can catch some prominent figures in there from time to time as well.
  3. I seem to remember something about the Raddison having an exclusive contract with the city for many years. And just a couple of years ago, the city forgave quite a few million dollars in owed monies to terminate that contract and let other chains develop downtown. Looking for a link now... Edit: According to this article, the contract was renewed? WTF? We let 17 million go and then just look the other way??? Did I miss something?
  4. I took a stroll through the Walter French School yesterday. Here are a couple pics.
  5. I got lured in today on the way home from the Y. Probably the blue sky...
  6. Im not sure if its been mentioned here before, but doesnt the railway have some kind of impact on how the land will be used. At least, that is, what will be developed near the river? Side note. This is my 10th post. Im excited to open up more controls...
  7. Ask and ye shall receive. I went back and edited it. I didnt realize that flickr had downsized it.
  8. A skyline shot earlier today...
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