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  1. yeah i agree atlanta isnt dependent on tourist to bring high end boutiques to our city most of orlando is made up of outlets yeah they did get a bloomingdales before us but we have 2 bloomingdales 3 nordstroms in the city calvin klien white label opening up here in atlanta this fall and also diesel true reliegion ralph lauren (2 levels) miss sisty energie is already open puma,lush,zara, and yeah H&M will be opening up spring of 08 so i really dont think there is a comparison our market here in atlanta is alot bigger then orlando we have a widder selection but i think as time passes len
  2. thats true even though atl supposed to be getting a barneys around 2008 whuch i am looking forward too
  3. we are talking about lenox not whats in NYC ok we all know NYC is th king when it comes to shopping more people shop at neimans than barneys
  4. thats very much true but there always trying to compare charlotte with atlanta theres is no comparison in anyway thats all i am saying there alot of people from charlotte that come to atlanta to shop because of the stores that south park lack but trust it will happen for charlotte afterwhile
  5. Yeah i think the new stores will give lenox a different out look i wish phipps and lenox was combined that would be awesome it would kinda be like the galleria in houston
  6. well south park is comparable to lenox in many ways. But south park cant really compete with it because lenox offers alot more then southpark such as salvatore ferragmo, cartier, bloomingdales, french connection, club monaco, david yurman sony style, davante,mark shale,betsey johnson,nicole miller plus all th new stores that are about to open calvin klien shabby chic zara. miss sixty energie true religion diesel, chanel and YSL but over all i like the mall but when i go to southpark i dont get a different expeience because i have seen it all before And ii wondr why they dont have a saks tha
  7. yeah i live here in atlanta and they are closing certain stores to make room for others so i am pretty sure lenox will definetly see other high end stores
  8. While I was at Lenox today they had all the new stores that were coming in the new neiman marcus wing Puma True Relegion diesel Miss Sixty Sony style and H&M The progress of this project is moving pretty fast the mall is making alot of changes right now its getting ready for a big makeover and more stores
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