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  1. virginia pe

    New Arena

    Virginia Beach Blvd at Monticello may not be shovel-ready. I read somewhere that the site is badly contaminated. There used to be a coal tar to gas manufacturing plant there, and the waste products were poured out onto the ground. Somewhere in the past they covered the site with a clay cap to form an impervious barrier to keep rain water from running through the soil and leeching the contaminants into the ground water. That is why the site is elevated. I could not find definite documentation that the site is contaminated, but this website has good information on manufactured gas plants and the contamination they cause: http://www.hatheway.net/index.html
  2. And it was. Before the mall was built, the land where MacArthur Mall sits was a 17-acre parking lot. That's how it was referred to in the paper and in City Hall - "the 17 acres". And it was like that for years and years, maybe decades. The city tried hard to find a developer to develop that parking lot without success, until Taubman came along with the mall proposal. Despite its shortcomings today, back then it was the only option for the city, and it did turn the city around.
  3. Craney Island is too important to the Port of Virginia to ever develop it for anything else. Most of the material dredged from the Hampton Roads harbor goes to Craney Island until it is dried out and can be safely trucked away. Dredging is nearly a continuing operation to maintain the depth required for commercial shipping. Getting the regulatory permits to dispose of all that material offshore or anywhere else would eat up a lot of time and cost a ton of money. https://www.nao.usace.army.mil/About/Projects/Craney-Island/ The Hampton Roads Executive Airport is adjacent to the Great Dismal Swamp. If an airplane taking off to toward the south had mechanical problems, it would have to make an emergency landing in the swamp. It would take forever to get rescue crews to the crash site.
  4. I agree that nor'easters are fairly common, but not nor'easters that would flood Waterside Drive, let alone Main Street, which is even higher. I cannot recall Waterside Drive being closed due to flooding.
  5. They have been asking the questions. Here are some of the questions: What will the economic impact be on current downtown restaurants, hotels and entertainment establishments? People visiting the casino are not likely to leave the casino to visit other downtown restaurants or hotels. The casino will pay no taxes on meals/beverages, spa services, lodging or entertainment, only on the net gaming receipts. Does this give the casino an unfair advantage over other restaurants and hotels? The city is funding an economic impact study to consider the additional taxes from a new downtown arena to replace Scope. What negative impact will the casino have on a future arena? Could it kill the chance of a new arena? The city hopes to attract $1 Billion in investment in the St. Paul’s Quadrant? How will the casino impact the development of St. Paul’s Quadrant? What does Norfolk State think about having a casino less than a mile from its campus? Many studies have shown that property values of houses in proximity to casinos decline as a result of a casino opening. Norfolk is investing $112 million in the Ohio Creek Basin to create the “coastal community of the future”. How will the casino affect Chesterfield Heights? Studies show that there is an increase in crime when casinos enter a neighborhood. It is likely that there will be a significant cost to police, fire and emergency services. What is this cost? Why has a risk assessment not been completed to understand the increased costs of public safety as a result of this casino? Has Norfolk’s public safety leadership weighed in on the effects of a casino on potential increase in public safety costs? No, these are not my questions. This is a recap of some of the questions Councilwoman Andria McClellan posted on Facebook back in September. Her FB post was copied onto this site on September 22 .
  6. What about in three years, if the plans to build the casino fall through? What about in 20 years, if the casino does not make the huge money everyone is assuming it will produce, and the Pamunkey tribe decides to close the casino?
  7. I don't think we have heard the end from the Nansemond tribe. The Nansemond are prohibited by law from operating a casino, but I do not see them standing idly by while the Pamunkey tribe rakes in all this money. I can see the Nansemonds filing a lawsuit claiming the "tribal land" where the casino is to be built is more Nanesmond than Pamunkey, with the ultimate goal of forcing the Pamunkey tribe to share some of the casino profits with them.
  8. In the Hampton Roads market, driven precast piles are generally more economical than augercast piles, partly because we have local precasters to manufacture the piles - Bayshore Precast Concrete, with plants in Cape Charles (now closed) and Chesapeake. In other markets, like South Florida, many buildings are supported on augercast piles. The developers are probably paying a premium for augercast piles to reduce the noise and vibration of driven piles, but they are not likely to be way more expensive. River Tower is definitely not the first building in Norfolk to use augercast piles.
  9. To be able to offer international flights, they need ICE to agree to man a customs office for incoming flights. They also need a separate corridor to keep arriving passengers separated from the rest of the airport until they clear passport control and customs. The airlines need to know that the market it there, and will be there reliably for the long haul. It is not economically feasible to fly smaller jets across the Atlantic. They usually fly 767s or 777s. Can you fill that plane up once a week? Will Norfolk's runway support a plane that big? I suspect the international flights the mayor is proposing are to the Caribbean, not Europe.
  10. As I read the article, when the Pamunkey tribe applied for federal recognition, they listed the areas where the tribe lived, farmed, and hunted. Apparently, according to the Nansemond tribe's letter, they did not list any areas in the 7 cities. It doesn't help that the previous chief of the Pamunkey tribe called the claim that Norfolk is ancestral Pamunkey land "a long stretch."
  11. I haven't seen the sign, so I do not know how high it is. Measuring on Google maps, the IKEA site is well over 3000 feet from the runway centerline. The FAA requires a clear zone using an 8 to 1 slope, so you could go over 300 feet high before the FAA would be concerned. However, I found this in the Norfolk Zoning Ordinance, Article 5.7.8.B: "No outdoor advertising sign adjacent to and facing an interstate highway shall exceed 45 feet in height at its highest point, measured from the grade of the interstate highway at the point of its nearest proximity to the sign."
  12. I am curious about this statement. If they just recently brought in a design firm, who provided all those fancy renderings we saw three years ago?
  13. virginia pe

    The Savoy

    I found this video of the straightening of the Leaning Tower of Granby. https://www.enr.com/videos?bctid=5773202416001 Kudos to Hourigan, and Speight Marshall & Francis and the entire team for a difficult job well done.
  14. The new development in OV is nice, but I still hate to see those beautiful oak trees destroyed.
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