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  1. After looking at EJ Lewis' photo of Main Street, I wondered what part of Main Street is shown. I found this photo of the Victoria Hotel on the Chrysler Museum website. https://chrysler.emuseum.com/objects/20165/victoria-hotel-east-main-street-september-3-1960. The website says the picture was taken looking east toward Church Street on Main Street from Commercial Place. If that is true, then the buildings shown in EJ's photo are now the BB&T Building and the Plume Lane Parking Garage.
  2. The Tides are scheduled to play only 60 home games in 2021. What is the tie-in for the other 80 percent of the year?
  3. Last June, there was some similar discussion about what to call this area - Midtown, Atlantic City , Fort Norfolk. Someone even suggested SoCo for South Colley. Look in the River Tower thread, towards the end of Page 13.
  4. On 4/`6/2021 at 01:40 PM, EJ_LEWIS said: Yes I agree that many building demolished in this period were fine. Even though many of the pre-1960s office buildings were structurally sound, it was often not economically feasible to continue to use them as office buildings. One big problem would have been air conditioning. I am not talking about the initial cost of the A/C equipment since the equipment would have been required for new construction as well as remodeling. The buildings were not insulated adequately for air conditioning, but that could be resolved by added insulat
  5. Dr. Chip Filer, the Norfolk City Manager, and Ronald Jackson, the Executive Director of the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority, addressed the inquiries and the BET program in Sunday's Virginia Pilot. You can disagree with what they are saying, but I don't think you can claim they are ignoring the residents or hiding from them. http://digitaledition.pilotonline.com/infinity/article_share.aspx?guid=45f8a1a6-f763-4166-93ab-643331ddc764
  6. I have to go with Baobabs on this one. Looking at it in the context of the 1980s when MacArthur was developed, it was the right call. Yes, downtown would have developed without the mall, but when? The mall site was cleared as part of the demolition frenzy of the 1960s. For over 20 years, it was a vacant 17-acre parking lot. Yes, there was a street grid, but the streets only served to separate the parking lot in one block from the parking lot on the next. The city and NRHA tried to interest developers to develop the site, either as one megaproject for the entire 17 acres, or as individual
  7. The land near the ground surface cannot support a high-rise building. All of the major high-rise buildings downtown are supported on piles. They piles are about 80 feet deep, and bear on a rock strata called the Yorktown formation. The Yorktown formation is probably capable of supporting a high-rise hotel tower.
  8. Most elevators have a penthouse where the motors and the control equipment is located. It is much smaller than the overall building footprint, and does not count as a floor. There might be some HVAC equipment in the penthouse as well.
  9. Interesting. The elevations and renderings show a few retail spaces, but the ground floor plan appears to show parking at that location.
  10. I moved to Virginia Beach in 1985. I recall going to Granby Mall occasionally on my lunch hour. Even in the middle of the day, it was like a ghost town. One of the reasons for the failure of Granby Mall was that, while they built an attractive pedestrian space, the improvements stopped at the threshold of the business there. They upgraded the mall, but they did not upgrade the businesses along the mall. It seemed like every other business along Granby Mall was a seedy bookstore. Walking the mall felt creepy (and lonely. No one else was there.) The department stores along the mall - Smi
  11. Could you do his job? No way for me.
  12. It's hard to tell what's happening here, especially since north is to the right instead of the normal orientation with north pointing up. Comparing this map with Google Maps, it looks like they are re-creating more of an orthogonal grid. Freemason Street will extend to the east across St. Paul's Blvd, and Church street will be extended to the south, ending at St. Mary's Basilica, which is almost all the way to the ramp from the Berkeley Bridge.
  13. I don't mean to be to picky, but just to keep the terminology straight, the vertical members are columns. Girders are the horizontal members that go between the columns, and then beams frame between the girders. The columns are probably two stories tall.
  14. Virginia Beach Blvd at Monticello may not be shovel-ready. I read somewhere that the site is badly contaminated. There used to be a coal tar to gas manufacturing plant there, and the waste products were poured out onto the ground. Somewhere in the past they covered the site with a clay cap to form an impervious barrier to keep rain water from running through the soil and leeching the contaminants into the ground water. That is why the site is elevated. I could not find definite documentation that the site is contaminated, but this website has good information on manufactured gas pla
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