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  1. Norfolk Off-Topic

    According to this article, Newton's Creek (adjacent to Harbor Park) did not get any funding from the National Disaster Resilience Competition, but Ohio Creek, just east of Newton's Creek, received most of the $120 million awarded to Virginia to combat flooding due to sea-level rise.
  2. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    I am not refuting Carolinaboy's statement, and I am not advocating any plan or site, I am just curious. How close does a site have to be to a light rail station to be considered served by light rail? Google maps says it is a 25 minute walk from the Military Highway station to Military Circle. Does Military Circle have light rail service? I don't think anyone would argue that MacArthur Square station serves Town Point Park. That's an eight-minute walk. So what is the cut-off distance for being considered as having light rail? 10-minutes? 15 minutes? 25 minutes?
  3. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I was part of the design team that renovated the Woolworth's when TCC started its downtown campus. When I first went there, the lunch counter and stools were till in place near the corner at Freemason and Monticello. Before it was a Woolworth's, it was W.T. Grant Company. Before that, it was a YMCA. When I went into the basement, you could still see the swimming pool. It had white ceramic tile walls with numbers to indicate the pool depth.
  4. Norfolk Union Mission Expansion Progress

    Look closely. See if you can find the drafting error in the above architectural elevation.
  5. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    According to LinkedIn, he got a BBA in finance from James Madison in 1993. Assuming he graduated at 22 years old, he was born in 1971, which makes him about 46 years old. This photo is from Inside Business Power List, April 29, 2016.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I don't think Norfolk can make light rail work without Virginia Beach. They can put all the tracks they want in Norfolk, but the bulk of the riders are in Virginia Beach. And people from Green Run or Great Neck or Sandbridge are not going to drive to Newtown Road to park their cars,and wait for the next train to take them to downtown or the navy base. If they have driven that far, they will stay in their cars another five or ten minutes to get to their destination.
  7. Waterside Tower

    Yes, it is an amazing stretch of river with a great view. Perhaps city council believes that such a great view should be available to all of the city, not just the few elite that could afford to live in a tower on the waterfront.
  8. Waterside District

    According to Paragraph IV on Page 1, Waterside Live! has become the Waterside District. It has changed to "a marketplace and brew house concept rather than a live entertainment concept". How is a market place and brew house concept any different from what it was five years ago, when all this started?
  9. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    The crane raises itself. Check out this You Tube video:
  10. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Construction cranes are self-climbing. The can raise themselves up enough to add another segment of the crane tower, so the crane grows as the building grows. You cannot tell how tall the building will be based on the crane height, because you don't know when they will add another segment.
  11. Waterside District

    No. Waterside was opened in June, 1983. By that time, the dangers of asbestos were well known, and the use of asbestos for building construction was greatly limited. So asbestos was probably never used in the construction of Waterside. On any demolition project, the owner is required to have a hazardous material survey completed by a testing laboratory before demolition begins. If any asbestos is found, they are required to have an asbestos abatement contractor remove the asbestos under strictly controlled conditions and dispose of the asbestos in a legal manner, or they are required to encapsulate the asbestos so no fibers will be dislodged and released. Assuming the Norfolk Building Safety Bureau is doing their job, if asbestos was used to construct Waterside in the early 1980s, it is gone by now, or else it is in a location where it will not be disturbed during the renovation.
  12. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Why would Greyhound want to move? Yes, their building is old, dirty, and in need of renovation. But it's cheap. A new terminal would cost big bucks. Are any potential passengers thinking "I'd take the bus, but their Norfolk terminal is so dingy. No, I think I'll fly instead."? Or, "I was going to fly or take the train, but now that Greyhound has a brand spanking new terminal, I guess I'll take the bus instead."? Or even, "Now that I can get Greyhound right at the bus transfer station, I'll go with Greyhound." I don't see any incentive for Greyhound to leave their Shangri La on Brambleton.
  13. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    The Marriott hotel parking garage was not designed for vertical expansion. The columns and foundations cannot support the weight of a building on top of the garage.
  14. Granby Tower

    I don't see the feds ever letting go of this property. Even if they never build the courthouse annex. They have a huge security problem with the courthouse being so close to Granby Street. It is the exact same situation they had at the Alfred Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. A Ryder truck full of explosives parked on Granby Street could cause a lot of damage. With this parcel, they might have some options, including closing Granby Street and Bute Street. It wouldn't solve everything, but it would help.
  15. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    I don't think there is cause to worry. It is not uncommon for the project to drive a handful of test piles early in the project. One or two test piles will be loaded to determine the pile capacity. Then the structural engineer will design all of the foundations based on the pile capacity determined by the test piles. This means that there is some early activity on the site, and then nothing happens for two or three months while the foundation design is finalized. Installing the tower crane (the tall blue crane) takes a good bit of money. The contractor would not have spent that money if he wasn't pretty sure the building would get built. In NRKJeff's photo, the long, white stripe on the ground directly behind the mobile crane are the piles. They are typically 12 inches square and about 70-80 feet long to get past the soft upper layers and down to solid material that makes up Norfolk's geological soil formation. There appear to be eight or ten piles, which would be a reasonable number of test piles for a building of this size. The vertical crane on the left in front of the Custom House in this photo (it's hard to see in the shadows) is the pile driving rig. The contractor may even remove the mobile crane and the pile driver from the site for the few months while the foundation plans are finalized, if he has another project where they are needed. If he doesn't have the work elsewhere, he will spare the cost of demobilization and remobilization and leave the pile rig on the site unused for a few months.