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  1. To be able to offer international flights, they need ICE to agree to man a customs office for incoming flights. They also need a separate corridor to keep arriving passengers separated from the rest of the airport until they clear passport control and customs. The airlines need to know that the market it there, and will be there reliably for the long haul. It is not economically feasible to fly smaller jets across the Atlantic. They usually fly 767s or 777s. Can you fill that plane up once a week? Will Norfolk's runway support a plane that big? I suspect the international flights the mayor is proposing are to the Caribbean, not Europe.
  2. As I read the article, when the Pamunkey tribe applied for federal recognition, they listed the areas where the tribe lived, farmed, and hunted. Apparently, according to the Nansemond tribe's letter, they did not list any areas in the 7 cities. It doesn't help that the previous chief of the Pamunkey tribe called the claim that Norfolk is ancestral Pamunkey land "a long stretch."
  3. I haven't seen the sign, so I do not know how high it is. Measuring on Google maps, the IKEA site is well over 3000 feet from the runway centerline. The FAA requires a clear zone using an 8 to 1 slope, so you could go over 300 feet high before the FAA would be concerned. However, I found this in the Norfolk Zoning Ordinance, Article 5.7.8.B: "No outdoor advertising sign adjacent to and facing an interstate highway shall exceed 45 feet in height at its highest point, measured from the grade of the interstate highway at the point of its nearest proximity to the sign."
  4. I am curious about this statement. If they just recently brought in a design firm, who provided all those fancy renderings we saw three years ago?
  5. virginia pe

    The Savoy

    I found this video of the straightening of the Leaning Tower of Granby. https://www.enr.com/videos?bctid=5773202416001 Kudos to Hourigan, and Speight Marshall & Francis and the entire team for a difficult job well done.
  6. The new development in OV is nice, but I still hate to see those beautiful oak trees destroyed.
  7. It may have been mentioned previously on this thread, but all of the posts prior to September, 2016 were accidentally deleted.
  8. I helped to design those apartments back in the late 80s. It was EVMS student housing back then. I assume it still is.
  9. As radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say to introduce a news story, "Just what, not why." Here is an article from the Charlotte Observer about development there. www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article187087708.html
  10. According to this article, Newton's Creek (adjacent to Harbor Park) did not get any funding from the National Disaster Resilience Competition, but Ohio Creek, just east of Newton's Creek, received most of the $120 million awarded to Virginia to combat flooding due to sea-level rise. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/environment/hampton-roads-to-get-more-than-m-to-combat-future/article_08cbbfee-d215-515f-83ae-67ff9198b107.html
  11. I am not refuting Carolinaboy's statement, and I am not advocating any plan or site, I am just curious. How close does a site have to be to a light rail station to be considered served by light rail? Google maps says it is a 25 minute walk from the Military Highway station to Military Circle. Does Military Circle have light rail service? I don't think anyone would argue that MacArthur Square station serves Town Point Park. That's an eight-minute walk. So what is the cut-off distance for being considered as having light rail? 10-minutes? 15 minutes? 25 minutes?
  12. I was part of the design team that renovated the Woolworth's when TCC started its downtown campus. When I first went there, the lunch counter and stools were till in place near the corner at Freemason and Monticello. Before it was a Woolworth's, it was W.T. Grant Company. Before that, it was a YMCA. When I went into the basement, you could still see the swimming pool. It had white ceramic tile walls with numbers to indicate the pool depth.
  13. Look closely. See if you can find the drafting error in the above architectural elevation.
  14. According to LinkedIn, he got a BBA in finance from James Madison in 1993. Assuming he graduated at 22 years old, he was born in 1971, which makes him about 46 years old. This photo is from Inside Business Power List, April 29, 2016.
  15. I don't think Norfolk can make light rail work without Virginia Beach. They can put all the tracks they want in Norfolk, but the bulk of the riders are in Virginia Beach. And people from Green Run or Great Neck or Sandbridge are not going to drive to Newtown Road to park their cars,and wait for the next train to take them to downtown or the navy base. If they have driven that far, they will stay in their cars another five or ten minutes to get to their destination.
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