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  1. someone told me the other day that top City officials (Ed Memmott in this case) are now openly saying that the masterplan will NOT be adopted. Such a disappointment. I would like to know why...why that money was spent and citizen's time was wasted for it to not be adopted. I think we deserve an answer.
  2. Hampton Heights is in "This Old House" magazine this month...chosen as one of the top 12 'editor's picks' for Best Places to buy an old house. woohoo. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,...0472638,00.html
  3. I'm curious as to some of your thoughts on what Downtown could handle...some friends and I were talking about a Whole Foods at the Kress Office Supply Bldg on Main. Could we handle that? (More info here: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/realestate/index.html) Or maybe an Earth Fare? http://www.earthfare.com/ Of course...the person that actually owns that building would have to want to do that...but just dreaming, I guess. t
  4. I'll try to get some pics of Hampton Heights to share...although my pics will not be as cool as that last one Spartan posted. Also, I try to keep up a blog on GoUpstate (I haven't posted since December) and there are some pics on there if anyone is interested. I hope we get our own website soon. http://hamptonheights.goupstate.com/ Happy New Year everyone! :-) t
  5. I'm so glad you got down Victoria Rd. I love it. It has much potential. Regarding Hampton Heights, I must admit that I cannot be MORE thrilled with our progress over the past couple of years. The revitalization of downtown is really paying off for us. Then the Preservation Trust and especially their Carlisle Street Project. AND the downtown master plan. I went to 4 sessions and each time HH was brought up as one neighborhood already benefitting from the revitilization. A few weeks ago, when Wofford had their homecoming, they had a downtown street party on Friday night. I walked out on my front porch and could literally hear downtown bustling. It made my weekend.
  6. Yeah...I guess DP is not adjacent nor is Park Hills. Although with new greenways they have planned DP residents might be able to hop on a bike and be anywhere pretty quickly. (I just got back from the City's Parks and Rec meeting they had with the public about the Master Park Plan). I LOVE Park Hills. It is a neat neighborhood. And really...while not adjacent...it's pretty close. Unfortunately, like many other City neighborhoods, in the 70s and 80s many of the homes were bought by investment companies and slumlords and the area suffered. We have fought the same battle here in Hampton Heights. Also, the Beacon area really hurts Park Hills. I know the Spartanburg Housing Authority is renovating many of the housing projects. I certainly hope the ones behind the Beacon are on the "TO DO" list. Anyhoo, with some TLC from the City, YES, I believe PH could once again be a desirable place. I think they still have a fairly strong base of owner occupied homes and I'm sure with some leadership from the City those folks could be organized to get their neighborhood to wherever they want it. ALso, as I mentioned in my previous post...the next time you are in Spartanburg drive down Victoria Road if you never have. Coming east on 29 it's on your right before you get to the OLD Toyota place (now it's Joe Gibson auto or something?). It comes out down across from the Beacon. The houses are really cool and very well maintained. I'm curious as to your thoughts. I happen to run across it sometime in the past couple of years and was like WHERE DID this come from??? t
  7. Don't forget Park Hills and Duncan Park. Both neighborhoods with great potential. Have you ever been on Victoria Road (I think that's the name?!?). It has some really neat houses. :-) t
  8. I went to the City Council meeting last Monday to hear what was being proposed as a long term plan to keep the stadium up if the $4 mil were to be invested to renovate it. I didn't hear what that was but that is crucial, i believe, to their gaining support. I, too, am a history buff and would like to see the Stadium saved, but there has to me more than what the Stingers bring in to make it appealing to City taxpayers... I also agree with what Mayor Barnet said at the meeting...referring to all the county folks demanding the City save the Park...that everyone needs to step up if they want to see the Park saved...not just expect City residents to foot the bill. But, my guess would be we wouldn't get any help from anyone else (County)...folks seem to want it saved for their use...they just don't want to pay for it. I get frustrated...my beef is not with saving DP...i guess it's more with the people...one day yelling at leaders for wasteful spending and the next they yell at them for not wanting to spend $4 mil on a Park that only brings in $12,000 a year and also County residents yelling at City leaders about how they should be spending City taxpayer dollars... I don't know...I agree with Spartan though...the 'save the park' groups need to join forces and see if they can get some major donors to put their money where their mouth is...and also come up with a good long term to keep it utilized and maintained... :-) t
  9. i heard the guy that bought City View also bought some of the land right around it and is trying to buy some of the property on that little street where the dance studio is (is that still Kennedy St.?) and improve it. They are painting the City View apartments and they look great. We are seeing a ton of positive movement on Spring Street. Montessori is renovating a home on the corner of S. Spring/Brookwood that they are going to make into a junior high...the house next door to them--which in HH we refer to as the "poster child" house has been bought and is in the works to be renovated, a potentially gorgeous brick duplex on the corner of Carlisle/S. Spring is undergoing renovations and lots of stuff going on at Carlisle Street. The Hub-bub project and the Preservation Trust are working hard on bringing this area UP--the Hub-Bub project really not intentionally but they're here...and it's making a huge, positive difference! I'm very thankful to both of them. :-) t
  10. Hub-bub.com made an incredible announcement today of plans to utilize the old Gilberts building. From the website: http://www.hub-bub.com/content/view/89/1/ Hub-bub wants to develop and launch a multi-purpose entertainment and alternative arts venue in the former Gilbert
  11. i wasn't saying it as if it was BAD thing against Johnson by any means by letting it sit...that's a lot better than what it was...just relaying what i was told...can't imagine him being so quick to make a buck on area where some of Spartanburg's most prominent citizens live...just my 2 cents..i guess we'll just have to wait and see what he does...
  12. I heard that Mr. Johnson bought those apartments and bulldozed them to help clean up walkthrough traffic in Converse Heights with no intention of ever putting anything else there. If I lived there and had his money...there is NO way I'd put apartments back in my neighborhood...
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