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  1. Where did you find out that Victory is moving ahead with its Mid-City development? The website, although redisigned since last time I visited it, doesn't have any more recent information on Carrollton/Mid-City since it postponed proceeding with the development months ago. The whole issue is what kind of development it will be, and Victory has never put forth much relevant information since the neighborhood discovered their intentions. They didn't even follow through with demolishing Lindy Boggs and, last I heard, couldn't make a deal for a couple of the shopping centers...so they remain vacant. Is there new information out there?
  2. Can anyone provide an update toward the progress of the 930 Poydras project? I haven't been downtown in a while and am wondering its status. I recently noticed a real estate transfer in the Times-Picayune that 930 Poydras St. (and surrounding addresses) were transferred from 930 Poydras, LLC to the Industrial Development Board. I assume that didn't indicate an end to the project. Site and foundation preparation was well underway last time I was in the area maybe a couple months ago. Just looking for an update.
  3. The Bioinnovation Center scheduled an official ground breaking for next week as posted on its website. Hopefully, that means it is really going to start construction after several announced start dates over the past four years. Regarding the Google Street View of The Preserve on Tulane, I took a walk past it while attending an event at the Rock N' Bowl a few days ago. It has significantly progressed from just a cleared lot as viewed from Google. In fact, windows and stucco were installed on nearly half the four-story building. However, only framing was in progress on another section near the expressway from what I could tell unless that was another property. It was muddy so I couldn't walk around very well to see much. I would expect it to be finished before too long. It looks like Domain has also renovated a few houses in the immediate area, although there needs to be more homes and streets repaired for it to be really nice around it.
  4. Glad about Robert's, but disappointed that the Roberts at the Canal/Carrollton intersection will not reopen because they lost the lease. An article appeared just two months ago that it would reopen with a Walgreens. I live nearby and that building is such an eyesore at such a major intersection, and the Rouse's a few blocks away is always crowded. If Walgreens now has the lease, I hope they find a good partner tenant because that property is too large for only a drugstore. Also, was no one able to find an up-to-date artistic rendering of 930 Poydras?
  5. How come there aren't any renderings easily available if the 930 Poydras project got through both the Bond Commission and the City? If the project has been approved then there must be architectural renderings available to the public. Neither the architectural firm nor the construction firm have anything on their websites about this project despite the fact they they have portfolio links. Usually developers like to promote their developments in some way. How did this project get to the construction phase with only minimal publicity?
  6. The New Orleans Bioinnovation Center website has been updated and indicates that a groundbreaking will occur this month. Has anyone seen any other details regarding its construction on Canal St? It has been a long-time coming.
  7. Does anyone know the status of the bioinnovation center project that was suppose to be built on the old Wirth bldg site on Canal St.? Last I heard, more than a year ago, it was still a go but that it was delayed a few months due to increased construction costs. But there has been no sign of activity since the lot was prepared. That end of Canal would be greatly enhanced if it gets built, along with Khoury's redevelopment of the Krauss and old Texaco buildings that appear to be in some state of construction.
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