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    I noticed this week that Adesso now has a Marine's recruiting office and a store called Yoghurt is coming in the corner space. The yogurt store is interesting with Five Points getting one too.
  2. scguy88


    This morning there were three diggers, with one actually in operation at the Horizon II lot. Looks like it's finally being built - for now at least.
  3. It's going to be a laundry service - like the new Kleen Kare on No. 1 (not sure if that's the chain though).
  4. What is going to be put into the building behind Wild Wings at the corner of Washington Street (I think it used to have a gym)? Whatever it is, the renovations look to be pretty far along and looks like restaurant/bar space.
  5. Looks like the long abandoned hotel on the corner of State St & Knox Abbot Dr is going to become a CVS according to the realty sign up. I am assuming the one currently in Parkland Plaza will be shutting down. Wish it was something better, but I guess even this is better than the property's current state. I don't understand how these "pharmacies" make it given that there are three on about every other corner - maybe the will keep the one in Parkland Plaza open...it is more than 100 feet away.
  6. I was driving through the vista yesterday and noticed a sign in the window next to Hush on Gervais. Looks like a pizza restaurant is coming to that vacant building. I didn't get a chance to closely read the sign to know exactly whats coming...
  7. Two zoning signs are up on Gervais St. One is next to "Hush" (beside the Regions bank branch) in the vacant storefront. I know there is an Oyster Bar coming somewhere, but I thought that was beside Nonnah's. Anyone know about this? The other is the vacant parking lot on the corner of Gervais & Assembly (by Doc's Gumbo). I was trying to read the sign while driving in traffic (prob not a good idea) and I thought I saw something about an eating establishment on it. Again, haven't heard anything about this. Anyone know? That spot should really be developed into something cool.
  8. Baker's Bros has a Muffalletta - never tried it, never even had one, but I noticed it on the menu when looking in the window of the new one on South Main under Adesso. It is supposed to open in July and looks complete on the inside other than ladders and the like in several places (the cash registers and all lights were on). Does anyone know the exact opening date btw? I want to try it.
  9. There is now a sign up at the corner of Alexander Road (Axtell Drive) and Knox Abott (directly across from Monterey's) advertising the buidling of a new regional headquarters from some bank. I didn't study it to hard, but it looks to be about four or five stories and has a completion date of summer 2009. West Columbia is really about to have a boom (as the article in today's State suggests) - with the easy commute to downtown its only natural for Columbia's growth to begin spreading over the river.
  10. Passed Sarge Frye today and noticed they have put up (must have been in the last week or so) the design drawing for the Student Athlete Enrinchment Center out front along Heyward St. Looks to be pretty neat, will look kind of odd out by itself though (atleast until the rest of the Roost area is redeveloped). Does anyone have any renderings of this to post?
  11. I hope they include some sort of landscaping (looks like there is some in the rendering). Williams-Brice is missing a nice entryway/plaza, its just a stone stadium stuck on asphalt, but that will really change with the glass front shown in that picture and if there is some trees and the like.
  12. It is supposed to end up at about 88,000 seats (up from 80,250)
  13. scguy88


    Has anyone heard anything about the Hydrogen gas station we are required to have in order to hold the conference in December? I remember from a while back that is was supposed to be built somewhere near the Lady/Washington Street area, but haven't heard anything else about it. They only have 8/9 months, so I assume things must be nearing construction.
  14. Andrew Sorenson has done wonders for the university, Columbia, and the state. He has to be one of the best Presidents in quite some time. He has had quite a vision and hopefully the new President coming the summer will pursue its completion, which is part of the reason Sorenson stepped down - to ensure that the new President could take ownership (from start to finish) of a new fundraising campaign and different project phases beginning. I've always thought it was so cool that Sorenson played the trumpet at some half-time shows with the band during football and always sits in the middle of the
  15. I was driving down Gervais today and noticed a banner on the outside of the building with Jillian's in the back (next to RA and Tsunamis). It was advertising a new bar called Wet Willy's. Because of the drinks that were on the banner I assume this is part of a chain of Daiquiri Bars located on Beale Street, in Charleston, Savannah and several other places. Arnold Properties moved out of that building to a new location several months ago - I'm glad it was able to fill up so fast.
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