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  1. I live fairly close to the proposed development, and I'm not too keen on allowing it to go. I'd prefer to keep my property value higher. Here's the proposed site plan http://ballantynescoop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/2010-021-site-plan.pdf
  2. People living in this time and place don't really understand the idea of waiting for something. Most have this "I want it, and I want it NOW!" mentality which is why you see high credit card debts, and people being overextended. It's kind of sad to watch...
  3. The first lien (which is what went under foreclosure) was a construction loan with a maximum aggregate principal amount of $30,695,000.00.
  4. Ah. My understanding is that the lender is only allowed to "bid" what they are owed (balance on loan, plus late fees, attorney fees, etc..). The fact that they bid $18M tells me that the loan did not have a balance of $25M. Maybe it was a line of credit with a max balance of $25M, maybe it was an installment loan, but was paid down...
  5. Why would someone bid more than necessary on a foreclosure auction, unless they were worried about being upset (again)?
  6. I haven't done any personal research on this particular foreclosure, but typically all junior liens are wiped out during the foreclosure proceedings, and since the deposits were given to the builder (not a senior lien on the property), the people don't have any recourse on this. If the property is "purchased" at auction, they will get clear title to the deed (the land and all improvements is my guess) used to secure the construction loan. If there are any senior liens (possibly a lien against the land that predates the construction loan), they will have to pay that one off.
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/oshima/2074712830/
  8. anyone check out "The Eve's" redevelopment on Louise/Sunnyside? They look descent on the inside. http://homes.realtor.com/search/listingdet...srcnt=18#Detail
  9. my guess is on the petro express side, but it doesn't really say.
  10. The pancake house (on south blvd) is moving to Cherry! http://www.charlotteobserver.com/296/story/74945.html
  11. Yeah, i've driven through the hood recently and noticed that there have been several "larger" houses built, and currently under construction. Wonder how long it will take before more people start taking notice of this community...
  12. Did he even try to rezone? my (limited) understanding of this is that the land is currently zone for single family/smaller sized dwellings. He would have to rezone to make townhouses According to WSOC, the zoning passed for the old folks home http://www.wsoctv.com/news/11057317/detail.html Here is a good article originally in the observer about what *was* going on http://www.topix.net/content/kri/234450245...204563290712593
  13. That sucks! I had high hopes for the neighborhood... i've seen some redevelopment of some houses, but nothing on a large scale...
  14. Any new news on this project? Does anyone know the estimated time frame for construction?
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