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  1. I went Fri. night around 9:00 pm. It was a cozy atmosphere with a nautical theme. They had a DJ spinning cool music and everyone was hanging out at the bar.Everyone was welcoming and it was just like any other PM establishment,where you can go by yourself and not feel uncomfortable,and pretty soon your talkin to someone. They had a great bar,couches for chillin, and a nice sized back patio with a beer tub and what looked like a future fire pit.They already have a great lineup of bands booked. Should be a successful addition to the hood!
  2. Drove by old Fire and Ice today and noticed Snug Harbor is finally open for business. It was dark so I could see inside. It looked really cool inside and inviting. Also, they had a really large deck and patio area out back with lots of cool stringed- up lighting. Seems like a really good addition to what is already going on in this area. A live music venue is finally back in the PM. You bet I'll support this place-starting tommorrow night!
  3. That parking lot between CVS and Family Dollar is such prime location for development.I can't believe it hasn't been yet,but I'm sure there are reasons for this unutilized property.
  4. Restaraunt and retail are in high demand here.Every restaraunt that opens in the PM does well. With Jack's ,Soul,Petra's Piano Bar, and Snug Harbour coming this way, the Pecan-Central-Thomas-Commonwealth box will be a major stroll-district hot spot not only for those living here but also for those in other areas. My wife is from Philly and lived in Manhattan for some time, and she believes a place like "The Point" would do great here. She describes it like a bookstore-live accoustic music -coffee shop hang.Something you can do during the daylight hours as well as night .Check it out online an
  5. Yes, maybe we will finally get some good indie acts without having to drive to Cat's Cradle.I know the building is rather small,but some of the best shows have been at very small venues.
  6. Nova's next to Fuel Pizza offers coffe and a few couches/chairs to hang. It woulfd be sweet if there was a more hip coffe house.Smelly Cat, want to expand to the P.M.?
  7. Actually the Piano Bar is going on Commonwealth next to Penguin. The former fire and ice building I heard, was going to be a indy rock/ alternative /music venue hip lounge sort of thing.Which would be nice to have something other than jam music around here.
  8. http://www.charlotte.com/327/story/60593.html Piano bar coming to P.M.
  9. I've heard that Philosopher's Stone is going to relocate there when they have to evacuate their current site.
  10. Does anyone know what is going on at the corner of Pecan and Hamorton? The Nichols "for sale" signs are gone and I was wondering if anyone has heard anything.Would love to see the black tarp on the red clay gone and see the white house that leans to the side out of there too.
  11. 1st Time UP Poster...Long Time Listener Was the gentleman older with gray hair and beard? If so, I spoke with him about 3 years ago when the Perch moved. He said back then that he was putting up a restaurant in a couple months but years passed and nothing happened.
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