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  1. City north is actually on the boarder of Scottsdale and Phx, not Peoria. Now to answer MLJO comment about density and the valley. First of all, you have to look at the history of this valley and when it grew. 80% of what exist right now is post world war II. You look at what was the norm, it was sprawling, car centered, separate uses type of development. That just didn’t happen here, but everywhere. Second, there are few obstacles to restrict growth such as large mtn ranges, body’s of water and so forth. Next is, people came here because it was cheap, and people could own land
  2. True. I just want to get some discussion about different topics. Even if things are down, right now is the best time to plan and talk about what AZ should shape out to be.
  3. Some nice photos. But it seems that this forum is now dead! I really like it, but since things are not moving in the ecomony, not many things to talk about. I have tried to talk about new things, but nada. Its been fun and I hope the forum gets rolling again. I have a topic to post, but am not sure anyone will comment on it again. We will see.
  4. I just think that Arizona got it wrong when they voted no on the growth boundary in 2000. The problem is, growth (i.e. construction) is a main source of jobs. That is a huge reason why college grads do not stay in AZ. There are not enough jobs to keep them here. However, we have been riding on the backs of cheap labor, gas, and horrible public policy in the southwest. For the past few decades, growth was the band-aid for the poor economy, and has been heavily depended on to support our local and state economy. We are going threw another cycle again, one that we have never seen with
  5. I think the slow down is good for Arizona. We were growing to fast and were not planning smart. The developers controlled what was going on because of the cash flow that was coming in. Now that is dried up, and now we have time to sit back, be smart and rethink of all the crap that we just let happen out in the fringe. So, this is a time we can make sure we make good decisions. At least mesa is now doing that with Gateway. There is no rush, and we want to get it right.
  6. clarebear. Uptown has height restrictions, but due to the airport, it can go higher than downtown. If you look at the phx urban form project, the massing in downtown shows that you can go over 700' in some of the areas. However, the airport will have a say on a project over 300'. cityscape is facing that problem right now. Uptown is a different cat. You can ask for variances and so forth to get additional height in uptown, but you have different obstacles in uptown than downtown. The reason is due to single family housing beings so close. If you look on emporis web site, you can s
  7. I think most of these projects/proposals are going to get scrached due to the market. Wait for light rail to open, see how succesful it is and how the local market responds arond light rail. If it is positive, you will see more developments that will add to the valleys weak skyline. If you look at Tempe, you know over half will not be built by the the estimated projection. Also, in the area, it seems like each proposal has a hotel associated with it. It seems like there are too many proposals for hotels in the tempe area right now. also, with light rail, you will start to see cities
  8. And I am not trying to attack anyone, but the above info is some good stuff on what New Urbanism is all about. These are the founding principles back in the early 90's when CNU was organized.
  9. I would not consider a 27 year thing a fad. Bradsp makes some solid points on what it is. Well I think some in here have not educated themselves on the principles of what New Urbanism is all about. People such as Inkdaub. Go and look at CNU and research the principles. I will agree, it is not perfect and does not address all of the cities problems, but it does address many. In the suburbs, you can have new urbanism thrive. Look at places such as kentlands, verrado, stapleton and see how they integrate with suburbia and bring back traditional community building principles. Truly l
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