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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I hear D. Levine is planning to rezone the Hedgemore Plaza property at Mockingbird Ln to MUDD. The Parson's building will be gutted and given a full facelift, a parking deck built behind it wrapped in residential along the greenway, and a 10+ story residential building built down the side of the property where there's currently a small 2-3 story office building. Retail facing Hedgemore in that building. He also owns the corner across the street from it (thats been used as a staging area for Novel) and will potentially put an 8+ story office building there as well. Sup UP! Should change the name of this thread to Montford Park, lots going on.
  2. They've been working on this for about a month now, every time I thought they were done they kept adding more to it. Pretty cool wall art. This is on 5th street on the side of Phil's Tavern.
  3. Is that from a TV show? L.A. probably a good guess, really tough to tell though.
  4. Great to see the Catenary going in, really gives it a true streetcar feel. It's up at the Trade/Caldwell intersection and going up around the 6th street curve.
  5. I hope they take the time and energy to make this a very wide, visible, well lit, and inviting path from the street. Landscaping, overhead signs, maybe even some benches. It just needs to have an obvious presence on Davidson. Walking back between 2 warehouses without that will have people thinking twice.
  6. Hopefully this is the right thread for this but I didn't see any mention of it in a quick search. The lot at S. Tryon and Carson is empty and there is machinery on site moving dirt this morning. I believe this is the 1125 S. Tryon Townhomes?
  7. Now if they would just lower the price of concessions I'd go again. I know it's been discussed here, but I hope they rethink the price of beer before next season.
  8. A large pile of fencing is now in the parking lot and guys in hardhats are on the site. (edit: at the center city inn)
  9. Speaking of the boards, here's 2 pics of them from earlier this week inside the stadium. Huge! Also notice there are now two video "bands" around the bowl instead of just one.
  10. Jayvee, can you confirm what beers you could get for the $3 price? Craft beers (OMB, NoDa, etc) or just the bud light, coors light, etc? And what size?
  11. While we're on the topic of the concessions. I went to opening night and had a few local brews in the mason jars which was $10 each. I was annoyed by the price (my ticket was only $8!), but figured I would enjoy the experience since it was opening night. I went again to last nights game and suddenly the mason jars are $12? I don't know how many ounces that is, but c'mon man, $12? I'm an absolute beer snob, but to charge those prices to a minor league game just kills it for me as it's suppose to be cheap fun to begin with. The smaller glasses (maybe 12oz?) are $7.50. You do get a $2 voucher with your ticket, but it's tough to drink just one beer through 9 innings, or more. Outside of thirsty Thursday's, I won't be attending any more games. That's just me though. I'm not really a baseball fan, and I enjoy having a cold beer at any sporting event I go to, so it's a tough sell.
  12. Don't remember if I posted this a couple months ago or not(?), but I had the pleasure of seeing every corner of that motel from the roof, to the crawl space between the rooms, to the closed section along Church st. They had a # of leaks in the roof that damaged rooms causing them to close those rooms down while they gutted them. The entire back half of the building facing Church street is closed off because of similar problems that were beyond repair. If you look at the 2nd floor from Church street, all of those rooms are wide open to the elements and filled with trash and furniture they no longer use. How this building hasn't been shut down by code violations by now is beyond me. I can't imagine it's making any money and fully expect it to be gone soon with the recent momentum on N Tryon. edit: found some pics http://i.imgur.com/erM0dmOl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xDdplWWl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Fcv2Z7hl.jpg
  13. Looks like a tower crane is about to go up at the Crescent Dilworth site at Morehead and Harding. They were moving parts around for it this morning when I drove by.
  14. For SRO tix, are your only options the 2nd floor of the home run porch or on the grass berm? I have 2 myself, but wasn't sure where we could stand
  15. The video boards on the inside of the outfield wall (facing away from the above pic, so right field?) are on as well, at least they were yesterday when I drove by on Graham. I didn't know they were there, so it was a nice surprise.
  16. Really wish they would tear down and redo that block. Such a prominent block in 4th ward with a single 12 story building in the center with no use for the rest of the land. Tear it down, build a new building at a corner and sell the rest of the land. The green space is not very usable but maybe they will update it as well to make it more attractive to local residents?
  17. I could see them playing it on the video board only for games that are sold out? Would give more incentive and build interest, especially for games on the weekend when there are people in the park that had no intention of going to a Knights games. Their kids see the video on the board, hear the roar of the crowd, and suddenly you have a new fan begging his mom to go a game in the future.
  18. Recently drove by OMB's new location on the S. Tryon side and they have all the brush and some of the trees cleared so you can easily see the back of the brewery now. I see on their FB page that they are going to have a parking lot off S. Tryon, does anyone know how big that will be and how many of the trees that are left will still be there? With the tree cover and some landscaping, a large beer garden throughout the grounds would be awesome. Would love to see a site map of what it will look like, can't wait!
  19. Man is that a tiny space. Convenience store? Not much else is going to fit in there.
  20. Would just like to say how much I want this! Who do I need to bribe?
  21. Just drove by this, it's really coming together nicely. Might have a little scrambling to do before this weekend, but otherwise the park looks great! Just curious, after sod is put down, is there a certain amount of time it needs to settle before being used? Will people being on it this weekend be an issue if it's being laid today?
  22. re: Regimental on Twitter - Ha! Yep, I thought the same thing. It's more like a guy tweeting like he has a couple friends following, not potential customers for a business. I got a kick out of some of them, but yeah, prob not the best idea to curse so much on your business twitter acct.
  23. For reference, the Silos are just to the left of the building with the red. 8-6-13
  24. This is something I've often wondered because I can see 2 distinct ridge lines from my balcony on a clear day and during most sunsets when they are backlit (and I'm only 20 floors up). Using google earth and other tools, the best I can figure is the most prominent ridge line is Mt. Mitchell and the other mountains that it shares a line with. And the other is Grandfather, Calloway, the other peaks they share a ridge line with. Now, whether we see those mountains or the peaks in front of them, I don't know? But being that those two ridge lines are the tallest I'm making that assumption. Check them out on Google maps using the terrain layer or on Google Earth. On a clear day you don't need to be any higher then 10 floors up to see either of those so I'm sure most of the public spots have a clear view of this. This time of year, the one I think is Mt Mitchell is right where the sun sets. If I can get a pic in the next couple days I'll post.
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