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  1. ^ Love those blue skies I went up N. Davidson this evening to get some sunset skyline pics but that didn't work out.... So I went up to NoDa and just played around for a bit before meeting up with some friends. N. Davidson st.
  2. None of the stations can handle a 4 car train, only 2 max. The only options they have right now without extending the stations is increase the frequency and increase the # of cars when at peak frequency. This would require buying more cars if they are already using the entire fleet during peak hours. Some have suggested running a 3 car train set and having the train stop twice at each station but that is just not realistic. For one there are road crossings directly adjacent to some of the stations like Carson, this would cause the crossing to be closed for way too long. Two, it would completely interupt the schedule. And three, there is not enough room at 7th street to pull far enough forward to get the 3rd car to the platform. If they are really running the entire fleet during peak hours then buying more cars is the only option. Anyone know if they are ever running at max capacity?
  3. Damn, I wish they would have left it. The magenta looked great, and added another color to the skyline.
  4. Yeah, looks like a decent amount of retail spread out through the entire block. Do any of those look big enough to support a grocery store?
  5. ^No, The train is not in the same ROW as cars. It doesn't stop at lights, and is not affected by normal traffic in any way. Cars however will have to stop at rail crossings. The train is in the median of N. Tryon, not in a car lane.
  6. Very well done pic RW! Never knew that was there, and I've driven past many times.
  7. Here ya go. 1-27-08 This just shows the nice wide space they left for the sidewalks
  8. And Ritz from the opposite side of above. 1-27-08
  9. The latest on 210 and Aloft. 1-27-08 210 Trade Aloft
  10. Ha! Awsome SV, the views from the 3rd ward park are going to be pretty impressive with a wall of towers around it.
  11. God I hope not. If it is, I hope that jump over 485 is a second phase, and doesn't delay the opening of the line to UNCC. I still think going to Concord or Lowes is a mistake.
  12. I haven't been to MB in about 2 years, does it really have that much going on? Still, having the concentration of cranes like we do on S. Tryon always amazes me, and certainly makes a statement to our vistors. And fluff is the Observers middle name
  13. Especially for a city our size, 25 cranes is very impressive. Its what impressed my family the most when they visited during the holidays. The amount of construction between the stadium and Met midtown.
  14. Awsome night shots Evergrey and JerseyBoy! Charlotte cranes
  15. Nice writeup, these are the types of trips that will take time for the average Joe to consider using. (UPers dont count...) Having rail transit, which is more sexy, is giving public transit more exposure. People have a negative perception of the buses, and wont use it because of that. I brought a coworker on the bus last weekend and he was completely surprised, saying he thought it was going to be a dirty, loud, uncomfortable ride. For the time being it will, but the new Wachovia headquarters and that entire block really, are closer to Stonewall station then the 3rd/Conv. station. I say that because they can cut through the Green instead of walking around the convention center. Trump if it ever happens plus the 277 interchange parcels will help too.
  16. I must say that I'm really excited about both of these venues opening up. Going to the movies is almost like a chore to me with having to drive there, spend alot of money on popcorn and drinks, and then drive home. But having it as part of a night out on the town with a more upscale vibe sounds so much more appealing. Being able to skip the popcorn and eat dinner only a block away before, and have a drink after. I guess it makes going to the movies more spontaneous, rather then a destination... Same goes for bowling. I was in a league at Park lanes a couple years ago because I remebered how much I enjoyed it when I was younger. It just wasn't the same though, too competetive and serious. Again, bowling is like a destination as well, not a small part of a night out. The best times I had bowling is when they would do the "rock and bowl" nights with the music loud, and the neon and strobe lights going. Maybe its not for everyone, but it was more like a big party then a competetive game amongst friends. I hope the new place has something like this on the weekends...
  17. My bathroom wall being lifted into place at Catalyst
  18. For those of you who commute daily on the LRT, I'm curious how it went this morning? How was the ridership, were the stations icy at all, how did the shelters hold up to the wind and rain? I saw CATS workers salting and sanding this morning at Scaleybark. Many of the parking lots around town are pretty empty (compared to usual), so I'm guessing many people just took the day off or worked from home.
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