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  1. Progress on BofA and the Ritz streetscape I just dont get the need for planting strips here?? 7-19-09
  2. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Up to 48 floors 7-19-09
  3. Not sure if this is old news, but the large retail space at the bottom of the parking deck facing 1st and Mint streets has space for lease signs up. When did Picassos pull out? I thought they had planned to move to this space once the deck was finished?
  4. The old Feast/HOM space looks like it has new tenants. The windows are papered over and there are 3 signs for the new spots. One is "FIJI: Sushi bar and lounge" and the other, KASHMIR: nightclub. Hopefully the rents on these spaces have come down so something can actually survive.
  5. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Here are 2 quick pics I just took, they are working on the floor of 47 as we speak. 37 is the first setback, 43 is the second. 7-7-09
  6. Awsome pic if there wasn't so much photoshop going on!! The blue of Ave makes me wonder if the bolt is even true? I hate photoshop....
  7. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Thats floor 36 coming accross, 37 is the first setback!
  8. After a quick glance at that plan, I now hope our baseball stadium falls through, they could do much better! Keep the swap so we get the other parts to the plan, but sell that parcel off to developers or find another use for it.
  9. Thanks for the review ScottCLT. That sucks though, I'm really intrigued by the drink menu since I LOVE me some White russians!! But if the rest is just mediocre at best then I'll save my $ and just make one at home next time I get a craving.
  10. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    ^ And for those that are curious, they're currently on floor 33, working on pillars to 34. The glass is up to floor 22/23. At 33 floors its still not the same height as Trademark, probably wont be until about floor 36 or so. Those lower floor heights really make a difference.
  11. Great find, thanks for sharing! So a cafe along the Brevard side and a bookstore and gallery facing 9th (all with interior and exterior entrances). On top of that they reduced the "Entrance" and put the lobby on the back of the building facing the park. Well done!
  12. Basil threw the Ave residents a free pre opening party on Thursday. This was the first time I've had Thai food, so I have nothing to compare it too, but the food was awsome! I expect to be eating there at least every other week... The space itself turned out great too, I loved that they kept with the Ave theme and left the exposed concrete pillars The floor is sunk lower then 5th street so the giant windows give it a nice urban feel when you look up to see pedestrians walk by on the sidewalk. The kitchen is completely exposed to the dinning room behind glass so you can watch your food get made, they even added seating along the glass, all a nice touch. Only thing I didn't like was the high back booth seating along church street that covers the windows, probably could have come up with a better seating configuration for the bar area.
  13. Its been discussed in depth how the new location of the park is a better location. The new location was not available when the 8 acre site was proposed, so yes, everyone loved the idea. Now that the land swap has gone through to get the better spot, there's no reason to move it back to the 8 acre site whether the baseball stadium happens or not. If the Knights cant build the stadium then fine, sell it to developers, I dont care, but the park stays in its current location.
  14. Wow what a great structure, talk about breaking the mold! Like a little slice of Berlin droped into first ward Hey Levine, you better quit coming up with excuses!!! Your getting your garage, your park, and a beautiful building by UNCC, now get off your ass and do something that compliments all that.
  15. The interior is looking great, and just about finished. Tables and chairs are setup, bar is setup, must be opening any day now? Voyager, does the Charleston Basil have a bar? I was only expecting this to be a restaurant, but there is a small bar area too.
  16. ^ This is for a public park in first ward, not a baseball stadium.
  17. This is all I got left. From the morning after: 3-2-09 Icy planet A little blue rising out of a sea of white
  18. Well composed too Spartan, very nice!!
  19. I'll start the flood of snow pics. I posted a couple more in the coffee house thread. 3-1-09
  20. This one deserves a bump to the next page... Great shot ID
  21. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Their working as we speak, and they work into the night under the flood lights on the cranes. These guys are flying...
  22. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    They are working on the pillars of 21/floor of 22. Thats about 4-5 floors since this time in Dec. Or a little more then a floor per week. Remember that there are 2 floor units in this section, and the second floor of each unit is not visible to the outside. edit: looking at Windsurfers photos from Nov. 6 (~2 months). They are up about 11-12 floors since then, and thats through the holidays. Not too bad.
  23. 1-9-09 "The road to the Super Bowl!!!" Lets Go Panthers!!!
  24. Nice ID. Great timing on getting the sky the same brightness as the building lights! What camera do you have?
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