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  1. ^Nice!! Great shots all, and cltheel...I love the density in that second pano, well done.
  2. I'm not complaining. If its not snowing I'd prefer warm weather, actually sat on the balcony for a good hour this morning taking it in. Much better then the freezing temperatures we had earlier this week!
  3. Yeah, this is not for the ped bridge accross 277 which was proposed to go diagonal from the trolley station at Morehead to the College St. side of the Westin. I'm guessing its for the Center City Green Ped bridge since the supports are ready for it, but not positive on that.
  4. A white Christmas would be nice Voyager
  5. ^Yeah, thats what I'm hoping, was just wondering specifics. $25M is a good chunk of change, but I would agree that the Transit Center really needs it. Maybe Altrvr can get his wish that it can support air rights! Although that would probably cost even more...
  6. Charlotte Area TransitModernize CATS' main Transit Hub in Charlotte's Center City $25,000,000 ^What does this mean?
  7. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    If you dont count floor 13 (which they dont on their website) then they are working on the floor of 17. 12-8-08
  8. No major changes since the last update, but looking a little more complete. 12-8-08
  9. Here's 2 from earlier today. 12-8-08 First, of the main interior courtyard where the new CVS is going. And whats everyones thoughts on the alleyway?
  10. I'm sure there are people getting away with it, but the tickets given out far outweigh what money is lost from people riding for free. I've seen 2 tickets given out so far just this week, $100 would make up for 50 people riding for free. At some point, worrying about getting a ticket, and getting off early just to wait 7min (minimum) for the next train becomes more of a hassle then paying $1.50. Besides, at some point they will get caught, yesterday two CMPD officers jumped on my car and started checking tickets from both ends.
  11. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    After walking by today, it looks much more transparent then Ave's glass too. You can see right in during the daytime, where Ave's is like a damn mirror. That can be good or bad depending on how you look at it, but I'm just glad they are not the exact same glass.
  12. ^At least 2 car trains through the entire morning and evening rush. Maybe not all day, but even the lunch time rush gets filled up, as well as weekend afternoons.
  13. So while sitting on the couch watching TV last weekend I start to hear loud booms, only to look over and see fireworks going off. Apparently JCSU had something going on because I think it was coming from their stadium. Did anyone hear about this or know what the occasion was? Anyway, it was a nice surprise, and turned into an impressive show that lasted pretty long. Here's some pics. 10-25-08
  14. Here's some shots of this years Pumpkin wall in Elizabeth. 10-30-08
  15. ^ 2 weeks later you got it... What I'm guessing is the elevator section is above ground, the rest of the tower is about 1 floor below grade still. Here's some updates. 10-27-08 And the Ritz...
  16. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    10-25-08 10-27-08 Hanging over Pine. I didn't realize this would stick out that much...
  17. Some updates. 10-27-08 Looking down Brevard. Future plaza and the front of the building where the large screen would go. Caldwell and the curve of the building. Getting ready for the "band" Looking up at the band from the sidewalk on Stonewall
  18. Very nice Dj! Great colors too. I have a couple of a Hawk over 4th ward that I still gotta upload, but their not that close Here's one from today
  19. ^That sounds like a done deal then. If they dont even have half of that 150 and the economy is on a down turn I'd say that it would be a better business decision to change to rentals. I assume they could open the building as rentals and switch over to condos, like 5th and poplar, when the economy and market changes. Not such a bad thing, kinda interesting having a highrise apt building in Charlotte. And Spartan, last I heard that space was going to go to Picassos when its finished.
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