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    The Vue

    Not quite the full view because of Fifth and Poplar, but here it is from Ave. 10-15-08
  2. ^ I would hope they could divide that land up into 4 or 5 parcels and sell it off to developers. Or maybe another public use could go on the side facing the park helping draw people to that side.
  3. I certainly hope not. The difference between the two when it comes to size is not going to matter, what does is the location. I could seriously care less about minor leauge baseball coming uptown, I just want that urban park to happen and I want it to happen on the 6acre site. Having the office buildings and residential buildings right on top of it will do wonders to make this a successful park. The 8acre site will be stuck with the Duke parking deck, and the backside of Graham which is not prime real estate. Baseball on the 8 acres? The only reason I support it was because that moved the park to the better location. If the Knights fall through, fine by me, sell the land to developers or put a new use in its spot to further support the park and fill in the current wasteland that is 3rd ward. My .02
  4. Are there any new developments along the line that are planned to open before year end? Only one I can think of that is remotely close is Ashton, but that still seems a good 6 months off. Especially to get a full house of renters in. Add the Bobcats and Checkers weekday games to help with riders. But I still think 18,100 by the end of the year to be tough to get to.
  5. I haven't seen these, thanks Toz. Absolutely love them!! It would be great if, in the least, CATS used these for some of the more prominent neighborhoods throughout Charlotte. Just change the "midtown" to southend, dilworth, optomist park, etc, would help give a sense of place and identitiy to these places.
  6. ^Actually, that was the Center City Parks and public spaces meeting from thursday. The first ward park meeting was Wednesday. Same thing though, they were looking for public input on what residents would want from that particular park. It has a great opportunity to jumpstart growth in Levine land. Also to tie Imaginon, the LRT, and the new public space at First Ward Elem. together. 8th St is def. staying as of right now, but would have some traffic calming and pedscape improvments to help it. The plan to build a deck north of 8th, in the space on that block not taken by UNCC and Levines planned building is still a go. They are just not sure what to do with the elevation of the 2 blocks. Its an 18ft difference from 7th and the tracks to 8th and Brevard.
  7. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    ^Ha, nice, but I think the Vue will only be slightly taller then Trademark from this angle. Got more uploaded, here's some more construction shots 9-20-08 View down Pine st. The tower is only going up right now, parking deck hasn't started
  8. Here's some updates on these projects: 9-20-08 440 South Church The parking deck Here's the Mint side of the deck with an awning for retail. Is this where Picassos is going? And Catalyst MLK side
  9. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Here's a look at how the Vue will be from the Baseball stadium. The perspective will shorten it a little, but it will really help expand the skyline. 9-20-08 elevated, as if you were in the stands and from on the ground about where home plate would be
  10. Thanks guys Yeah, I've been pretty lazy. Hopefully the nicer weather, and cleaner air, will get me out more...
  11. ^ Ha! Get any pics of the pigs racin?
  12. ^^ Your bro took some awsome shots Andy. I especially love the one of Ave, with the clouds, reflection, foreground.... A good eye and a wide angle make for some damn good pics.
  13. This angle has been done a million times, I know, but this one was not easy (4 stop grad ND filter), so too bad Green vs. Blue
  14. ^^^ HNTB did. Are you saying 277 is not a problem now? He said its a physical and mental barrier which it is, that has nothing to do with becoming a world class city. This will provide a return in $$, land value, livability, connections, park space, etc, etc, etc.
  15. LOL, not fair, I'm at work and the video doesn't work.. In case I sound like an idiot, I'd like to point out that I'm a shy and quiet guy, and when cameras are shoved in my face I get nervous and cant make complete sentences
  16. HNTB's engineers were there to answer these questions. With the Blvd cap concept their would not be any need to design a cap to support a skyscraper because it would only have to support the Blvd itself. Buildings and highrises would be built along that Blvd with nothing but dirt underneath. This would be where the current collector roads are and the NCDOT ROW. If parcels were to encroach onto the cap they would have to know ahead of time what type of building was going on top top so they could design the cap to support it. Really, according to the engineers, anything is possible, the question is cost. It is expensive for sure. What does make it feasible is that it would help pay for itself. $ from the freed up land would only be available if this was done so its not like this is taking money from one project and throwing it at another. This wouldn't pay for 100% of the project of course, but new taxes from the land would also help.
  17. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Where has that been said? I have not heard one example of people who bought in a highrise and suddenly find out they dont like living high up. There is certainly a demand for it since we've had numerous high rise condo towers go up. The ones that have been canceled, delayed, or work stopped, were, for the most part, for reasons other then demand. Bad management, under priced, office tenents pulling out, etc. The economy will be the achilles heal now.
  18. Aahhh, much better (although thats not saying much). Alot more glass, metal, brick and other materials to break up the facade. Looks like they used fencing instead of wall in front of the courtyards. Still not great but much better for pedestrians. Is it me or does the facade look like a cheap version of Southborough?
  19. Here's a couple from Monday night (8-11-08). You can always see Crowders, Kings and Spencer mountains from the high rises looking west, but on some days when the air is clean you can see the blue ridge. Its beautiful being able to see the mountain tops stretching accross the horizon, and even more so during a nice sunset. And sunsets like these make you turn off the TV and turn the couch to the left...
  20. ^ Yeah, agreed. The connectivity and erasing a mental and physical barrier is more important in this instance then a park. Crossing 277 right now is just scary! So just getting from Stonewall to Morehead without ever realizing your crossing a freeway would do so much, whether it be a park, smaller buildings with storefronts, or high rises with air rights.
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