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  1. ^^^ Check out one page back to when the city held a public meeting on improving connections to southend. A cap between College and Church was estimated betweeen $25 - $45mil. Land being sold to developers where the current slope down to 277 is now would help pay for it.
  2. I haven't made it to the sales center yet, hopefully this week, but for those who have, did anyone ask about the possibility of a grocer going in? If their not using it as a sales pitch, I doubt its going to happen. (or am I behind the times and this was already confirmed?)
  3. I'm sure others have mentioned this before, but after driving through the area and riding the Blue line, I love what Ashton does for Southend. It is currently out of scale with the rest of the area, but with the projects around Bland St and more infill happening just south of Tremont, I dont think that will be an issue in the future. It's becoming a center piece for Southend, and a great bookend for Camden Rd. Almost giving Southend a better sense of place since you can see it coming into the neighborhood from all directions. I'm skeptical however of how it will address the street, as others have pointed out low expectations. Still holding out hope for an attractive building though, let's hope.
  4. I was holding out hope, but it doesn't look like we'll get to see the life size version.
  5. Cool new perspective JF I guess you dont need an alarm clock...
  6. Yeah, the bollard concept is used all over the world, I dont think we need to worry about people not knowing if the street is closed or open. I didn't like the idea of the park being split in two, but since this is a smaller park its not as big a deal as say cutting 3rd ward park up. And having bollards to close the street when there is an event sounds like a great idea for small festivals where vendors could set up or even a stage could be built. I'm just so happy that UNCC, the city, and the county are finally getting involved in 1st ward, who knows if Levine would have ever done anything without them.
  7. I'll be there with some friends. They gave out quite a few of those VIP tickets. It's worth it just to get in free, just gotta be there before 7pm...
  8. What kind of time frame are we looking at now for these projects? Would the park have to wait for the underground deck to start because of grading? And how likely is this mixed use tower since it seems to be a major component now? With other players in the mix now instead of just Levine, I have hope the ball will actually start rolling.
  9. We've had some amazing electrical storms lately, here's another lightning shot from this evening. Fireworks over 4th Ward 7-22-08
  10. I hate photoshop and what its done to photography, but I have to admit, what Toz did is kinda cool Nice pics Mr. rvr. Good to see you out taking pics...
  11. ^^^Considering how lopsided the repeal vote was, I dont see political leaders going that route. edit: atlrvr beat me to it...
  12. Mobuchu

    The Vue

    Latest I have is from a week ago. 7-3-08
  13. If only we could build our transit system faster. Its been said on here before that too much of our transit system forces people to go through uptown to get anywhere. That, I think, is a symptom of how our city grew, forcing our transit to be spokes instead of a grid. I agree this would be a good location for a "satelite" center to uptown along with Southpark, Eastland, and maybe even URP. I believe it was Dubone who made a proposed line from the airport to Southpark that would cut through City Park. Maybe this would be the next step of the 2030 plan....the 2050 plan. Connecting the satelite centers to the existing transit infrastructure. If City Park should not be aproved because its density doesn't follow the centers and corridors plan, then what would be "good city planning" for this site? Connectivity and mixed uses, just without the density?
  14. This is from the storm earlier this evening that produced one hell of a light show. I cant really tell if this actually hit the Carilon building or just behind it. I think it struck behind, but not really sure. (this is a cropped section of a wider angle shot) 7-8-08
  15. While 210 is dead, Aloft is making progress. 7-3-08
  16. Here's a couple of the progress on the office tower. 7-3-08 And the back side of the Ritz
  17. I take it this will have no affect on the retail directly below where 210 was suppose to go? The spaces are still just shells, but there was a sign on one of those windows for a Thai restaurant.
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