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  1. Lol, I didn't say good nite, what I was saying is have a great nite, because it's just almost nite time to me, but I guess I should say have a great evening. Better? So now, good morning and wusssssup?! Anyway, what are we having some more photos there?
  2. Thanks for some info. I'll search it later. I have to get off now. Have a great nite.
  3. What is it called this kind of lights building that you search for? Maybe I can try help to search for it myself. Also, can you enlarge this picture that you just dug it out. I love this picture better than other one, cuz it's showed many dim lights over city, but other one still beautiful. Heh.
  4. YEEES! That's what I'm talkin about! I love this pictures! Do you have another more of this and how can I find more of this? Thank ATL4EVER very much for showed it!
  5. Does anyone of you have some pictures of the beautiful Bellsouth building with the light colors of pink and blue mix on it and some dim lights moving at the top of this building in night times during the 1996 Summer Olympics if you know what I mean. Could you show it for me that I'm dying to find it. Thanks.
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