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  1. The Hotel you guys are talking about is part of Richard Kessler's Boutique Hotels..... he is a Savannah born- Orlando Based Developer.... the hotel is called the Bohemian hotel....... its going to be so nice, with a restaurant on the top floor... http://www.bohemianhotelsavannah.com/ Kessler only develops in the best cities... check out other hotels he does also, all over the country... PS - he also owns the Mansion on Forysth Park!
  2. Gov Perdueee! announced Tuesday that he's putting $52 million in his budget recommendations to the General Assembly for the Georgia's share of the cost of deepening Savannah's harbor! Very good news! Savannah Ports! <~~~~~~~~ click here to see the newspaper clipping
  3. Those Counties have alot of population up there, in the ATL area... so they're numbers always look big in any charts for Georgia... Soon enough Chatham Effingham Byran Liberty will be talked about.....
  4. damn I need to post the pictures up! I cant find my camera wire.... anyone else been downtown lately?
  5. Finally the county is talking about the tract - west of Hunter Army Airfield along Veterans Parkway..... once this gets developed - Savannah will be huge coming in from Garden City to SAV - Thats when midtown is explode into its own... rivarly downtown to some extend.... http://savannahnow.com/node/160902 check out the link - Steve Hall and Jack Wardlaw have stakes in the site already, so you know they're on to something.... - As for the Westside news - Fatz Cafe started Construction on Pooler Parkway - near Longhorns.... Cheddars started also, with the strip plaza next door too.... __________________________
  6. just to add for the above statement I made - it was 175 acres the GPA purchased with 3,700 feet of frontage on the river - some people are thinking that a new terminal will open or maybe new berth space
  7. The GPA just purchased land on Hutchinson Island this week for 46 million dollars, saying nothing is going to stop this port from enjoying great success and continued growth for the future of Savannah.... The ports are the single most important thing to Savannah, long as they continue we will keep growing into a bigger better city..... Also, Jasper Countys port is under development on paper, with a time frame of 3 weeks to report to the governors of GA and SC... saying its over a billion dollar project! =) Its funny that the rest of the state's population really thinks nothings going on down here ... Also on the Savannah River Landing Project, 3 firms have been narrowed down to submit designs for the 6 new sqaures downtown...... exciting stuff coming up .......... heres the link for the sqaures news - Savannah River Landing Square design
  8. They are going to break ground on the cinema sometime in a few weeks they say....and Ive talked to the leasing vice president a few times, says they are looking at contruction at 08, and open by 09 fall.... so in 08 the new walmart lowes will open and more traffic will start being pushed down towards the 16 end of pooler parkway, so its makes sense for it to just happen section at a time, 95 pine barren 16 ... the 3 mouths of pooler parkway.... right across the street from walmart/lowes...metro developers have opened up there strip plaza, home to papa johns, jalepenos is moving in also, and a few other names already open (state farm) .... I love that we got a jalepenos in pooler... its by far my fav mexican in the seaport
  9. Yeah there is a Target on its way to Pooler - at the intersection of Pooler Parkway and I-16 - its in the 16 West Development... heres a rendering of the target and the site... its 1.4 million square foot of retail ......
  10. yeah its a supercenter, from what walmart says both walmarts should be fine! maybe they are banking on the goldey station area staying at the walmart close to 95 & adding the highlands population to that store becauses its only coming down benton..... and as for the pine barren walmart - have all the homes on pine barren and the other side of pooler maybe.. and some off of 16... walmart is nuts id say .... but hell bring it on - if they want a walmart 4 miles from each other thats more big boxs for pooler.... and they have made it a point that both walmarts will be open and working....
  11. this is the Food Lion Shopping Center in Port Wentworth, The center is under construction and will open in December... CVS is almost open and Zaxby's has started also .... other signed tenants are Family Dollar, Great Steak & Potatoe, A Steakhouse and another SPorts store.... Here is the 103 acre LifeStyle Center proposed in Port Wentworth on I-95 & Exit 109....
  12. More Westside growth, Savannah Add's yet another wal-mart (9 in the area this will make 10 and the one in southside will make 11) and lowe's (1 in Savannah, 1 building in Rincon(2) and this one in Pooler(3)) theres another proposed in bluffton...... this is right off of Pooler Parkway and Pine Barren Road - add's number of out-parcels!
  13. Great News, There was a meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn in Midtown Savannah about Commerical Development in Midtown/Southside.... Mr. Rhett Mouchet headed discussions on midtown, i loved when he said about the above shopping center - " Its prime location could attract major developers to the city, according to real estate broker Rhett Mouchet " If all of you know, this shopping center is the most ugly part of midtown, I hate it.. I've always thought that this site will get reveloped and we'll have tenants to the city like Dick's Sporting Good or something of that nature...maybe CompUSA... but to the point, this will be the next big news well get about midtown watch.. it might be something like Atlantic Station in Atlanta, its the gateway to midtown sitting on Abercorn & Derenne! I hate seeing that strip plaza on derenne, and hate seeing the subway... that whole parcel with this shopping will turn midtown around... im excited and hope we land a very good developer to put a quality shopping center/office space here.... here's the link - Savannah Midtown Redevelopment Also something my eyes came wide open is when Mouchet said " For one, land prices are out of sight: from 1 million to 1.5 million dollars or more per acre along Abercorn," he said. "And one of the most negative aspects of midtown and southside growth is the lack of quality, 'Class A' office and retail space on a large scale." The space that is available sells for a premium comparable to prices seen in Atlanta's Buckhead area, he said " thats amazing.. I hope office developers are looking on! we need more highrise buildings in midtown, coca - this might be the answer to your 20 story hospital stated above hahahah
  14. The current Hampton Inn in Midtown will be losing its flag in 09, so look for a construction date in 08 so the new hotel will open in 09.... the reason old Hampton Inn lost its flag is because they dont want anymore outdoor properties in the system, so the owner lost his chance to build and the new developers that developed Hilton Garden Inn - already part of hilton took the Hampton name.... and they are doing a Hampton Inn & Suites 6 story facing white bluff ...........yeah I think Midtown is getting taller and the developments out there from now on are going to be big and costly....also look for the holiday Inn in midtown to do the same, he will probably build a new hotel to replace the current one.. My friend used to own the holiday inn and said the new guys are going to replace it oneday .... they also purchased the front lot next to Daquiri Island..... so thatll be interesting to seee....the Stafford Group - they also own the huge Holiday Inn in hilton head.......
  15. Sorry Ironchapman, I didnt know.... yeah the link to that story is Savannah Midtown Development
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