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  1. I was told Upstate Forever brought a proposal to fund a bike share program in downtown Greenville to some kind of regional committee meeting that needed to approve the federal money used in their grant last week. Supposedly County Council members Willis Meadows and Fred Payne blocked it. Has anyone heard about this?
  2. Have you seen Greenlink's new Transit Master Plan fact sheet? Here's a link to their Master Plan page. Here's a link to sign up for updates. According to the Greenville News, they're going to be asking the community to tell them what kind of services we'd like to have. The fact sheet says the study's going to cost about $275,000, and Clemson, Furman, Greenville Tech, and even Bob Jones are all putting resources into it. I want Greenville to do something better than what everyone else is doing. Right now our bus system is pitiful. Let's not just catch up - let's do something better.
  3. Do Not Cut and Paste News articles and copyrighted material on UrbanPlanet. It is in the rules
  4. The City is selling some of the bus system property next to the Greenville Drive Stadium downtown according to this legal notice. Condo project or what?
  5. Looks like the City is selling some of the bus system property downtown. Here's the link to the Greenville News notice. Does anyone else think it's strange that there was no story printed, just a legal notice? There have sure been plenty of stories about the property before it went up for sale.
  6. Have you seen the GPATS long range transportation plan? Here's the section on mass transit. It's about 17 megs so it may take some time to download, but it covers many of the suggestions discussed lately. The last couple of pages address potential funding ideas. More funding is needed to do anything.
  7. Gov. Sanford just ordered a statewide study of mass transit. Here's the article.
  8. RiverPlace is not in the West End historic district. Anything in the Central Business District still has to go through the Design and Preservation people, but it seems like a skyscraper is in keeping with the CBD. The D&P group may disagree.
  9. I noticed this article on the AP today regarding the new SC D.U.I. bill. It reminded me of the news story last week about the number one cause of death of American teens being traffic related. Have you ever thought about the cost of all the legislation, law enforcement, prison, loss of contribution to society due to imprisonment, court costs, court appointed attorney costs, loss of life costs associated with D.U.I.'s, uninsured motorists, speeding, reckless driving, and all that could be saved if we had adequate and reliable mass transit? Law enforcement could just say "caught once and lo
  10. One article about the press conference says that "short-term improvements previewed by the city include repairs to vehicles and renovations at the downtown transfer center, while long-term goals include hiring a permanent director, installing bus shelters and possible expansion." In another article about the press conference, City Manager Jim Bourey says "...in fact, the taxpayers aren't paying anything more. But the investment you do make will be leveraged and be more effective. But in the longterm, additional funding will be needed to expand service and upgrade what we currently have."
  11. The Greenville Journal had an article this week in which the city manager talked about the potential of a $100 million BRT line to ICAR. That would be amazing! They'd have to beef up the rest of the system to support something like that wouldn't they?
  12. I heard that there may be a press conference at City Hall on Monday morning regarding the GTA. Maybe it's about the start date, or maybe they've chosen their new Director of Transportation. Any guesses?
  13. Charlotte funds their system to the tune of something like $40 million or more annually - just renewed by public referendum this year (I didn't look up the figure, but I'm sure it's out there). Greenville funds its system something like $500,000/year. That's the difference.
  14. You are right, the name makes a difference. My point is that the City obviously recommended a name change which the GTA made at Wednesday's board meeting. Then, Councilman Payne sends out a lengthy email in support of transit, but in complete disagreement with the name chosen. Even that being said, I would also consider it a monumental victory if County Council were talking the way he does. Unfortunately, they don't. They voted not to decrease funding in response to the City taking a boat load of responsibility for mass transit in our community. The fact that they had to vote not t
  15. According to this article in the Greenville News, at the board meeting on Wednesday, February 27 (day before email), the GTA board voted unanimously to approve new route signage that will cost GTA nothing and a new name for the bus service -- "Greenlink" -- that was suggested by the city." I completely support the sentiment behind Council Member Payne's email, but it demonstrates to me how little our county understands about mass transit - even about planning in general. It also disappoints me that so much "branding" language went into the email when the subject had already been decided.
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