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  1. What if the H&M opened under the Midtown Target? Or does Target have some sort of agreement that says another clothing retailer cannot move in the building?
  2. Agreed. An A/X would be sweet. My gf spoke to an H&M employee at Crabtree when we were in Raleigh last week and they said that they are looking at expanding into Charlotte soon.
  3. Kalu is unbelievable. Go there now. I went with my lady and we enjoyed some porkbellies, wagyu beef, japanese style wings, a sushi roll, and a garlic rice pot. The rice was the best quality I have had in Charlotte. It can get expensive if you're drinking, but the specialty cocktails and beers are impressive. Brian was a really nice guy and we had a chance to chat with him since we were there late towards closing. He even brought us some plum wine or sake....can't remember exactly. The presentation is awesome and the service was good. Definitely going back soon.
  4. Interesting news this morning that Southwest is acquiring AirTran...so this means that Charlotte will finally have what many have been waiting a long time for.
  5. just drove past the salvation army at five points and I noticed that they were clearing out on the corner. I'd imagine that the piece of real estate on the corner is quite valuable - any idea what the plans for the corner are? I'd love to see some more action continue towards plaza midwood. Central has become such an awesome bar crawl. 2nd date with my girlfriend we hit 6 or 7 different bars: common house, soul, twenty-four, cafe central, thirsty beaver, and intermezzo. Now you can throw in the fabulous jalapeno margaritas at Loco Lime, and add in some Bistro la Bon. Now we just need th
  6. I received a postcard about a proposal to change the Plaza-Central pedscape. The amendment is to lower the separation between residential districts and bars/nightclubs from 400 feet to 225 feet. Does anyone know what is prompting this?
  7. don't you think this is the ideal spot for another hotel? Of course, the industry is getting slammed right now, but hopefully by the time it's completed the market will have rebounded. Another trendy or boutique hotel would be sweet.
  8. a few months ago I came across an ad in US Airways magazine for a condo development in Tempe that seemed remarkably similar to what Grubb is proposing in Elizabeth. check out the following link: http://www.tempecondomania.com/viewImage.p...osaic/pic01.jpg Mosaic Tempe is the name. I'm sure it's locked up due to the credit crunch, but I thought that the project was interesting. Replace the condo tower with the hotel and you have it. on a side note, I am really, really hoping that the businesses stay alive through the construction. NOFO opened Mexicafe and it features $1 beers all
  9. about the old central five ways mart...it's correct that the coming soon sign has been up for around a year, but there actually has been some progress the last two weeks. we really need some more action at this intersection. a little bit further down central closer to hawthorne I think they are working on another restaurant spot. Expect more to come as residents fill the new apartments on hawthorne retail/restaurant follow residents even in a down economy...especially those living in Elizabeth with fat wallets in nice apartments
  10. IMO the Mcdowell and 7th street side looks a HECK of a lot better now that it is (almost fully) painted. The darker gray is a welcome change to the previously all bland facade. I heard a skate park was being built between Enclave and the Quad....okay, maybe not, but that would be cool right?
  11. I drive by the Park every day and don't really notice any movement on the project, however there are always cars parked in the deck?? Any idea if anything is really going on?
  12. I would see this pub being similar to the Corner Pub in fourth ward. It will likely be a locals bar that is fairly low key. It is actually the perfect spot for such an establishment.
  13. I live in the Rutzler (awesome) and have been anxiously waiting for renovation of the central five ways mart. For a few months there had not been any movement, but in the last few weeks they re-started clean-up. There is a trash receptacle onsite, but there has not been any noticeable difference to the exterior. As far as the Thirsty Beaver goes, I've heard good things but haven't made it over yet. There's word that they are going to build some outdoor seating. I always wanted to check out the Rose Garden but it was just a tad too shady...
  14. The Best Buy is scheduled to be open around Memorial day.
  15. From what I understand it is Lucky Strike
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