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  1. The summary says the language was clarified to allow 2 drinks.....so maybe there was some ambiguity. Some places I have been able to buy 2 no problem (including BB&T). Other places were very strict about only 1 (Whitewater Center, for instance). What's not clear, as I haven't read the actual new law, is whether they MUST sell me 2 if I want.....or if it's their option. I imagine it's their option. As for the private label, although All Knight Long has "Knight" and similar trade dress, I don't believe the cans say Charlotte Knights anywhere. I assume this opens up team beers. And also something like "Harris Teeter Lager". Or a restaurant calling a beer their own.....La Belle Helene has a beer called La Belle Helene but shows it's brewed by Sycamore.....I think they could just call it their own now. I love the farmers market rule. And the food hall common area rule.
  2. I'm sure you all know a bill was passed into law (effective Sep 1) that allows dogs in breweries (ed. note: gross, don't at me). But are you aware of all the other stuff that was in the same bill? Here's a link to a summary, and also my summary of the summary. https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/north-carolina-distillery-and-abc-27088/ Beer tasting/sales at farmers markets - Breweries can provide samples and sell product at Farmers Markets. Common area permit - If two tenants of a property (such as a food hall) have alcohol permits, the property can get an "umbrella" Common Area permit which allows you to move freely on the property with your beer/wine/mixeddrank. 2 beers per person - Beer/wine can be sold 2 at a time per person, except at college stadiums/arenas or events sponsored by colleges. Also, mixed drinks only 1 at a time. Beer private labels - Breweries can create private label brands for retailers, which can be labeled with the retailer's name and sold exclusively to the retailer. Increase in allowed discount - Beer/Wine can be discounted up to 35% off (via coupons, rebates, and loyalty cards)......up from 25% in the old law. Distilleries can sell beer/wine/drinks - Distilleries can sell beer/wine/drinks. Distilleries sales - Distilleries can sell unlimited bottles per customer (up from 5 per year), and customer don't have to take a tour before buying. Distilleries no longer have to keep detailed records of their per-customer sales. Distillery tastings at ABC stores - Distilleries can do tastings at ABC stores. But they have to buy the liquor (their own liquor!!) from the ABC store. And they can't advertise the tasting. And they can't sell any merchandise at the tasting. And ABC employees may not "participate". A lot more - A lot more stuff but I don't really care And that's about all I know about new beverage laws.
  3. That's true....but I've never seen anyone jogging in the bike lane of these roads. And bikes generally have reflectors.....not that I've seen any/many bikes at that hour, either.
  4. Yesterday at 6:10am I saw two different scooters in Ballantyne in the bike lane on 40mph roadways. Both wearing all dark clothing. Madness.
  5. Today on the 6:28 northbound, as the Operator was switching ends at 485, I heard a banging on the window. Then she (the Operator) comes on board and smacks her keys on the metal seats next to the gentleman in the 4th seat and says "No sleeping on the train" then she walks forward and smacks her keys on the metal seats next to the lady in the first seat and says "Ma'am, no sleeping on the train". What the hell? Crackdown on sleeping on the train? And what business is it of CATS? Both of these were commuters....not homeless taking up a seat.
  6. Radio Haze now year round! And in cans!!! Although recipe tweaked based on feedback. Releases Aug 23. Really interested to see retail price on 4-packs. In other news, Middle James in Pineville "Grand Opening" is Aug 23 at 11am. No word on any soft or unofficial opening before that. Honestly could be a disaster if they aren't open at all before that. I wish them luck.
  7. Nice, NC Beer Guys don't even have that one, as far as I can tell. My updated map of CharMeck: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zvfji2eVQoVE.kz5BFo-0quQ8
  8. Latest Duke internal communication is below.....but today's blast was definitely after 11am.....I was sitting in the Green at the time. "Beginning Wednesday, July 24, blasting at the new tower construction site will occur in the mornings between 10-11 am. The 2-4 pm afternoon time period may still be used for a blast if the morning blast cannot occur due to weather or other delay."
  9. From the grodney digital hoard.......January 2008.....some of these got built......others did not: Less Certain Building Use Location Floors Units SF Office SF Retail Done Status Notes Trump 1 Residential / Hotel 600 South Tryon 65-74 Possible Details rumored on UP thread Trump 2 Office 600 South Tryon 36-44 750K-1M Possible Details rumored on UP thread One Charlotte Residential South College 40 99 On hold 5 year lease on sales office? Novare 3rd Ward Residential 3rd & Church 29-33 2011 Announced 300 South Tryon Res / Off / Ret 300 South Tryon 32 319 316,000 40,000 Delayed 01/30/2008: "Will start building this year" Spirit Square 7th & College 25+ Proposed Theatre Charlotte Hotel 25+ Proposed Ghazi 25+ Proposed Citadin 3 Residential 9th & Smith 25+ Possible Citadin 4 Residential 9th & Graham 25+ Possible Fewer Than 25 Floors Building Use Location Floors Units SF Office SF Retail Done Status The Park Residential 3rd & Caldwell 21 107 2008 Construction Rennaissance Office 20 Proposed NASCAR Tower Office Brevard & Stonewall 19 390,000 2009 Site work Ritz-Carlton Hotel Hotel Trade & College 17 150 2009 Construction Novare 3rd Ward Office 1st & Church 16 375,000 20,000 2009 Construction Early 2008 Sierra Hotel Hotel Trade & Caldwell 15 148 ? Planned 300 South Tryon Residential 300 South Tryon 14 2009 Planned 500 West Trade Apt / Retail 500 W Trade 12 400 30,000 2009 Concept? EpiCentre Hotel / Off / Ret 210 Trade 10 175 60,000 265,000 2007 Construction Citadin 1 Residential 8th & Smith ~10 Proposed Citadin 2 Residential 8th & Graham ~10 Proposed By the way, here was the top tier.....Twelve didn't get built, right? Underway Building Use Location Floors Units SF Office SF Retail Done Status 210 Trade Residential 210 Trade 53 419 2009 Construction The Vue Residential 5th & Pine 51 403 2010 Site work Wachovia S Tryon Office 500 South Tryon 48 1,500,000 40,000 2009 Construction Wachovia S Tryon Residential 1st & Church 42 300 2009 Site work Twelve Charlotte Residential / Hotel MLK & Mint 39 400/150 2009 Site planning B of A Tower Office 5th & College 32 750,000 2010 Construction Catalyst Residential MLK & Church 27 462 10,000 2009 Construction
  10. This page says it was "City Range" and also "Adams at Ballantyne".....if I'm reading that right. City Range rings a bell.
  11. Vine American Kitchen in Ballantyne (prettymuch across 521/Johnston from the hotel) has closed. They opened in late 2012
  12. It leaves on time from 485 because of 15-minute headways at that time of the morning. The 6:28am northbound train is supposed to arrive 485 at 6:19am.....which it never does. It averaged almost 6 minutes late, with all arrivals between 3 and 8 minutes late. But because of the long turnaround time, it almost always departed on time. For the southbound trip in the afternoon, it arrived on-time 2 out of 10 times.....with 6 of 10 being 3-4 minutes late (with 4 of those 6 during 7-minute headways!). In 10 trips it never arrived 485 on time. It also lost time to the schedule on all 10 trips. See below.
  13. Santa Rosa location. Nothing special (but nothing bad) about the brewery in my mind, and the food was good but not great. And although pints were only $5.25, a to-go bottle (I think it was 17.6? oz) was $5.50......so I only bought a few, and none of them made it back to CLT, hahahaha. By the way, I found the Heist of the West at Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley. They had 7 IPAs on tap and 6 of them were Hazy. So I had 5 hazy and the 1 west coast.....all 6 were really delicious. Also shook hands with Jerry Brown and chatted a bit (he criticized our food choices and suggested "veggies") after randomly running into him at a diner. So this was an amazing trip, hahahaha.
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