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  1. So I believe that completes the Jul 2016 estimates, as follows: ...842,051 City of Charlotte 1,054,835 County of Mecklenburg 2,474,314 Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC MSA 2,632,249 Charlotte-Concord, NC-SC CSA
  2. How's the walkability on Anderson? Looks terrible on StreetView....from the railroad tracks to the brewery.
  3. Notable: According to that data, all cities getting denser faster than Charlotte are also growing more slowly. Or put another way.....of all listed cities with positive change in density, Charlotte is the fastest growing.
  4. Motion-blur from the train this morning of Hyde Brewing and their access to the rail trail and their new tower thing. "Excuse me, do you mind if I walk through your place to get to Triple C?".
  5. I think this is a festival weekend in Waxhaw, so the crowds won't be representative of "normal", even beyond their 1 year anniversary. Love the brewery space down there. I really need to get some of those cans.
  6. Well there you go! I saw that facebook pic this morning, but didn't make the connection. Good job. So the 2501, 2525, 2513, etc in the facebook pic must be the addresses of the multiple tenants. Mystery solved......other than the connection between the two guys, but whatever.
  7. Agenda "article" saying that Petty Theives is close to having a location nailed down....between NoDa and Plaza Mid....but fails to name the location. That general description matches the zoning request at 2501 The Plaza.....but I don't see any obvious connection between the zoning petitioner and the Petty Thieves guy. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Anwway, the real punchline is "Look for Petty Thieves to be open by the end of the year.". Brewery Map:
  8. I walked through the Arcade and Brevard Court this morning, and man the Court was trashed. Lots of beer bottles. An empty wine bottle outside Nefelie's. Some food trash. Pint glasses still on the tables at Valhalla, including 4 on the table right next to Church St. Man, party time on a Monday night. Is that baseball spillover? Or just standard these days?
  9. The new curb (center picture) leaves only 2 lane-widths on the right side of the picture.....narrower than previous. That leaves room left of the curb for the "linear park" that has long been rumored/planned/designed along the side of 300 ST and the Kimpton.
  10. Sure.
  11. Trade/Tryon looks kind of sh!tty and drab compared to Kimpton and Spiral Odyssey.
  12. Another pic of the new sculpture:
  13. Studs are up at b.good. According to posted construction permits, b.good has the corner shop, and Rhino is in the southern-most. That leaves a space between, which I assume is JJ's Red Hots.
  14. Happy to report that the new curb has been poured. The linear park lives.
  15. Busy article in DRAFT magazine about new and "coming soon" breweries in Charlotte. New quoted dates for Resident Culture (shooting for June) and Divine Barrel (Sep/Oct).