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  1. I don't recall seeing Granite Falls locally, but my bro-in-law says he's bought it in Charlotte. Stopped and bought cans at the brewery yesterday. The Hoppalacia IPA is pretty damn good....a weird cross between west cost and hazy. Had the Scottish (9.0%) as a knock-out blow last night. Great flavor but maybe a touch watery? Not my favorite style so don't put too much stock in my review. The brewery had a ton of space and was amazingly empty at 3pm on a Saturday. They have skeeball and pool and other arcade games in their brewing area. Absolutely nobody on the patio, so maybe we should
  2. I probably posted it here when I went there, but it definitely gave me an "original Birdsong" vibe......which is great. That must have been about Dec 2019, just before the sky fell. Would love to go back someday. Glad they're (apparently) doing well.
  3. I hadn't driven from 85-southbound to 77-southbound since all the construction and express lanes and all that....until today. Wow. That is the worst transition from one major interstate to another major interstate that I have ever seen. I can't believe they got away with that. Yow.
  4. There's a youtuber/twitcher that plays Geoguessr and is very good at the USA map. Somebody challenged him to the sporcle(?) challenge of "how many US cities can you name in 1 hour"? Spoiler......he names 917(!) cities.......including 32 of the 33 most populous. Guess which one he didn't get. In the comments: “The largest city you forgot was Charlotte, but that’s okay, I’d forget Charlotte, too.” —Raleigh Watching him rip through the Chicago suburbs (like 80 of them?!) is amazing.
  5. Cross Traust off of the CharMeck list.....they're going to Mt Holly. Actually already opened there, taking over a restaurant that had apparently recently closed. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-food-drink/article252776343.html
  6. Traust is still alive, they are "working hard to find another taproom space!" Source: Facebook DM
  7. Two local beers I've been enjoying in cans lately......both from Legion. Next Chapter is a New England IPA. I like it. Better than Juicy Jay. Just check the date before buying, as I've seen some old ones out there. The other is Flicker Daze. This is an American Wheat. Back in the old days, like late 90s, before craft beer was everywhere, there was Boulevard Beer in Kansas City. They made an American Wheat that was light and refreshing.....often served with a slice of lemon. Flicker Daze takes me back to that. Obviously won't be a favorite for everyone. It's a little watery. But I l
  8. When the covid hit, I lost interest in the Charlotte brewery scene (and, well, everything else). So I'm looking to update my list/map with everything that's happened since Feb 2020. Can you all help? Did Cavendish ever open that taproom or whatever in Plaza Mid? Traust isn't open physically yet, right? Can't find any sign they are. What is Sunstead these days, if anything? Did Suffolk Punch ever start actually physically brewing at Noble Smoke? Thanks!
  9. " A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. " All it takes is the Indianapolis Agenda or whatever to have some article about Indy being in the running for Best Beer City and a link for all readers to go vote. Or some such similar social media campaign.
  10. Totally Off Topic: You know all those prescription drug ads? Could you tell what the drug was for, if you didn't have any text or voice-over?
  11. Also, I grabbed two different Sugar Creek 4-packs....the white and the hazy. Both were canned in early Jan, and both were fine. So that was a relief. (I'm sure purists think the hazy was too old, but it was okay for me. )
  12. I should have known better than to grab this Town Brewing Hazy Double off the shelf at HT Ballantyne without checking the date. As soon as I popped the tab, I knew the mistake I'd made. 12/22/2020. Way overcarbonated. Giant yeast cake in the bottom of the can. So disappointing.
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