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  1. Hyde/SuffolkPunch opening Jul 31, according to CharlotteAgendstagram
  2. Love the "Crane City" beer.
  3. Oh, there's a ladies Hornet's jersey in there that is kick.ass. My wife is a HUGE fan, but I don't think I can get her to buy it.
  4. "NO PETS" signs up at Latta Arcade. This place goes 101 years without having to tell people not to bring pets in, and now they have to? Hmmm, that was barely worth a post. Okay, since you're reading this anyway, SCORE now has Taco Tuesdays (cheap tacos and margaritas) starting at 4pm, to add to their eclectic mix of shoes, dessert, coffee, and romphims.
  5. Massive construction wall outside, uhhhhh, Wild Wing(?) at Epicentre. Is it dead? Or a remodel?
  6. I spent last weekend in your fair city (from Charlotte). We saw, did, and ate a lot of good stuff, but this sunrise from the hotel was a bonus. Auto-pano by google photos.
  7. Is there any way to justify expanded/subsidized bus service to Latino areas on game days? Light rail and walkability aren't much of an option from the east side, right? Or are buses too small to move the number of people that would actually make a difference? I just think there's a huge market there, beyond the millennial knight's game hangout crowd.
  8. Ah, yeah, that makes sense....reported by Observer and Agenda a month ago...I forgot it is freemorewest:
  9. Need more info on this one. "Town Brewery" or "Town Brewing" is tough to google out, and I couldn't find anything on IG, Twitts, FB, or ncbeerguys.
  10. August last year. It lasted 2 years:
  11. Well, bad move from a winning standpoint. But I guess if Richardson would rather have a touchy-feely love-fest than wins, then it was the right move. Hahaha, just messin' with you, but that's the way I see it.
  12. Charlotte Crane Count is at 12 in the Off Topic thread: Collaborate here: or here:
  13. I think most of the newer implementations are FieldTurf (from Calhoun GA by the way). I'm guessing those "black balls" are the rubber pellets for cushioning/infill.
  14. 13 months now since Alvin Austin agreed with me that we need a crosswalk from Latta Arcade across Tryon, and said "Staff lets make this happen before someone gets hurt.". Angela Berry from CDOT said, at the time, they were current evaluating it. Anybody have any info on plans, if any?