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  1. Charlotte area population statistics

    2018 Estimate from World Population Review based on recent US Census Estimates 2016 Estimate from the US Census Bureau
  2. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Per their ig feed, they have given up on the library location. Historians were concerned that brides at the next door Reid House would have their weddings ruined by the assumed debauchery at the brewery.
  3. Carolina Panthers

    Just popping in for my seemingly annual statement that the Panthers don't need to draft, or trade for, a "superstar" WR (or RB). Teams keep proving it over and over....Philly this season, Seattle a few years ago, hell even the Panthers themselves 2 years ago. Every year it's the same PANTHERS NEED AWESOME PEOPLE AT WR!!! but it's just not necessary. Hopefully the GM, whoever that is, understands that.
  4. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Updates: I talked to a Southern Tier employee....he says they'll open early May....would have been March if the County computers didn't get hacked. Seaboard isn't serving yet....still working on the product...have had to dump a few batches. Divine Barrel says (on fb and ig) they'll be open soon.
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Super blue partial lunar eclipse from a lighted room through dirty windows on the 31st floor of 400 S Tryon with a 3 year old cell phone.
  6. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance: Noticeably absent: Sycamore Heist D9 Hyde
  7. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Is Jersey Mike's gone from the lobby spot across from Chili Man?
  8. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Cool thanks...I knew about the farm, but didn't know if they were brewing there....and couldn't tell from their Facebook page. Looking forward to visiting there....after the taproom is done. And of course looking forward to their local presence, even without them brewing here.
  9. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    How can Fonta Flora produce enough beer to have a taproom in Charlotte? Do they understand what they've signed up for? I mean even driving that many kegs down here. Wow. Do they have a 2nd brewing facility in operation?
  10. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Game show sad sound....Fonta Flora will only be a "tasting room", not a brewery. Per Matt at Charlotte Magazine.
  11. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I'm not familiar with NoDa and the BLE is the walk going to be from the BLE to Bold Missy? Rail trail and sidewalks....or bush-wacking and Frogger?
  12. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Are trains running at 7.5 minutes now? That appeared to be the case at 485 at 6:25 this morning.
  13. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Something to do on your snow day. We did this two years ago with beers as the properties. Now we can do it with BREWERIES.
  14. Carolina Panthers

    "John Kasay's missed field goal in the Super Bowl..." What? Kasay made his only attempt, a 50 yarder at that. We know you meant his kickoff OB....we've all tried to expunge it from our memory!
  15. Carolina Panthers