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  1. My standard Dad Attire is cargo shorts and a Charlotte Beer t-shirt. As such, my daughter took some of my wardrobe shirts and made them in Animal Crossing so I look more realistic. If you want to download any of them, her Creator ID is MA-0926-2419-7740 .
  2. I haven't updated my brewery list in a while. Who has updates for me? Any of these open yet? Cancelled? Other? And is Fonta Flora still kicking at the food hall thingy? Cavendish Social House D9 Uptown Pavilion Edge City Traust Brewing Company Legion at Trolley Barn Fermentory Suffolk Punch - Noble Smoke Protagonist Brewing OMB - 2nd Location Petty Thieves Brewing Lost Worlds Brewing Free Range - Camp North End Legion at Salt + Vinegar Legion at Legacy Union
  3. How big is that space on Louise? Original plans called for "The Embassy" as their first brewing location, followed by the massive boy. " Gilde’s first brick-and-mortar location will come soon after the initial introduction to Charlotte. By the end of [2019], Gilde will open a microbrewery called “the Embassy.” It will be around 5,000 square feet, the size of many of Charlotte’s established craft breweries, and will have the capacity to brew a few thousand barrels of beer annually. Uhlmann has the location for the Embassy narrowed down to about five sites, although he declined to say where they are. The microbrewery will employ up to 30 people, Uhlmann said, and will not do any bottling onsite. The brewing done onsite will be in small batches, he added. Two to three years down the line is when Gilde plans to open its massive flagship brewery in Charlotte, Uhlmann said, although he declined to say which locations Gilde is eying for that facility. It will employ up to 100 people and will have a spacious taproom, beer garden and full kitchen, Uhlmann said. "
  4. Homeland. Just finished Season 2. I was always peripherally aware it was filmed in Charlotte, but I had no idea it was Claire Danes! I still have a crush on her from the MSCL days.
  5. Kermit you're in a time warp.....Three Spirits closed in April *2019*! https://www.charlottemagazine.com/three-spirits-brewery-closing-this-weekend/
  6. I bought Hop Drop at Winestore (Blakeney) yesterday and was reminded that their everyday price is 10.99. Amazing.
  7. Definitely need to look into this Tiger King based on the posts above. We're watching Top Chef season 1. I also started The L Word a few months ago....now on the final season and still sneaking episodes when the wife and daughters aren't around, which is......never, hahahaha.
  8. Silver Lining having breweries and wine stores deemed essential. Warms my cockles.
  9. When I saw the news of the increase to 9 minutes a few weeks ago, it didn't even occur to me how that would make the rush-hour crowding even worse. Ugh. So glad I beat the rush both ways.
  10. I only buy about 1 six-pack of OMB a year, but I'll definitely be adding some OMB to my beach rotation now that it's in cans!
  11. Sorry, they only had Fruh in bottles and I didn't check the price.
  12. OMB now in cans. 4-packs of 16oz. $12 at Rhino.
  13. Lived in Nebraska and Iowa until we got tired of cold and snow in 2001. The choice was between Phoenix, Austin, and Charlotte. Didn't know anybody in Phoenix or Austin. My wife's brother had recently moved to Charlotte and her parents had recently moved to Wilmington, so here we are.
  14. This angle isn't perfect, but yeah I think it's pretty clear there will be more overlap of the Duke buildings.
  15. Any intel on OMB in Cornelius? My field personnel tell me that Edge City is getting close.....but that sounds like something I don't want to google at work. Oh and after reading your Devil's Logic review Sat morning, I decided we should check it out that day. Loved it. The beer was good (Pale above average, West Coast average, Hazy really good, Stout a little watery and shallow, small batch Smoked Stout was really good, oh and I'm not a sour expert but the berry gose was drinkable (to me) so it must be okay). Place was great for the odd footprint. Love the outdoor space. Love the murals out back (we parked back there since we were super early). Bardude said they're working on murals inside. And any place that has Sequence board game on hand gets my vote immediately. Didn't try the food. Also had to visit our old friends at Birdsong for a 4-pack of the Pterodactyl and a pint of Jalapeno straight from the source. Man, having Pterodactyl and Hop Cakes in the house at the same time makes for some groggy mornings.
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