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  1. Latta Arcade/Brevard Court

    I might have missed this in another thread....I noticed a raised (road hump) crosswalk from Latta across Tryon. Don't know how long it's been there. But awesome. The road humpiness is nice for slowing traffic for the pedestrians. Should probably do it on the other side on Church as well. (Although emergency vehicles probably hate it.)
  2. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Apparently NoDa has some Sticky When Wet left, and they're selling it off today. If anybody can snag me some for uptown delivery, I'd be grateful....I didn't get any this year.
  3. Charlotte trying to be more bike friendly

    From Harris Teeter to Tryon today, I didn't see any bikes in the protected lane, but I did see this lady WALKING in it for several blocks.
  4. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Pretty excited that Barrel Aged St Tuber is being canned this year....releasing this weekend I believe. Also Sycamore Patrick Hazy coming in cans's delicious. Was at Birdsong Sat and surprised how un-crowded it was from 1 to 3.
  5. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Another shot of the restaurant, with tables set. Plus a pic of metal tables and chairs along Bearden Promenade to match the park.
  6. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    New bamboo planters around the old Stool Pigeons and whatever else it was. Trying to add this from my phone...apologies if it doesn't work.
  7. The Astoturfing of charlotte ;-)

    I thought it was so millennials and suburban housewives don't let their dogs pee/poop there! Ha ha ha.
  8. Charlotte Off Topic

    Maybe there's a "living uptown" thread that would be better, but I'll put this here. Trinity Partners is killing it at 400 S Tryon. They are having a free movie on their parking deck next Thu, with drinks to buy from Blue Blaze, and hot dogs to buy from JJs. See Center City fb page for details. Also got an invite for Yoga on their deck, this Sat morning...$10 for Yoga and mimosa and a Rhino discount. Not sure if this is tenants only...but I'd guess not? Sign up is at mindbodyonline with NC Yoga Bar.
  9. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Blue Blaze is doing an "Oktoberfest" in cans.....which is labeled "Alpine Wiesen" and is an ale, not a lager. So whatevs. That makes Mecktoberfest, Catawba Festbier, and Blue Blaze Alpine Wiesen for Okty-style-ish local packaged beers. Am I forgetting any? NoDa is doing an Okt, but I don't think they're canning it. Blue Blaze is doing a Panthers tailgate at 10, brunch buffet (8.50/plate) at 10:30, etc. Of course Sycamore is doing a tailgate, starting at 10, including rides to the game. Blue Blaze extended their open 7 days......MTW 4-9, Th 3-10, F 2-11, Sa 12-11, Su 12-8. Lenny Boy extended their open Tuesdays.
  10. Charlotte Weather

    Duke currently showing about 9K out in Meck. 33K in Greeneville SC and 26K in Anderson SC. As always, that's customers, not people. The Florida map is ugly. 51.6K customers (out of 54.2K) without power in Highlands county. That's nearly everybody. 416K/541K out in Pinellas (Tampa/StPete). And so on.
  11. 210 Trade | EpiCentre

    EpiCentre "news" - The Pie-ology window wrap is off the old AT&T space. Guess that's not happening.
  12. Charlotte Weather

    Here are the airport (KCLT) weather station reports for yesterday and last night: Highest wind 29mph with highest gust of 45mph. Looks like about 1.25 inches of rain. High temp yesterday was 63, which appears to be the lowest Septermber high temp in (at least) the last 15 years.
  13. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I just did a very quick/rough check using Google Maps, and came up with CLT 300, ATL 250, INDY 186 sq miles.
  14. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    We will make our predictions in December! (But yes, I was thinking that they're experienced, so maybe. They probably haven't dealt with CharMeck before, though, which seems to bear a lot of the blame from others. Who knows.....maybe that's built into their estimate!)