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  1. Wait are you guys being serious that the awning isn't an awning but rather it's really a crumble-catcher?
  2. In other Misc Uptown stuff, the Builders Building is getting a huge new awning(?):
  3. AgendaTed asks whether South Park should have a brewery: How hard would it be to meet the zoning requirements (I mean ignoring the cost of land/building which has to be prohibitive as well)? I tried to read the zoning requirements, but I don't understand what any of them are: Also funny in that "article" is their map of "17" Charlotte breweries.....the 15 for sure, plus Rock Bottom, plus NoDa's original location, but not Salud. My end-of-2016 look at "how many breweries": p.s. Yeah I'm an outlier on the Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout. Just didn't like it. Can't pinpoint or even remember why.
  4. Removed due to Complete: Community House farm-to-market phase 2, Solis Ballantyne, City Barbeque on 521 Added: Fountains at Toringdon (apartments under construction in Ballantyne-ish)
  5. What's the status of that project to make Tryon northbound only from 23rd to Matheson with new southbound-only a block west of Tryon? Still a go? Construction yet?
  6. Sycamore is tweeting that Salty Coconut Red will be available in cans very soon....and stay tuned to social media for the exact release. I can't think of a Charlotte Favorite beer that I like less than that one. Okay maybe Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel.
  7. My wife just found this on teh internets so it must be true: " When Zeller plays, Charlotte has outscored opponents by 175 points in 1044 minutes. To put that in perspective, that the scoring differential of a 64-win team (not a typo). When Zeller's not on the floor doing basketball things, the Hornets scoring differential is akin to a 26-win outfit.....the Hornets are 22-17 when Zeller is in uniform (putting them roughly on pace to repeat their 48-win season from last year) and a dreadful 2-15 when he isn't. "
  8. Number of 65+ degree days in February: 2001 7 2002 4 2003 2 2004 0 2005 4 2006 4 2007 3 2008 10 2009 8 2010 1 2011 9 2012 8 2013 3 2014 8 2015 2 2016 7 2017 13 so far....maybe 6 more to come!
  9. So this place is open now. UP scoops again. Katie&Katie were actually both right outside the door, LITERALLY having a stare-down.....I hope it doesn't escalate into something more. Anyway, they have a sign on their door that says "This is not a pop-up" complete with 3 giant laughing tongue-out emojis. I'm not fluent in emoji, so I don't know if it's sincere. $3 cold brew taps. $3.50 cold-brew bottles. And, ummmmm, some desserts and some clothes and a couch an a tv.
  10. Whoa, a gift from the twitter gods....Blue Blaze says that Yellow Blazer(?) Kolsch and Black Blaze Milk Stout are now canned and ready to go out. Nice! Ah, Daniel has the story on the observer site too. On sale next week. What's with the "Blazer" instead of "Blaze"? Weird. Yellow for $11 and Black for $13. Damn why so expensive? Jalapeno is 9 bucks people. 9 bucks! And I can get Hop Drop (7.2%) for $11. Cripes.
  11. Minimal "reporting" on Unknown knocking out a wall, putting in roll-up doors, and creating a 2nd-story patio:
  12. That's wild. So where do all those Austin downtown residents work?!
  13. Something new going into the space next to Pie In The Sky Pizza. This space has been some pop-ups in the past. Is this more of the same? Interesting Sweets/Lunch/Coffee/Clothing/Lounge concept.
  14. Yeah, just my opinion, but I don't think a cap should exist at all. I think every brewery should be able to distribute however they choose. The whole 3-tier thing is dumb, and a product of a bygone era. At the same time, breweries like OMB and NoDa knew (or should have known) what they were getting into when they started their business. So in the end, since I think the cap is dumb, I "side with" the little breweries in trying to get the cap raised or better yet removed. p.s. It's amazing to me to watch a little brewery like Benford in Lancaster, which is quite literally one guy in a farm building, use "big beer" distribution channels to get his product ALL OVER N.C. and S.C. and I think even Tenn. But at the same time, I *love* NoDa's (and OMB's) philosophy of they want their own people distributing their own matter what.
  15. That probably good. Odd (and good?) that a GOP introduced it. But odd that the Craft Brewer's Guild didn't even know about it. And finally, it goes to the ABC committee next, which is led by the biggest money recipient from the Wholesalers, who vehemently oppose any such change.