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  1. Map: There's an icon on the map that will click you into the spreadsheet.....but I haven't verified those hours in 2-3 months. Recommend googling.
  2. Bold Missy Grand Opening May 13, from the twitter machine. #UPScoop
  3. The Craft Freedom approved (apparently) ABC Omnibus Regulation Act was introduced today. Details forthcoming. But one of the legislators on hand to answer questions was Jon Hardister.....he's Vice Chair of the ABC that's huge I would think. He was quoted as saying no distribution cap is needed at all, but if there has to be one it needs to be higher than 25,000 barrels. Previous attempts to raise the cap haven't even made it out of committee. In other news, Birdsong is canning Rice Rice Baby (whoa) for release Apr 8 (I believe), and NoDa will be releasing cans of Pacific Reign (Imperial IPA) on Apr 30.
  4. Well the smoothie place allegedly opened a week ago but I didn't notice until today. Took this pic with a potato I had handy:
  5. They're making progress on the, uhhhhh, covering (stone?, whatever it is) on the back of the hotel
  6. The same ordinance was debated and voted on before Roberts was ever elected (this is fact). And my understanding is that some council members even ran on the promise to get it passed (this was posted here). It seems a leap to blame her much at all, or think she could have stopped the Council from adopting it even if she wanted to.
  7. Phoenix doesn't have a defined CSA, do they? If that's right, then the "ranking" among CSAs omits Phoenix. Edit: I did a quick-and-dirty mapping of MSA to CSA. Sometimes more than 1 MSA go into a CSA (Washington and Baltimore, and I *think* LA and Riverside). On the other hand, I'm not sure about the 4 MSAs with the question mark (Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, San Antonio).....they might not belong to any CSA.
  8. Yep that was Resident Culture as seen on their Instagraham.
  9. A) Craft Freedom (effort to raise the self-distribution cap) was set to have a presser tomorrow for when their legislation is introduced, but now it's been postponed. B) Catawba said on the twitters today both "second week of April" and "mid April" for their Charlotte opening. So much for March.
  10. 400 S Tryon backside, across from Mellowshroom, before (streetview) and today:
  11. From 400 South Tryon....update on Retail renovations, see below. Somebody should go take some pics. Oh wait. " Please be advised, we are excited to inform you that the Church Street sidewalk renovation will be completed on Tuesday March 21, 2017. The sidewalk, as well as the parking deck stairwell on MLK and Church, will reopen on Wednesday March 22nd at 5:00am. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we completed this section of our retail renovation, and we can’t wait to unveil the completed retail space to you. "
  12. Got to 485 station at 10:20 today. No spots in deck. No spots outside. I mean none....unless you want to park at Steak n Shake or over across South Blvd. There were tons of people illegally parked along the islands in the outside lot. Sharon Rd West was also FULL on the sign, so I didn't drive in. Arrowood had lots of space. I had never seen 485 completely full before. Not that I frequently get there that late. Made me wonder if some special event was going on uptown --- or is it just that busy these days?
  13. Semi-related....I think I've mentioned before that Duke offers free passes to employees, and discounted passes to contractors. No idea if the banks do. Also wonder how many Duke employees actually use it.
  14. DreamChaser's in Waxhaw canning their Yard Breather New England IPA: Cans only available in the taproom, though. I haven't had that one, so no recommendation from me either way. Edit: CamelCase.