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  1. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Made another Heist can run over lunch up and down the light rail. Large crew of workers at the street crossing under 277, with the train slowing to a crawl past them. Then on the way back down we had a high-speed unexplained full emergency brake stop in the middle of the high section (south of Parkwood....over train tracks?) before getting back down to 277. Northbound was about 3 minutes late getting to 3rd St station.....southbound was right on time or a minute early. Made chit-chat with a CATS supervisor on the way up, but he was mumbling so I have nothing to report, haha.....just smile and nod. I want to build a temporary unsanctioned ped bridge over that creek at 25th street station.
  2. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Huh. Okey-doke. Any big story here? Or they just decided not to come to town?
  3. Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I missed that....where was it published? Or what is word of mouth from people who know?
  4. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Update: CATS finally responded and said: "Going forward, in extreme weather conditions, at the end terminals operators will be notified to keep the doors closed.". Well there you go. Guess I'll write about the weekend headways next!
  5. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Exactly. And in that competitiveness is the ease-of-mind and stress-free experience of knowing when you need to leave (your house, or lunch, or the store, etc). If schedules are 20 minutes, now you have to research the schedule, and keep watching the clock, and hurry to the station, etc. If it's 10 minutes, you don't care (nearly as much). And if you drive instead, you don't care at all. Not saying that's true for everyone.....but imagine it factors in for many.
  6. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    My cow-orker who lives near 36th station, yet pays no attention to BLE news/details, was super-excited at his new-found ability to hop on the train and get lunch, get a haircut, get some groceries.....just THRILLED. Then I mentioned the 15-minute trains on Sat and 20 minutes on Sun, and he was VERY disappointed.....couldn't believe that was intentional. It was an interesting data point for me outside the UP crowd.
  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I hated Heist and refused to go back.....until I tasted their recent stuff. SO much different than their first 2-3 years. grodney personal Heist opinions based on cans: Citraquench'l - awesome....I mean stupidly good Azacca Flocca Haze - great Blurred Up - so good Thirst - very good . Hive Fives - Pretty damn good for a normal beer . Bee Fruitful - Okay Blurred is the Word - not good . . Seems like I'm forgetting someting but that's all I've got for now. Edit: Uber Quench'l - didn't get any MO-J - didn't get any
  8. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Okay, so the trolling C5 article worked, and I did the research myself. Here are the top 5 beers in Charlotte by this criteria on Untappd: - Main brewery in Charlotte (i.e. Catawba doesn't count) - 1000 ratings, or top-rated beer at a brewery, or top number of ratings at a brewery And here is the list limited to those with at least 1000 ratings on Untappd:
  9. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    This is perhaps the worst article ever on Charlotte beer. Okay, that's silly considering what Agenda has put out over the years, but still, this is horrible. Or maybe they're just trolling data guys like me. It says 9 best beers, then says it used Untappd for the ratings....great.....but then goes on to list beers that aren't anywhere near the highest rated, and leave off dozens that are higher than what they listed. Holy cow.
  10. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Yeah, exactly. That's what they've been doing for years. Close the doors, keep them active so people can board whenever they want. Then just before they depart, they USUALLY open all doors for a few seconds and then close and away we go. From time-to-time in the past an operator would leave them open and freeze everyone inside, but it's by far the standard to close them and leave them active. This guy at 6:28am is killing me. I don't know if it's just him or if they changed the procedure.
  11. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I scrolled down to see the inevitable ".....said no one ever!" but came up empty. Obligatory pseudo-on-topic content: Since the new schedule started, the guy driving the 6:28am northbound always leaves the doors open (a solid 8-10 minutes) when he switches ends at 485. Hopefully we're nearly done with the freezing cold mornings, as this behavior is super-annoying and horrible customer service, not to mention a waste of energy. I have complained to, errrr brought it to the attention of, CATS, but to no avail (and no surprise).
  12. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Seaboard Brewing (Matthews) is having its Grand Opening on Mar 31. They'll have flights and pints, and their sister store Temple Mojo will have growlers including a free branded growler with a fill.
  13. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Interestingly, it says Sycamore will move all production to their north site, and no longer brew at their current location.
  14. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I have a cow-orker who rode for the first time today.....he lives an 8-minute walk from 36th street station. He said his uptown deck is already paid through this month, so probably won't ride again until April. And if he can't get his free Duke pass for April, then he'll have to wait until May. So yeah, the "expiring passes" and "signing up for passes" thing is least for one data point. On a related note, it was cool standing at 3rd St Station yesterday afternoon and seeing people on the other side of the tracks, waiting for a northbound train.....not something you'd see much in the past (because almost nobody rode from 3rd St to CTC or 7th). Finally, the CATS routes to IKEA and the circulator at UNCC are all well and good. But people are lazy. They want door-to-door, and they don't want to wait on schedules, and they don't want to be concerned with fares or transfers or protocols or whatever. I think.
  15. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Pretty huge news from Heist......their beer is now available for keg distribution to bars/restaurants/etc. Agree. By the way, Cabarrus cans a Vanilla Coffee Blonde that my wife prefers to Vietnam. Available at all fine Total Wine stores in the area. Or at least the Promenade location. Perfect!