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  1. Yeah I guess it's probably just Hwy 74 miles from Tenn......I was probably just getting confused with all the 74's, hahaha!
  2. After a quick bit of searching came up empty, I'll give up and ask here: What's with the exit numbering on Independence near uptown? Like why is Eastway exist 245? What does that match up with, if anything?
  3. What kind of paint was used for those Magic Carpets on the rail trail? Those things are still relatively bright after, what, 3 or more years?
  4. Well, it turns out Wooden Robot opens at 8am on Sat and Sun for their "coffee bar", but you can order beer too......which I did. Kitchen opens at 12 both days. So ignore everything online that says they open at 10am, hahaha.
  5. We love Lower Left! But we're looking for an early Sunday brunch, and both OMB and Robot open at 10am.
  6. Hey, what's the setup at Wooden Robot these days? We were hoping for brunch at OMB on Sunday but now see their Okt is going on, blech! So we haven't been to Robot in about 5-6 years.....before they ever expanded into the space next door and added food and seating or whatever? Anyway, what's the story now? I'm finding it impossible to make heads or tails of it from the reviews and descriptions. Is it waiter/waittress? Or is there a bar/taproom area where you can still order food? Kitchen? Food truck? Help me out, hahahaha! Thanks!
  7. I think it might be time to break into my stash of fall beers......here's what I've amassed: Oktoberfests: Town, OMB, Legion, Lenny Boy, Booneshine, 2 Birdsong, 2 Triple C, 2 NoDa Pumpkin: Drop Dead Gordgeous, 3 Gordgeous Let the drinking begin. Still need to grab Blue Blaze's Alpine whatever it is, which is sort-of their Okt. (If you know of any other local cans of Okt....let me know! (Not interested in pumpkin.)) Edit: The numbers above are the number of 4-packs, ha ha ha.
  8. I mean, you released this literally 5 weeks ago.....
  9. I didn't try the Key Lime Kolsch last year, but this year took a 4-pack to the beach with me....I was pleasantly surprised! Today we went to the brewery right at 3pm for the Festbier release. Delicious beer, though I'll save my cans for cooler weather. We got 2 pints and 5 4-packs (not all Festbier) and it was $60 before tip. Unreal.
  10. That all makes sense, thanks. Totally right about Birdsong, and I love it.
  11. Somebody on The Reddit is reporting that HiWire beers are $9 and flights are $17. Before tip. Any confirmation or rebuttal/denial?
  12. I saw Mecktoberfest on the shelf today (7/23) at HT......my first sighting of any Okt or Pumpkin this year. Gordgeous is Aug 5, which is ridiculous. I'm going to buy a case or two when it comes out, then sit on it for 3-4 months and hope it ages well.
  13. Thanks for that insight and experience. I appreciate the help as we continue on! Definitely frustrated with the lack of availability, but will keep trying. You mention you get 7500 for Kia or VW........do you not get that with Bolt or Leaf?
  14. Not odd at all......I'd LOVE to have one of those from Kia/Hyundai/VW.....but they're too expensive. CAN we afford it? Yes. Are we willing to? No. (Plus, I did check into those, and none of them were available either.) If I've got the pricing wrong, let me know......but I talked price with VW even though they didn't have any....and it wasn't even in the ballpark of the Leafs and Bolts (and still way more than a Model 3). Again, correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Well, pretty frustrating so far trying to buy an EV. We're not going to pay SUV prices for a Kia or a Hyundai or a VW......as if we could get one or even test drive one. And now, after many contacts to many dealers, I can't even find a Leaf or a Bolt to test-drive, let alone buy. Nobody has any. At all. How am I supposed to know if I want a Leaf or a Bolt or a Model 3 if I can't even see them?
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