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  1. grodney

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I'm obsessed with the idea of NoDa opening a taproom in the Liberty spot at Blakeney. I have to assume the keg and tap infrastructure already in place would be close if not good enough. They have food service at the airport, so they could do similar here. Under-served market. Huge drinking population nearby. There is a little outdoor seating. I never made it to Liberty, so I don't know if the walls roll up or anything like that. Anyway, they would kill it. If not NoDa, I don't know......maybe Birdsong, but I don't like the fit as well. Speaking of under-served markets, we went to Amor Artis in Ft Mill at 1pm Saturday (they open at Noon) and it was PACKED.
  2. grodney


    PotBelly is open now in the bottom of the parking deck on N. Comm House. Cabo Fish Taco next door is coming along, but not open yet.
  3. grodney

    Carolina Panthers

    The real solution is to add 2 more bye weeks per team, thus bumping the Super Bowl to the the Sunday before President's Day (day off after the game!). Then you have 3 byes in 16 games, thus roughly having a bye every 4 games.....and mandated byes the week after London and the week before Thursday games. As for the London game though, I hope it's a 10am start, as I love a good tailgate brunch.
  4. grodney

    Charlotte Off Topic

    It has been removed. What was it?
  5. grodney

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Ink & Ivy? They have one of the BEST NC bro selections!
  6. grodney

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Today for the first time, I am now seeing Lime Electric Bikes. There are pedals, but also e-assist? Okay. Same price as scooters, I think.
  7. grodney

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I was looking at the schedule yesterday and it is 57 min S-N and 59 min N-S, which is weird but whatever. As you have noted, the BLE time is longer than originally stated/promised, which means more cars necessary to cover peak than originally thought. I had a single car during early afternoon rush the other day. Doesn't happen often.....I assume just due to maintenance/ kermit said.
  8. grodney

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Today I Learned that Franklin NC is south of Charlotte. Huh. File that away with "The Fury is north of the Big Pink Church", "my house (i.e. Blakeney) is south of the old Knights stadium", "Atlanta is closer to Chicago than it is to Miami", and "All of the U.K.* is north of all of the continental U.S.". *U.K., Great Britain, England, whatever. Insert venn diagram here.
  9. grodney

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Armored Cow in University (8821 JW Clay Blvd. not far from JW Clay stop on the BLE) being quoted as a March 15 opening:
  10. grodney

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Photo taken yesterday at 3rd/Convention station. Note the times in the left column after 6:30am. I guess they switched back to 10-minute headways instead of 7.5 minute. Orrrrrrr, they just haven't changed the schedules at the stations since the BLE opened 10 months ago, hahahahaha.
  11. grodney

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Have you discovered yet? I just did. I was skeptical when I stumbled on them, but their reviews are pretty well written, and seemingly backed by knowledge. I don't think their beer review opinion weighs much more than any rando on beeradvocate, but it's sort-of nice to read a fully fleshed-out review of our local spots, including criticism of beers when warranted.
  12. grodney

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  13. grodney

    Carolina Panthers

    So as it turns out, the Eagles made the playoffs at 9-7. Panthers finished 7-9. If 1) the Panthers made the 2-point conversion against the Lions, and 2) made the 52-yard field goal with 1:45 left against the Seahawks, then they likely finish 9-7. And they have the tie-breaker over the Eagles by beating them this year. And the Panthers are in the playoffs. Yes, I know everything would have played out differently if those things actually happened. And, yes, I realize the Panthers made a 63-yard field goal to win one of their games, and there are many other plays that could have gone *against* the Panthers to make their record worse. I'm just saying it's crazy how razor-thin the margins are in this game.
  14. grodney

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Red Stone theaters just south of Ballantyne has everyday Hop Drop for $6.25/20oz! Compare to "fan friendly" Hornets pricing of 12oz Bud Light for $7.00.
  15. grodney

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Oh I forgot the pic of a PART of the Charlotte section.