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  1. What kind of paint was used for those Magic Carpets on the rail trail? Those things are still relatively bright after, what, 3 or more years?
  2. Well, it turns out Wooden Robot opens at 8am on Sat and Sun for their "coffee bar", but you can order beer too......which I did. Kitchen opens at 12 both days. So ignore everything online that says they open at 10am, hahaha.
  3. I mean, you released this literally 5 weeks ago.....
  4. I didn't try the Key Lime Kolsch last year, but this year took a 4-pack to the beach with me....I was pleasantly surprised! Today we went to the brewery right at 3pm for the Festbier release. Delicious beer, though I'll save my cans for cooler weather. We got 2 pints and 5 4-packs (not all Festbier) and it was $60 before tip. Unreal.
  5. That all makes sense, thanks. Totally right about Birdsong, and I love it.
  6. Somebody on The Reddit is reporting that HiWire beers are $9 and flights are $17. Before tip. Any confirmation or rebuttal/denial?
  7. I saw Mecktoberfest on the shelf today (7/23) at HT......my first sighting of any Okt or Pumpkin this year. Gordgeous is Aug 5, which is ridiculous. I'm going to buy a case or two when it comes out, then sit on it for 3-4 months and hope it ages well.
  8. Thanks for that insight and experience. I appreciate the help as we continue on! Definitely frustrated with the lack of availability, but will keep trying. You mention you get 7500 for Kia or VW........do you not get that with Bolt or Leaf?
  9. Not odd at all......I'd LOVE to have one of those from Kia/Hyundai/VW.....but they're too expensive. CAN we afford it? Yes. Are we willing to? No. (Plus, I did check into those, and none of them were available either.) If I've got the pricing wrong, let me know......but I talked price with VW even though they didn't have any....and it wasn't even in the ballpark of the Leafs and Bolts (and still way more than a Model 3). Again, correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Haven't done it yet. Probably maybe going to get it done this summer though, hahaha. I appreciate the input/opinions!
  11. We're ready to buy our first EV, but I haven't been paying attention....so I need help knowing where to start. We'll be keeping our gas Pilot for longer trips to mountains/beach or beyond. So really need an EV for once-a-week uptown to work, weekend brewery hopping, going to track meets, short errands around town etc. Last time I looked, a few years ago, it was Model 3 vs Bolt vs Leaf but now I have no idea. ID.4 and IONIQ look good.....we don't NEED the bigger vehicle....but the small ones seem like you're not getting much for the money so we'd be willing to spend a little more for more value? (I hate toz's post earlier about a long wait for ID.4.....frownies....we want to buy soon so I guess that's a consideration as well.) Any help/opinions/recommendations appreciated.
  12. When I got it, I couldn't believe it wasn't already on here, reddit, and the news.
  13. I can't believe they're not demolishing 526 S Church.
  14. I love how all brewery timelines now come with the requisite "quotes" around them. Maybe you were just quoting the article, but I always read that as "yeah right", hahahahaha. Related: I was at Banner Elk Winery last weekend and the bartender (wine pour-er?) said he moved there from Charlotte (he worked at Unknown at one time for a couple years) to open a brewery. He said he's breaking ground "next month". My thought: See you in 3 years. Maybe. Since I'm typing.....I see Resident Culture Southend has pop-up tacos from 8am-11am Sat/Sun, but just to-go, and no beer? What the? Man I could go for a breakfast taco and a juicy IPA on a beautiful morning. So what's that place like? Is it restaurant only? Like wait-service everywhere? Or is there a taproom area where I can just drink and maybe order food if I want to? I can't tell from their online stuff.....maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Anyway, hoping to hit a couple breweries tomorrow.....so many I haven't been to since the Before Times. And a couple I haven't been to at all yet.
  15. Speaking of Lightning Drops.....I just saw 30 cases at Whole Food Waverly......with a PKG date of 01/07/2022. They also have Honey Pie in the cooler. And Gordgeous! But I also regularly see old beer at HT Ballantyne, too....so it's not just Whole Foods. Charlotte has a beer freshness problem. Maybe the whole industry does.
  16. 3-4 weeks ago at Waverly Whole Foods.
  17. Haven't seen any press releases or anything from Bhramari, but that's pretty cool! That location was originally Southern Soltice, which changed their name to Sunstead before opening. Then they failed and Toucan Louie's was going to open it as a brewery, but I don't know if that ever happened. Then one of the originals from D9 left them and opened it as Salty Parrot. At least that's how I remember it, hahahaha. Haven't been to Resident Culture Southend, but I need them to open at 10am or 11am and start slinging those breakfast tacos! Otherwise, yeah, doesn't look like my kind of place.
  18. Okay so how are we pronouncing this?
  19. I drove down 77 to the south side of Rock Hill and there was some massive road or exit being built between exit 82 (cherry) and 79 (Dave Lyle). Anybody have the info on what that is? Edit: Oh I just zoomed in on google maps and it says Panthers training facility and HQ. So I reckon that's it, huh?
  20. Great updates everybody! Can you help me with this? Anything I'm missing or have anything incorrect? I really don't pay much attention anymore, hahaha! Things I know I don't know: - Does Salud actually brew at their site (or anywhere other than at Heist)? (By the way, last I asked Heist, they (Heist) still brewed some of their (Heist's) batches on their OG system. But also last I knew, Salud was also using that system.) - Does Sycamore even brew at their OG location anymore? - Is NoDa OG taproom open? - Does Protagonist brew at both locations? - Any other out of town breweries with taprooms and/or brewing here? - Is Free Range open at Camp North End? - Wasn't there supposed to be a taproom in Plaza Mid for some Gastonia brewery or something? Edit: Oh man, I guess Lost Worlds needs to be grouped in with Primal and Eleven Lakes! Thanks!
  21. The Burton's space at Blakeney would have been perfect. Actually, the Shake Shack space at Blakeney next to the green area would have been PERFECT with the outdoor space. The Dean & Duluca space at Stonecrest is still open. The one thing all these spots have in common is that I'm sure the lease is ridiculously expensive. But if Suffolk can do South Park, yeah, you would think somebody could do somewhere in the greater Ballantyne area.
  22. What the heck? Who knew 160 through Fort Mill was a brewery corridor? I've been to Amor Artis and Lore, but I've never even heard of the others! So let me start my research here by asking who has been and what is any good? Thanks!
  23. According to this article (from 2014), beer labels are approved at the Federal level. I don't know if it's changed since then. https://www.uschamber.com/regulations/one-man-approves-every-beer-label-in-america#:~:text=Kent Martin%2C a regulator in,label and bottle in America.
  24. Thanks for the tip on the ALDI. I definitely wanted to use my own peppers, but I might have to resort to the extract if I can't get it as hot as I'm looking for!
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