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  1. Doesn't bode well for the Magic's office building.
  2. Other Metro Area Projects

    So I drove by this yesterday and it looks like the old Chevron is finally getting built into something. Unfortunately its a suburban style Chase bank Branch. I know there was a WaMu in the Publix Plaza up the road, but that didn't become Chase after the financial crisis.
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Yea, I'm kinda confused. Is the blue fence for the surface lot or are they going to build a few buildings too?
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Wasn't that the spot where they originally said they were going to build a 3 story building when they torn down the attached switching building?
  5. Parramore's Future: Highrise Development or No?

    It looks nice. Lake Como K-8 i believe is going to be this size. That one is about 60% complete and its a monster. The neighborhood is a little angry with the school board because they handed out leaflets for public meetings to the neighborhood about 6 hours before the public meeting. By the time most of the neighborhood got home from work that day, the meeting was almost over.
  6. The Brightline

    Permit doesn't mean site work has begun. They still have a long way to go.
  7. It's literally across the street from the other one. I don't know why it HAS to be a block north. It'd be nice, but realistically how much of a dealbreaker is it? If you work in City Commons I'm sure that the NB station is really annoying for you.
  8. Other Metro Area Projects

    Yes. I have seen workers on the garage portion on Tuesday. Whether they keep working there remains to be seen. Bear in mind he said Jan 23. I like to believe its Jan 23rd 2020.
  9. I work in Lake Mary and live in Lake Cherokee. I ride it all the time. Why would you think I don't ride it?
  10. I wouldn't be too upset if Phase 2 didn't happen if it meant the Ballroom could stay. I'm fine with Sunrail staying where it is.
  11. Amway Center

    Hughey's getting realigned.
  12. Church St Plaza at the corner of South and Garland.
  13. I know for a fact a very vocal minority against the idea did make themselves heard when the petition was first announced. I suspect the city was trying to either make everyone happy or couldn't get FDOT to agree to painting nonstandard colors on the crosswalk. I suspect the latter was the case. I know Edgewater has pink crosswalks but best of my knowledge Edgewater is a City road and Orange is SR 527.
  14. Amway Center

    Brown are your straddle bents. Think the braided ramp at Sand Lake Road or Goldenrod at 408 and how massive that is.
  15. Doing it on Esther instead of Kaley where people were petitioning it? Compromise?