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  1. codypet

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    If you drive WB on 408, you can actually see the EB I-4 to 408 ramps coming into the straddle on the south side of the highway. Its pretty drastic looking and its just the beams right now. Its gonna look like a pipe full of water once cars start coming around it.
  2. codypet

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    You could count the Orlando central neighborhoods as some of those. Colonialtown etc.
  3. codypet

    E. Colonial between 436 and Primrose

    Who's shopping center getting a Lucky's? Herndon Plaza (which I assume is also owned by GOAA) has the planned Lucky's and its not built out yet. Is Crunch fitness going in the Hhregg spot? I hate to say this, but Colonial Promenade, or the empty lot next to Kanes where Circuit City was would actually be a good spot for a Walmart.
  4. codypet

    Golden Sparrow | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    That is kind of ridiculous. They can't act like there isn't two towers on the next block over and a proposal for the tallest on the diagonal lot.
  5. codypet

    409 North Magnolia [Proposed]

    Oh Bummer. Isn't Hampton Inn Considerably up brand from Home 2 Home? Its interesting that with all the history of this hotel being a Wyndham Brand that they're going to Hilton Brands.
  6. I'm not raking in the dough like he is but we're living pretty comfortably thanks to the numerous road and rail agencies deciding to reconstruct their facilities at the same time.
  7. I'm aware. My wife's ex b/f is the founder. I'm reminded of that tidbit every so often.
  8. codypet

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction] Damn, that's a lot of loot. And rent free for two years? Dang.
  9. codypet

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    Huh. I didn't realize that the property appraiser site showed the old Princeton Alignment still platted out.
  10. It varies from person to person.
  11. I thought AmIReal was talking about the pond in the photo behind OUC. That is a pond for sure and shows up in the plans as a dry pond. Looks pretty wet in that photo though. It would answer the question I had earlier about the homeless though.
  12. Sylvia Ln extends to Boone per the I-4 Plans
  13. codypet

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    They have the Dowdy land and the old Fun & Wheels land that gives them an opportunity to build before they knock down Burger King/Hogans/Perkins. I believe the agreement with Perkins requires them to incorporate a new Perkins in the same location. Might be the same thing with Burger King.
  14. codypet

    Hourglass District

    It appears they were at least by the founders. The companies themselves don't appear to be related. Per Wikipedia: "Lowes Foods started in 1954 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, with a single store opened by Jim Lowe (former co-owner of Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, and son of its founder)."