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  1. If it was something like the CVS in Baldwin, I'd be happy.
  2. I ride to work on Magnolia NB and its stupid that there's no SB counterpart.
  3. Very sad. I wish I hadn't seen it. Ugh.
  4. You're right. Here's my new flag idea. Flag!
  5. Hopefully it occupies the Space Club Ono occupies. Or the space Seacoast vacated next to Gringos.
  6. Historic Orlando had that wedge as a school that was abandoned and burned down in the early 80's. I think 81.
  7. I thought Walgreen's logo was the blue compound jar like this: Walgreen's logo
  8. Likely because in the rendering they expected to have to do stormwater treatment in the parking lot or limit impervious area. I suspect since the lot was considered impervious previously, they didn't have to do any of that. Did those buildings on the south get built? I think that's the barn on the SE corner.
  9. If wee took this flag and replaced the fountain with the normal City logo I think you'd have something there.
  10. See I saw that in the rendering and felt like that was considerably east of where the current pylon stands today.
  11. A buddy of mine snapped me this at lunch today. Looks like its finally getting there!
  12. That's a misstatement. Central Fla Parkway is not in the I-4 ultimate limits. Maybe they're referring to Central Parkway in Altamonte? I believe that does have direct connects.
  13. Didn't they just put in that Noodles? I know they built a purpose built building for it.
  14. I think Buddy is anxious to get Sunrail out of the control of FDOT and Rick Scott who have been clearly not been doing a great job on this and move it over to the counties' control were I assume he envisions it can be run more frequently. I think he understands part of the reason ridership is low is its crappy reliability.