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  1. codypet

    Hourglass District The prices seem fine, but it seems like its more lunch centric than dinner centric. Like its competing with Zaza and Stasio's. The new hours seem to reflect that.
  2. codypet

    The Brightline

    ^This. No change to the project other than branding.
  3. codypet

    Hourglass District

    ^The original owners sold it just before it closed and remodeled. My understanding is that there's a totally new menu too. Only thing that appears to be the same is the name.
  4. codypet

    Hourglass District

    Its been on Conway and Curryford in the Publix Plaza as long as I can remember it.
  5. codypet

    The Brightline

    The parks goal is to keep people on property. Even Disney is not keen on a stop. The route will not follow the old Orlando to Tampa Rail route. With SR 528 fully widened it won't fit anymore. The route will go away from the tourist corridor.
  6. codypet

    The Brightline

    ^Disney & Airport in Orlando. Nowhere else.
  7. codypet

    Hourglass District

    Blake how is the new Cafe Madrid? I loved the old one but haven't made it out there since it reopened.
  8. codypet

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    I'm going to be honest. As it relates to pond geometry and requirements from the WMD, I don't know how you make that pond any smaller. Personally I would have gone with exfiltration trenches but like I said earlier, its likely the groundwater is too high for that.
  9. codypet


    My coworker was on the train. She said the driver was able to jump out but that she said she had nowhere to go. I'm completely astonished how hard it is for people to understand that they shouldn't stop on the tracks.
  10. codypet

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Marketing my good sir!
  11. That looks like someones striping plan from a set of civil drawings.
  12. codypet

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I guess they can do what they're doing to the old Wells Fargo space downtown. Its just up there in no man's land.
  13. codypet

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    Hmm interesting point. Off the top of my head, that's a dry stormwater pond. Most of the ponds were placed where they tried to have remaining parcels. They could have put an exfiltration trench, but I suspect the groundwater is too high for that being the lake is right there. That's why I think that property is used for a Pond. I would also suspect that the location in question isn't prime for a park considering how busy of an intersection there is, and you'd need to provide parking etc. I know when I worked on the Church St project we were encouraged to displace some restrooms at Lake Lorna Doone Park with a pond because the restrooms were a haven of crime. You can tell today that the bridge already has a heavy homeless population and I suspect the City wouldn't want to encourage that with a park right adjacent to them. There's also the question of who would maintain that. Its not something that can't be worked out but right now SGL has I think 37 years left on their maintenance agreement for the R/W so SGL would want to be compensated for maintaining that. That's off the top what I can see as being hurdles based on my experience with the agencies in question.
  14. codypet

    A few fancy unbuilt projects

    What gets me is that there's not much time between when this was proposed and Crescent going up.