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  1. Meh, that's what the Fenton/Daryl Carter Pkway interchange was supposed to solve. Getting the CR 535 people past Grand Cypress, as was trying to give back the people on the South Side of Dr. Phillips a non-congested way to their homes.
  2. codypet


    FDOT's District Headquarters is very close to downtown there too.
  3. People seem to drive to the Hourglass food hall as well as the one in Audubon or the one in Winter Garden. Its how much hassle is someone gonna go through to park. WG has a parking lot to the side of the hall, as does Audubon. Hourglass's right out front. Bumby, you'd need to park in a garage and pay. That's gonna be a no for a lot of people.
  4. @spenser1058 My post was in reference to these posts a year ago about the Yard
  5. Yea IMO the direct connect to Disney Springs did solve a lot of the exit issues going north on 535.
  6. That leasing arrangement is similar to dorms and off campus apartments at UCF. So I guess their aiming for that group who's used to it. By the time most of these people leave UCF, they already have 2 or 3 people they are used to living with and would typically get a 2-3 bedroom together IMO.
  7. I don't think the newsroom is coming down yet. I think this is the block to the south. The Classifieds, the AMEC building, and the old CFN 13 building. All of which have been abandoned for years. The newsroom got new landscaping a year ago and it appears its being used as least short term for things like offices for the Salvation Army.
  8. I understand the 10 mph rule because as is, people walking on the sidewalk nearly get run over exiting businesses. There's a TON of wrought iron along the sidewalk downtown (tree stands, outdoor seating railings) and I fear a higher speed limit would make things worse. I agree that the scooters should be posted up in the neighborhoods. When the program started, I could drop off in front of Barely & Vine, or the Nook, or Eola General, but they've removed all those hubs. I suspect because with the limited number of scooters per company, they decided to focus on where the most traffic was. The CBD. If they limit the companies, and increase the number of scooters, I can see it changing so that they can post up in the neighborhoods again. I know the hubs are moving around based on where the trips originate and end. A bunch of hubs moved to in between the Vue and Skyhouse. As did a number around 55W, Crescent Central, and the South Eola apts. There's very few true CBD hubs.
  9. I have to hand it to Finfrock. Its kinda hard to believe that building is built like legos. Interested to see what their long term longevity is over time.
  10. I just saw her on my bike ride today. In fact she either walks a lot or I just have an uncanny ability to be biking while she's walking. They cannot get their riders to park these things properly. When the riders take a picture on how they park them, they should be getting warnings about improper parking. Enough repeat warnings should get a ban. I assure you I do my damnedest to keep at least 5' of the sidewalk clear and where they tell you to drop these off are specifically away from ADA ramps and fire hydrants.
  11. Same thing with the Dr. Phillips Marketplace store. Remember that too was rumored to be a Greenwise and opened as a regular Publix. And business is good enough to keep both open. I would have been interested to see what would have happened if Winn Dixie kept the Goodings Flagship open. But of course Dr. Phillips people were too hoity toity for Winn Dixie and they moved the LBV to compete head to head with the Goodings down there.
  12. Went on a bike ride and didn't expect to see this. That's some serious progress
  13. Since I derailed it with my pictures of Publix and Winn-Dixie's, I have a picture of a different perspective. CNB really dwarfs it, but it's good infill.
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