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  1. Wow! What a loss. I didn't think they'd go through with it.
  2. Anyone see Suntrust has 4 big LED multicolor spotlights lighting up the top of the tower changing color? IMO it seems tacked on and doesn't work with all the other existing lighting. Same with the new lights on BOA.
  3. I hear 7-11 is going in its spot.
  4. I suspect if the plan is the same as it was a year ago that Maglev will return with a new owner as a light rail system. According to NPR, Brightline is seeking help from the Trump administration to get Phase 2 going.
  5. If they do, are they letting people in the neighborhood use the court at the school? I know that's the case at Lake Como. The loss of the park coincides with the public's ability to use the track and playground in its place.
  6. I thought the armory was staying and only the shed to the north was coming down?
  7. Colonial and Shine got an update last year. It's limited in what it can do due to size. I don't know much more they can do about it in that location without a full reconstruction.
  8. As someone who's watching Lake Como Elementary go up, I'm a little surprised how quickly its going up.
  9. What's going in the existing ground transportation bays on the A&B side that are being abandoned? More passenger pickup? Offsite parking pickup?
  10. Why were the red and green lights on at the same time? Also did anyone else notice the light column coming from Pulse over Eola?
  11. Don's great. My wife took the moonlight tour and I had the pleasure of meeting him when I paid my respects on Memorial Day. He truly cares about the community.
  12. OHHHH brick wall
  13. No parking garage revolutionary? Someone better tell them that OCSC did that already.
  14. Its important to point out that the AGT was in manual mode when that happened. In fact I believe the unauthorized person was driving it when he wasn't even supposed to be in there.
  15. It's also renamed on Google Maps