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  1. Aren't they already running in a push/pull configuration? BL is a private company so they needed to work out the economics of this to justify its existence. Something about going to true high speed put them in a situation where it wasn't financially feasible for them. At least not for now. Rumor is BL west (Vegas to LA) might actually be feasible. My guess is because of R/W cost. The land out in the desert is probably cheaper than developable land in Florida. Actually looking at their site, BL west looks to be using different trainsets altogether, so it might very well be limitations on the rolling stock.
  2. Between SR 417 and the St. John's River Bridge, not a whole lot, but there are tight curves east and west of there which are maxed out at 125 or less.
  3. I know the track geometry was designed for 125mph much like roadway alignment is designed for 70 mph. I don't know if BL would want to take the liability of exceeding that.
  4. Its the FRA. I have been told FRA was none too happy they were on camera going 130 mph on one of the test runs earlier this year.
  5. Copper would have looked great with the current color scheme.
  6. codypet


    I really feel like that's the plan. Same owners and they cleared all the businesses off that block, and its about the same size.
  7. Yep about a week ago they cut the oaks down.
  8. I wouldn't be surprise if it was the same RFP for both places and they're just moving the crew to the other site.
  9. This is his last term. We can cool it with that. The question is who will run as his successor? Patty? Anna? Someone else?
  10. Reminds me of Seinfeld when Jerry's parents are stealing things and then claim to be old and confused when they get caught.
  11. Looks like they just drew a straight line. Hence north of there, it cutting through Winter Park which didn't go over well either.
  12. That church has to be careful or the Rosalind Club is gonna try to take it over and expand Lake Eola Park with its site. They'll show a rendering of an expanded park that will only be made possible by absorbing Rosalind into the park and then claim success.
  13. What is this? A downtown for ants?
  14. You know what gives you an insane view of the new Penguin Coaster? The skytower at Sea World
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