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  1. codypet


    So what's odd is that I complained about Bumby and the lack of striping and the roadway dept restriped the road last month. This week they milled and resurfaced the road. What the heck?
  2. I have to hand it to the PR people for VT. They do a good job staying in the news. I hear a piece about once a month.
  3. My house being one of them. I programmed some LED accent strips for Christmas that I can switch programming for. Right now they're celebrating the Magic win over the Lakers.
  4. They'll be high enough to see the fountain from the open terrace off the master. That said, that master is gonna be awfully dark since the only light into it is coming from the south (which is blocked by Landmark on the west). I guess the master closet windows will help?
  5. And a shiny Brand Newish 2005 Chevy Malibu
  6. @spenser1058 That house just recently came down. I remember being bummed out seeing the power cut to it prepping for demo.
  7. I think I found it! I bike by there on my way home all the time.
  8. Us Mopar fans are just worried about getting new cars period, much less a better dealer network.
  9. Correct. My buddy owned the Crepe Restaurant that was there for a while and he had discussions with the manager of Tijuana Flats, and the owner of Zou Zou, and the Zou Zou owner mentioned the location didn't really make money.
  10. codypet


    I don't think they're gonna let Volusia exit and make DeBary the end of the line. The only way I see them letting Volusia exit is making Sanford the end of the line. Sunrail's maintaining the movable bridge for that station. If Sunrail pulls from DeBary then all the TOD that's going up will have no incentive to be there. It's going to cause a house of cards.
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