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  1. We can watch "Political Party Shouting Match". I believe they'll be playing that on a loop at "Lease Negotiations" in the Yard.
  2. Yep whatever is workplanned is getting extended lane closures to wrap up the projects early.
  3. IIRC Mary's lease requires restroom and ADA access through Bumby Arcade as well as use of the patio east of the restaurant to access the BOH. Lincoln is severing access to all of that either during construction or part of the final design which puts Mary's out of compliance. They apparently were working on deal where Lincoln would buy out the lease for Mary's and they'd find a new place to move. At some point last summer Mary's said Lincoln stopped returning their calls and started just doing the work, putting Mary's out of compliance at which point Lincoln started saying Mary's was out of compliance with their lease and therefore needed to move. I believe that was what the issue was.
  4. This. Back in the late 90's early 00's we'd travel regularly to the Florida Mall of any kind of mall or retail diversion. Closest Target was there as was Best Buy/Circuit City and all the mall and furniture stores. Kmart was in DP, but it was starting its dated decline and Metrowest had the closest Walmart......eeek. The other option was West Oaks......eeek. I know as a young teen I was barred from crossing SR 408 going north by my parents because fights would break out at West Oaks fairly frequently. Once Millenia opened, that gave us a bunch of store options that promptly were wiped out during the recession, but they were places to go. Bj's, Target, the mall itself. DP is definitely propping up Millenia. I'm curious to see what happens when the Fenton/Daryl Carter Extension opens up and gives south DP access to places like Target. Lets have a moment of silence for some of the places that opened with Millenia that didn't survive long after the recession. Circuit City Robb and Stucky Furniture Shane Co. Krispy Kreme (fire, reborn 5 years later) Regions Bank Elephant Bar Mimi's Cafe The DeVry Institute Smart
  5. Thank you! I was hoping we weren't gonna get another Spirit Halloween. They can go into the spot where Peir 1 is vacating.
  6. Would be a good A la Carte type spot. So would Hoods Up
  7. On a sidenote, I cannot believe Lynx and Spin are still operating even with the stay-in-place order. I don't even know how they're legally operating.
  8. The ban just extends to unincorporated OC and not Orlando or UCF which on rare occasions I would see them outside those areas.
  9. That one is Conway (which makes sense)
  10. They got new owners about 3 weeks ago so they're probably using the opportunity to make the changes.
  11. I know its on Alafaya, but for some reason Tooles named it University Ace. I'm good friends with a number of the managers in the franchise and they all refer to it as University. They also refer to the OBT store as South Orange, and the Orange Ave store as Orlando.
  12. IIRC I believe they can keep the deposit, I don't know about the breach of contract. I think that's what the deposit is for.
  13. I don't see an ACE going in the downtown area unless the core really starts pushing westward. Toole's right now feels their Sodo and Colonial locations are sufficient to cover downtown. I can't say I disagree right now.
  14. Sorry. The joke was like this store, those two other stores are also former early 00's era Walgreen's converted to their respective stores. Curry Ford and Peel Conway and Hoffner Toole's University ACE hardware (Featured in the most recent national ACE ad's)
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