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  1. In related news in the Mills 50 area Pigzza has been redoing the Track Shack storage area.
  2. Is there not one by UCF anymore? I couldn't find it online. TFlats still has their OG location.
  3. I posted not a moment too soon. Also I just noticed the parallel parking on the west side of the site. Very slick.
  4. They have really been focusing on their ice cram, but supposedly they kept the bakery recopies. I will say I thought it was a bold move to focus on the creamery side since our neighborhood is flanked by all sides by several Kelly's Ice Cream shops.
  5. I know the PM on that TPK project and he told me that OC didn't have the stomach to fork over the kind of money to reinforce and keep the bridge. It was only after the public meeting that something got worked out to make it look similar.
  6. Its the kind of bars too. The Ivanhoe kind of bars downtown wouldn't be an issue. Except there's so many trashy bars downtown that the middle aged crowd would rather go to Ivanhoe or the Milk.
  7. Damn. I remember that being Kmart Publix and Days Inn
  8. No, according to the site plan there's a row of buildings as a streetwall as part of the design.
  9. This has been in the works ever since that BMW crashed over 100 mph on that stretch heading to Winter Park.
  10. Yep. When they redid the canopy in 2020, the new signage has Circle K and I dug up plans a few weeks back and it revealed a Circle K Franchise.
  11. Connection between Terminal C and the ITF going up
  12. Circle K at Crystal Lake.
  13. Move and Change the name. That'll make sure people forget you exist. Looking at you Ibar. Thankfully Skycraft didn't pull that stunt when they moved.
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