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  1. Correct and I haven't seen them on any other building going up.
  2. codypet

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    I was just thinking that. Official term is C pier. Structural engineers can do a lot of crazy stuff. See the straggle bents on all the braided ramps on SR 408 and at I-4 through the attractions and up in Sanford.
  3. codypet

  4. So those blue fences are also on the Ballroom side of the development. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what they are.
  5. codypet

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    I'd say the same thing about Bob Freeman during that time. He did a world of hurt to Dr. Phillips particularly using Fenton St. as a pawn to get the people who lived there to get behind things.. Funny because the whole time I lived out there they've continued to dangle Fenton out there, and there's nothing to show for it 20 years later.
  6. codypet

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    I was gonna say double market value was offered for that church including relocation costs, and the church still balked.
  7. codypet

    Hourglass District

    It's because the rents are cheaper. I recall a Sentinel article years ago talking about how they target areas with cheap rents. So do Big Lots and DD's Discounts usually which is why you see them together a lot.
  8. codypet

    Hourglass District

    I honestly would love that! I don't WANT Dollar Tree to move in, I'm just reading the tea leaves. That said Aldi would fit the demographic, the building itself suits Aldi, and it would be the closest Aldi to downtown.
  9. That what I was trying to explain too. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Yes I bike up Magnolia to get to work, and have to bike down Orange to go home. Right now I have to ride down the parking area on the left side of Orange because there's really no other safe place to ride. The courthouse loses that parking area. I'll be taking this trail going southbound.
  10. Key word....system. They can't turn a profit, but they can use SR 408's money to pay for SR 429 widening.
  11. codypet

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Blech! That is bland! My wife and I walk up to the yellow house with our dog and let the old folks pet and play with her. I'm sure its not going to be pleasant for those old folks while construction is going on.
  12. Single Point Urban Interchange. Sorry I talk in code when it relates to highway design. Notable SPUI's in the area are 434&414, 436&50, 436&17-92, JYP&OSP Coming soon 50&I-4, 436&I-4, JYP&482 One thing I missed with all this construction in that corner is what appears to be a new grade crossing truss in the foreground of dcluley98's photo. I assume this was needed because SR 50 WB is getting realigned to the north.
  13. codypet

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    These are the original plans.....interesting
  14. You will. Some of the mast arm is already up on the northbound approach. The new design is a SPUI so you'll have the intersection moved a good bit to the west under I-4 itself.
  15. codypet

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    This is very common with people who own land that know is going to be taken by eminent domain. There's vacant land and when it's time to buy RW the owner will hire a developer to quickly make announcements, draft plans, file for WMD permitting and even clear land to "prove" they intended on developing the land rather than let it sit vacant to force FDOT pay top dollar. It happens all the time. FDOTs plans have been on the website for quite some time. It's no secret.