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  1. I believe Camden OC has converted all their retail into apartments now.
  2. That's a good point and probably part of the reason Camden Orange Court and Later Camden North Quarter can't fill their retail prompting the two-way study of Orange and Magnolia.
  3. Side note did anyone notice the post cards that screen Camden Orange Court's garage from I-4 have been gone for some time now?
  4. Which is why buying liquor at BJ's is hilarious because it literally is in the same store with a chain link fence separating it. Or Walgreen's which has a separate entrance in the loosest sense of the word.
  5. Some of use lived in Apollo for a year. That dorm only had one washer and one dryer for the building, and the buildings were very run down in 2002. I couldn't wait to move to Nike the following year. That said those look like the identical washers from that era.
  6. So my comment about JCPenney was because myself and Mrs. Codypet were just there to get photos of baby Codypet done at the portrait studio. The inside of that store screamed Sears the last few weeks before its bankruptcy. We walked around the mall and we noticed that Express was still open in the mall. We also thought it was bizarrely laid out considering Sears is now gone so the mall just kind of dead ends into nothing. The south wall of course has no stores because it was demoed for the Element hotel that never came. There's a still operating Hot Topic and Spencers Gifts but other than Sprint, and the nicest Papaya store I've ever seen the store has nothing really in it. I don't know what condition the Macy's is in, but I believe we're all aware their lease is up in the next two years or so. My only regret is that it looks like I won't be able to try McBurger in the food court.
  7. Why couldn't they just use the existing building? Was the amount of work they were doing to the point where they triggered having to move it? I mean that requirement lets you put a tow wall at the sidewalk. That would have been cheaper than moving the whole building.
  8. I recall some movie in the 80's that had a police chase that started at the Comfort Inn (Now Vacation Lodge) at OBT and 408 and ended next to that ABC back when that ramp on Mills still existed. IIRC the car had to jump the median barrier to end up driving in the wrong direction. As for ABC, Curry Ford West posted a pic a few months back of Curry Ford and Crystal Lake from the 50's complete with ABC liquor on the NW corner. Unfortunately ABC decided to permanently close that location a few months prior. Seems like if they don't have the square footage to modernize them, rather than have a smaller location, they'd just rather shut it down. Same goes for the location on Gore St.
  9. Right where the glass cylinder is toward the left of the frame.
  10. Oof. As newly renovated as that house is, I wonder if she was aware the construction was going to happen when she initially moved in 3 years ago. Also she gave me shivers the way she said that last sentence.
  11. Have you been inside that JCPenney lately? They're not even trying. Its definitely doomed.
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