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  1. Anyone else see Parliament house is moving into the City Arts building? Whoever said they didn't want to see it become a bar, I have bad news for you.
  2. IIRC someone mentioned its at the current M&N location in the Package District. I can't tell from streetview though.
  3. According to streetview, they've been closing for a while. Last I went over there, they were struggling to supply trees and referring me to other nurseries.
  4. I was gonna say the same thing. A bigger problem too is that noone is going to pay attention to the right in/out with no raised median on Mills. That's gonna be a mess.
  5. For SED, it was in the rendering. I was trying to be funny. womp womp
  6. Fresh Kitchen is confirmed as a tenant?
  7. It was almost like he knew somebody at FEC wanted to do it and he was in the unique position to help them realize their goal.
  8. I assumed so the NQ bus doesn't have to jump onto Livingston for that half a block. Seems like a lot of work for just that route.
  9. Isn't Sunrail to 111 faster depending on the time of day?
  10. Even the apartment complexes that were originally envisioned where at least 20 or 25 stories. The ones in the 2007 2008 timeframe
  11. I remember when they rebuilt Lake Como School and they added sidewalks to a lot of the houses that didn't have sidewalks because they pre-dated the mandate for sidewalks and the houses weren't updated enough to require sidewalks. Everyone felt like they lost half their yards. People still talk about it today.
  12. They haven't operated the branch since Covid started but they have 3 floors of that building and have been there since First Union. That building has already had a ton of tenants go. Most after the new Suntrust building went up.
  13. I thought Brandon mentioned changing the concept a bit.
  14. I actually have skated there. That said Monster was ruined from me and my girlfriend starting with the first scene on the sloped embankment under SR 528. Right away I knew where that was and then the rest of the movie was me identifying filming locations including my office at the time.
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