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  1. Geez I remember shopping at the Radio Shack in that plaza not 15 years ago.
  2. Did someone say shade? Baker Barrios could always give the building a visor!
  3. Good point. Made worse by the fire wall sticking 2' or so above the bottom of the truss.
  4. They've been teasing a Kobe in this neighborhood since 2001. First the site was where Office Depot stands today. Then it moved to the spot next to Dollar Tree where Popeye's/Bento will be. Now they own the site of the Chevron and the restaurant next to it.
  5. Kobe. Construction will begin in 2035.
  6. Whoa! Do you think it's going to be visible from Cantina? How tall are those cranes now with the new adjustments?
  7. Cool looking trusses. Good use of attic space.
  8. I was skeptical because the fence in the photo didn't scream construction. The black linning and fence around Sunrail does. Keep an eye out for erosion control measures. That's when we know site work is about to start.
  9. There's no fence separating the site from the tracks? That's interesting.
  10. Southern Oaks rehabbed a building down the street which I think used to be a thrift shop.
  11. Wow more leaning columns.
  12. I said nothing when Dowdy Pavillion closed, but losing this would be a travesty of epic proportions. Milk District should be able to support the place. The bar itself is crazy nostalgic and for something as blah as a Public storage which could just as easily go across the street on that warehouse they're trying to sell.
  13. Its probably where they're seeing the market is. Young singles and couples starting out. Once the kids come in, its house time.
  14. CVS wouldn't fit. CVS varies mostly between 8k and 13k sqft. Looks to be the size of 8 one bedroom apts. Assume that average apt is 700 sqft then that space provides 5600 sqft. Bear in mind that's a lot of assumptions, but I don't think it'll work.