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  1. I thought Kirkman got the first redesigned BK Talking about Aldi, I went to the Goldenrod one the other day and Holy Crap that E Colonial Aldi is like 300% nicer.
  2. I know it had been mentioned in the past that it used to be there, and looking at the building, it was obviously a former RTG (with the truss and everything). I didn't know it was the first one though.
  3. Carr's is a Badcock? I thought it was a Rent-a-Center on Steriods? Don't forget Rooms to Go of all places went the clearance center route there too. I completely see Best Buy try to move itself west similar to what Circuit City did moving from next to Kanes to Colonial Plaza.
  4. Were you there this weekend when I was there? Were you in the train museum or the History Museum? Both are in former train stations a block away from each other.
  5. I haven't been down that way in like 2 weeks. I'll swing by this weekend.
  6. Best I can do for you is dried out pool noodles.
  7. We'll see once Stanton goes to Natural Gas who ends up with ownership over that line. I think that's the wild card right now. If the City decides to send it to Lynx (who appears to be fast tracked to lead Sunrail) then we can be looking at some interesting route options.
  8. https://bungalower.com/2022/08/02/the-milk-district-proves-it-has-the-best-main-street-merchandise-once-again/ Dammit. I want one, but that's not worth almost $90. But have I pissed away $90 on stupider stuff? Yes.
  9. I know, the sidings are strategically placed based on the modeling. Also the spur from OUC doesn't count.
  10. I wouldn't hate it if it were a seasonal wrap, but all of that permanent stuff is an abomination.
  11. IIRC they had a timing schedule. Coordination with freight on the N-S part even with 2 tracks is probably trickier than the 30 some miles of single track heading to the airport.
  12. Is it the one that's in Whiskey Lous now?
  13. North Terminal will be knocked down and rebuilt in that timeframe. By the time D is built out, what is North today will be mostly gone.
  14. Nope its operated by BL (via a lease) but that's owned by the State.
  15. No bike lane east of Mills. Wow Myself and a few of my colleagues are shocked. Shocked. No bike lane, so why do this?
  16. Well, I went. Pretty fascinating stuff. Good lecture. I did not know there was a telephone museum there. Now I'll have to go back.
  17. Me just thinking about the Robinson St road diet public meeting last night and then immediately seeing this rendering.
  18. Wow! You'd think Dillards would jump at the chance of consolidating stores and go in the former Macy's so the Sears and the rest of the east of the mall could be demoed instead. If you listen to the Dale Jr. Download he mentions many times about that mall and his memories hanging out there when his dad would be signing autographs.
  19. I might want to do that.
  20. View of downtown? Maybe view of the Wells Fargo building. I wonder how scaled back are they looking for? Wells Fargo's 8 story garage is next to the Senior center and the Uptown Place Garage is behind it too.
  21. Yea we saw the renderings and basically, they said don't expect a whole lot. And I'm happy we have a continuous active streetwall coming for that west side of the road
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