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  1. I'm still not worried; I think raintree is right in that they would announce that they are done if this ruined the project.
  2. He flipped out on all the customers eating outside at East Blvd Bar and Grille one day; and told everyone that wouldnt give him a ride (Which happened to be everyone) that they would pay. Yeah he has family in town apparently he just always runs away when they try and take him in.
  3. ^^^hahaha yeah that is definately a lot I'm ready to see go there is such potential for it.
  4. Yeah that would be interesting to know? I have no idea but wouldnt be surprised to see that it's right.
  5. That is my favorite place to eat in town. That would be a real kick in the stomach i'll ask the owner of the bar and grille if he knows anything next time I'm there. I really can see it happening which is the bad part so if it does I got my fingers crossed they have ground retail so that they can be in there.
  6. Yeah I think they remeber the hornets; we had some good teams with the hornets especially alonzo, mugsy, LJ, etc. So I would think that they were popular worldwide with that lineup because lots of countries besides the USA enjoy basketball not so much american football but they do b-ball. I think in 5 yrs or so and hopefully with a little luck the Bobcats really start putting on some good shows maybe sign or draft another star with what we have and I think that people will know us as Charlotte Bobcats instead of Charlotte Hornets.
  7. So I was with my friend who's dad works for the firm Little last night. Well anyway he said that its 74 stories and a 1000ft plus right now but he thinks in the end and his dad told him he thinks it will be scaled down a little but would still be the new tallest in town no matter what happens if I get anything else out of him; I'll tell like color and look of the building he said its two towers like everyone thinks.
  8. Yeah Lee Howard left the business journal to pursue other ventures.
  9. I don't know I'm real optimistic that Trump knows; or has hired people that have given him the information to form his opinion that his project will succeed. After that book I've read, that is pretty good if anyone wants to pick up a copy its, by Stephen A. Ross his guy on the side. Projects of this size definately take a long time and in the book it says Trump loves pulling of complex deals thats where he gets his kicks from. He doesn't just like to do the real straight vision everyone has for the site. The Trump touch and the fact this building would be finished years after this building boo
  10. Secretary that said she had seen the Trump representantives in and out of the office a lot this week. So I mean she wasn't and insider but she knows if they are in the office or not.
  11. Yah I called Infinity Partners today before Guy4Charlotte posted and talked to some people there and they said they are still actively working with the Trump.
  12. I think that rendering looks great and I'm glad to actually know for sure where the park is. I knew it was around there. O yah by the way I have to walk by the Novare site everyday to work and they are moving a long at a very fast pace, Novare doesn't mess around.
  13. Definately just happy that it wasn't Levine so atleast in the somewhat near future we can actually see it be developed since that is such a nice sight i'll be glad to see it go.
  14. So did BB&D get the land does anyone know???????
  15. they did call me the other day. However they didnt really have much to say I did tell them to send me a package when they got one made so as soon as that is sent to me ill try and make a update for this tower.
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