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  1. By the way, correction to the subject, this tower will be 357' tall
  2. The apartments wrap the parking deck, so once the deck is complete you will see sticks start to rise.
  3. Warner Robbins, GA would like. you to swing by its dilapidated doublewide for a word. I Also had fun in Lexington, but might have been bourbon. My wife and I crashed, and were subsequently kicked out of a 50th high school reunion. in retrospect, that only happens when you are bourbon drunk and bored in a crapty town.
  4. We are soooo close to passing Riverside.
  5. They also say "View From 2nd Ave Pier" when its "View of"
  6. I've seen a few reports that our main exhibition hall is too small to land some of the big ticket conventions. But CLT> does have a good point that Nashville's is only 30%. larger. There is also reports that we don't have the hotel capacity for those events anyways. Honestly I don't really have a current opinion of the matter, too much is in question in the world.
  7. yea but adding more space doesn't fix the fundamental problem, the exhibition floor can't be made bigger. But yea, I know they seem to be all in on this convention center. sigh
  8. This is the already the plan. 40-45 floor hotel, 1000-1200 rooms, a lot of meeting space, overstreet mall connection. Who knows what will happen with it. Its worth noting though, the exhibition hall cannot be expanded further because of how it is oriented underground, hemmed in by loading docks. I would have rathered them scrapped the current addition, and looked toward creating a convention district on the rest of the Pipe & Foundry land, beside the New Panthers/MLS Stadium. I'd rather this because our current convention center is too small for our market size, and we should be building something more like Nashville's.
  9. to the left is Central, on the top is Pecan. Going through is an extension of Commonwealth connecting to Clement Also includes a realignment of Pecan to connect directly across.
  10. Its by Dan Putman, a landscape architect that I interact with a lot.
  11. I got a tip that nobody's leases were renewed from Starbucks to DeeJai Tai, and that folks were offered a new spot in a mixed use building.
  12. and it took record $ per acre to wrestle it out of their hands.
  13. I wouldn't say sub par, maybe just a smaller company. They are top notch at historic preservation though.
  14. Thanks guys! Wish I knew I loved writing before I turned 30!
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