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  1. I absolutely agree; your analogies to other roads in town (Independence, Monroe, etc.) should make it obvious how allowing retail to spread out, even in the noble attempt to create that New Urbanist mix of residential & retail, can really ruin an area if all the implications aren't thought through fully. I'm not an urban planner, but I think relying on that basic premise of nodes & passages, where to cluster things and where to not, can be an invaluable philosophy to design from.
  2. Like everybody else nearby, I sure would like to know what's gonna happen w/ Morningside Village........so, I just flat-out e-mailed one of the developers. (Sorry, Rob, if you're lurking on this site & for some reason didn't want me speaking out-of-turn, but my impression was it's no secret.) To my surprise he says the future is totally up in the air; no hint of what's next whenever the economy gets more promising. I say "to my surprise" b/c it seems that, after all the work done to re-develop the site so far --- clearing, grading, streets, C&G, etc. --- SURELY it'll move ahead as p
  3. Thanks for sharing the rezoning link to this. Personally, I rather like the idea that's presented: a higher, better use than the rundown stuff there now; an up-to-the-street urban face; internal hidden parking, w/ other street parking on the interior-n'hood side. Of course it remains to be seen what it'll really look like once the elevations etc. are completed and shared; the devil is in the details. I hafta say, I hope it looks better than the Eliz. Court project next door to it @ the corner of Firefighter & Weddington......I don't take any pleasure out of criticizing its design quali
  4. Glad to hear THAT! From what we'd heard, putting 2 + 2 together, sounded like it'd never get built. We'd love to be able to put one of our new Commonwealth Park signs @ his location there (once construction is finished so it's not damaged), partic. since he was a major contributor to the sign project. That next strip down CW Ave, just east of Briar Creek Rd to Woodland, is gonna be one of the next micro-'Big Thing' spots........with the two problem hotels getting shut down in May (by order of the Feds), we're hoping a decent developer will recognize the value of the 'Corridor of Crap' in fr
  5. Uh, yeah, mh108909 coulda taken the words right outa my mouth........my sentiments exactly........when I saw that Observer story & rendering for the 12th & Poplar site I had the same "Huh??" reaction........I better try to be diplomatic here; no telling who may be lurking .........but hey, if you're McDonalds why bother to go to all that tedious expense & trouble of reinventing your cheeseburger just because it worked fine for the first customer, right?
  6. Yeah, Post's stick-built suburban-style developments, as far as the buildings, are nothing to get too excited about, but when they got into the steel-frame urban market in recent years I'd say most of their stuff is not bad (could do a lot worse!). However the news IS worthy of excitement b/c of the landscaping they're famous for (head & shoulders above ANYthing @ non-Post properties). That's one aspect where the finished product usually falls short of the sexy renderings, when developers 'value-engineer' quality landscaping out of a project during design development....but I don't think
  7. When I talked w/ a realtor involved w/ i29 a coupla weeks ago, he indicated they expect to have the last of the units pre-sold (or at least the amt. req'd. to begin construction) in February; project to begin immed. after that. Hopefully that'll happen. On the bigger picture, tho, maybe it's kinda a healthy thing that some of this mad pace of development is cooling off for a year or so.
  8. REMINDER! Charlotte City Council votes tonight on tough new ordinance to clean up & regulate crime-ridden weekly-rate motels throughout Charlotte, including the two on Independence @ Briar Creek Road overpass. If you want to SHOW YOU CARE ABOUT OUR EASTSIDE NEIGHBORHOODS and can show up, your presence will be greatly appreciated!! 7:00 p.m. at the Government Center (big triangular beige stone building, btwn. 3rd & 4th @ S. Davidson).
  9. Update on the nuisance hotels: Well-attended meeting this afternoon @ the Gov't. Center, of City Council's "Community Safety Committee".....lotsa important folks there --- Chief Stephens, media, etc. Several Commonwealth Park residents, as well as Morningside N'hood Assoc., had chance to speak passionately about our great n'hood & the criminal problems of these hotels. Committee strongly recommends this ordinance go forward for Council-wide approval on the 14th. Will prob. be a short blurb on WBTV Channel 3 tonite; also look for front-page Observer story this coming Monday. Again, i
  10. There's now a website up for Morningside Village! Right now just a homepage with a lot of fluffy, generic 'realtor-speak', but you can sign up to receive updates. http://www.morningsidevillage.com/
  11. Oh yeah, about Duo @ BC & Central: last I heard Tuscan was at an impasse w/ city b/c they're insisting there be connectivity thru the property from Central ave. to street behind it.....& I guess the numbers don't work if they hafta give up that amount of dirt to a new street. Just a layman's hearsay; that was many months ago, heard @ Merry Oaks N'hood Mtg......would really like to know the current status myself.
  12. Yeah, I think one last-ditch call was put out to offer it to someone who'd move it, but to no avail. (Would've loved to have it myself, on the right lot!) Oh well.....at least good to see one of our sexy new projects is finally moving forward. Am thinking the current real estate slump is having a lot to do with foot-dragging among various projects. Thank goodness Morningside started demo before the slump hit! The one I'm perplexed about is i29 @ BC & Independence........J.R. Poore was supposed to have broken ground, like, 6 months ago --- BUT instead the EXACT same design was touted i
  13. You won't easily find info on what the "normal" life expectancy is of a Willow Oak, b/c there are infinite variables; it's easier to say they reach a certain size. But generally, under ideal conditions, it's around 85-100 years for most of them; obviously, some impressive beauties will beat the statistics & still be around many more decades than that. If planted out in a yard, or just in the wild, they You won't easily find info on what the "normal" life expectancy is of a Willow Oak, b/c there are infinite variables; it's easier to say they reach a certain size. But generally, under
  14. About all those really big trees that were cut down at Morningside Village: yeah, I was pretty not-thrilled to see that too. Charming old houses can be, and often are, replaced with a few hours' push of a bulldozer followed by a few months of assembling 2x4s and Hardiplank..........trees like those are, simply, irreplaceable in the span of an adult's life. But at the same time, (like all the other signs I see of this carefully-observed project), they seem to know what they're doing with the trees they ARE saving. Most developers naively try to protect saved trees with orange fencing (if
  15. ........not good news to report...... I just came from the Merry Oaks N'hood Assoc. meeting tonite; they were supposed to have Tuscan Devlpmnt. give a presentation about [email protected] (the cool-looking condos "in the woods" at intersection of Central Ave & Briar Creek Rd........Tuscan cancelled a coupla hours before, b/c apparently, the city is insisting they want a through-street from Central to whatever's behind the property, and Tuscan says the project just won't work for them numbers-wise if they hafta do that --- so they're taking a step back & regrouping. I think connectivity's grea
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