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  1. It's not a building permit. It's a master project and site tracking number, to track any and all permits that may follow for the stated scope, with may also include a building permit someday in the future, hopefully. A building permit won't be issued until final stamped design docs are done, reviewed and approved by Metro, and a submittal is made by a GC for some sort of construction activity on site. MT
  2. Not an issue easily brushed off. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize an aircraft hitting a building these days, and in fact, there have been hundreds (thousands?) of these events over the years. The Empire State building was hit years ago, and it is not uncommon at all for flight routes to be directed over cities. This isn't just commercial aircraft either, as many of the collisions have been private pilots who don't necessarily have the same skills (or equipment) as the commercial guys. Nashville and the FAA have been haggling over take-off noise and safety issues for years.
  3. "Free" Lexus aside, anyone know if a Contractor has been reassociated with this project? MT
  4. "All hat and no cattle" , ha, pretty funny mental image. The first thing the signature tower needs to get on board is a contractor, if anyone is going to believe the sales pitch. You can't pull permits without a contractor, and you generally have to have an approved budget before anyone is going to lend money. Finding a contractor right now may be easier than finding the money. MT
  5. Someone may have pulled the cover off a cheese plate. Actually, I hope it was some sort of an announcement with good news. Maybe we'll see something on the evening news. MT
  6. Your last comments are what keep running through my head, and I'm glad I'm not the guy with the iron stomach on this roll of the dice. It appears to me that urban condo owners are introverts, and this part of Nashville is extrovert x 10. Friendly walking hours would coincide with business hours so this would work well with professionals who wanted to rely on mass transit and forget about automobile costs. Later in the evening during peak tourist activity, the location becomes less comfortable until you reach the confines of your elevator lobby. It is a great downtown business location. T
  7. I don't think you have to have a foundation design, building plan, or excavation permit to have a groundbreaking ceremony and serve refreshments on site. Once we see the permits, then there is going to be a real signal something is in the works. Once the permits are being filed, then the documents are the public record and we can get a verification of what the building looks like. Midtown
  8. "hot air" being the operative words? lol. Looking for some sort of signal such as a permit to upgrade Metro infrastructure (sewer, water, electric, whatever). There has been a lot of speculation on this project as well as some others. Some of the other projects are well on their way with hard cash being spent on real construction activity and Metro infrastructure upgrades. With several other viable condo towers that are sure to beat the Signature to the marketplace, this one is looking more like a pipe dream. When I see promos for the Sig, I can't help but think of the Cumberlan
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