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  1. Trel-Ellis

    River Place Condominiums

    Yea, I dont know what it is exactly, but they have started construction on something huge where the condos are suppose to be, wish I could have took pictures and posted them on here....any news anyone on what the construction could be???
  2. Trel-Ellis

    Louisiana City Skylines

    <br /><br /><br /> Alot of people dont know, but you can actually see the state capitol from southern university, especially at night on the bluff(or levee) behind southern campus..
  3. Trel-Ellis

    Perkins Rowe

    I love the site now, but I'll hate it once the road construction into 4 lanes start...just imagine the traffic?!
  4. Trel-Ellis

    Louisiana City Skylines

    ^ That would have definately lifted the face of downtown. And just thinking, you know the corporate/citiplace area could qualify as a downtown itself, for a town the size of monroe or hammond..
  5. Trel-Ellis

    Baton Rouge City Profile

    I saw on the news last week sometime, when they mentioned that number(closely), and kip holding ordered that the census bureau recount, becuse from his numbers" he says" the population increased well over 50,000 people due to katrina... SO it was said that the count would be rechecked, so that baton rouge could reap all the benefits needed for a 50,000 people increase rather than a rushed "19,000+.. so that would bump us up to around 274,000 give or take a couple thousand.
  6. Trel-Ellis

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    Well they can build it if they want, but you won't find me on it...............well maybe once or twice, but its just not appealing to me..
  7. Trel-Ellis

    River Place Condominiums

    Damn Richy where do you get these pics??
  8. Trel-Ellis

    Gas prices in your region of Louisiana?

    ^ your right about that one Richy..
  9. Trel-Ellis

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    ^ I agree with the progression part definately, and I am 100% with the new buildings downtown. But for some reason, and I guess its just the 3d rendering of the riverfront, the bottom of it looks very artificial and I think it would take away from the density view....but I could be wrong..
  10. Trel-Ellis


    ^wow..... Driving thru Lafayette reminds you of a miniture Baton Rouge sort of, or maybe its just me..
  11. Trel-Ellis

    Gas prices in your region of Louisiana?

    ^ Yea its about that amount per gallon here in North Br also. I mostly gas up at the racetrac on harding blvd.(cheapest, yet not the best quality) but who cares!
  12. Trel-Ellis


    ^ Thanks alot Richy, I cant wait to these projects start. And maybe more police patrol in the north area also..
  13. Trel-Ellis

    Perkins Rowe

    I passed by perkins rowe the day before yesterday, and most of the construction is finished, frame wise anyway. It is an awsome accomplishment for the south end of town. "a little city within a city"..
  14. Trel-Ellis

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    not to crush everyones hopes, but I just dont see a Riverfront Deck coming anytime soon. It just looks kinda unstable, and i think it takes away from the levee...just my opinion
  15. Trel-Ellis

    Louisiana City Skylines

    anyone here ever seen the original renderings for the Riverfront condos?? They were actually going to be two towers...