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  1. Did anyone attend the streetcar meeting Tuesday night? If so, any news about if/when contruction on the starter line would begin? I thought the city approved funding of the ($12million?) gap between the $25 million federal grant and the estimated cost, although I may have just dreamt that. Any other interesting news regarding the results of the engineering study, options for funding, etc.?
  2. I ate at Loco Lime on Central the other day and met the manager of the new restaurant going in where Common House was. It is going to be called "KickStand" (they've got a bunch of old bikes spraead around as decor - seemed a little silly to me). The bar is still in the same spot. A couple of the big differences wil be that they will have something like 36 television screens spread around the place (which to me is not a selling point - I don't go out to watch tv). On the plus side, while it will be basically a burger place, it will include some helthier fare, including a vegetarian burge
  3. Didn't read this close enough before posting above. Well, that's one space down! Now if we could get some new busineses next door and across the street. A smokeshop is definitely an improvement, imo, although I don't frequent them. I saw Tribal Wisdom became a smoke shop too. (Maybe there is enough demand for K-2 to keep two shops going ( - see recent article in Charlotte Observer). Regarding being right next to the SA's rehab center, I agree that is kinda funny. They had to obviously be aware they were opening right next to a rehab center. I guess that's not much different than ope
  4. Yeah, I saw that as well and was hoping they were moving to make room for a better use (imo) at what appears to me to be a pretty prime location on Central. Unfortunately, according to my wife who was there donating some stuff over the weekend, they are simply remodeling and the Salvation Army store (though temporarily relocated) will be staying put there at least for the foreseeable future. It's a real bummer. That section of Central Ave has such great potential if only some of the outdated commercial space could be redeveloped . I am hopeful that Elizabeth II will result in some of it (l
  5. Has anyone heard anything recent regarding the status of the application for the $25 million grant to start build a 1.5 mile stretch of the streetcar in uptown? I believe the City Council authorized the application, so I assume it was made and the city is waiting to hear back the FTA?
  6. I think part of this issue is how they found out and that that noone was ever officially notified ahead of time so there was no time to learn the facts about the business and to have their concerns addressed. I can understand people being a little creeped out by having one close by despite the lack of smoke, etc. This place used to be a residence so it backs up to single family homes (separated only by a fence) with relatively small yards (i.e cremations will be going on literally 50-100 feet or so from where someone may be having a back-yard barbecue). Other crematorims in town are in B-1
  7. I heard second hand that construction of the apartments and maybe some of the townhomes is going to begin at Morningside Village in about six months. I am skeptical but then again the second phase of Elizabeth Square apartments has started. No new news on Morningside's website. There was some work going on on Iris near Central. Looks like they are putting in sidewalks maybe? Has anyone heard anything more about this? If work is going forward, I think there needs to be a strong push by the neighborhood to extend the pedestrian overlay district to Morningside. New high density resident
  8. I am a big soccer fan but not really an MLS fan (more because of the way the league is structured/run,etc. - not so much the quality of the game). I do watch EPL (England) religiously and some La Liga (Spanish League) (Liverpool and Real Madrid are my teams, respectively). I have thought for a while that MLS or a minor league (USL). Actually I believe several of the USL First Division teams are leaving USL to form a new league (team owned league). I have been to one Charlotte Eagles game (they are a USL division 2 (lower division) team, who by the way are hosting a friendly against the
  9. The LLC is not a bankruptcy lawyer. The lawyer simply filed the articles of organization. That does not mean he is a member of the LLC. You would have to see the LLC's Operating Agreement to figure out who the members are. Unfortunately, that is not a public document. You might be able to glean some information about the membership by looking at the register of deeds online (look for all filings referencing "210 Trade"). It appears there is a deed of trust that would have had to have been signed by a managing member of the LLC. Unfortauntaly, my JAVA software does not appear to be worki
  10. Other pros: A modern streetcar has signifcanty (I believe almost double) ridership capacity (and statistically much higher rates of ridership) than the city buses and will improve the flow of traffic as there will be fewer stops (one every 1/4 mile) and there will most likely be traffic light control (according to a guy at CATS I talked to). Right now on Central there are way too many stops. Many of those will disappear. I am a strong supporter of both light rail and the streetcar. I have to disagree a bit that the streetcar is a lot less important. My thought has always been that tr
  11. ^ Sorry, $180 million is incorrect. Its actually $280 million according to a December 1 press release on the FTA website. The press release also says "A maximum amount of $25 million per project will be made available from approximately $130 million in unallocated discretionary New Starts/Small Starts Program funds. Eligible projects include streetcars and other urban circulator systems. Priority will be given to projects that connect destinations and foster the redevelopment of communities into walkable, mixed use, high-density environments."
  12. There was an article in the WSJ last week about the FTA changing the funding rules to make it easier for streetcars to get federal funding. It sounds like there are quite a few cities looking to develop streetcar projects, which means stiff competition for very limited federal money. I was frankly hoping the Obama administration would do a lot more as far as increasing the budget ($180 million won't go very far) as this would appear to be the best kind of stimulus spending. I am worried that Charlotte, which will only be at a 30% design by next month, will not be in the running. I am not s
  13. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal today about how Congress is considering increases in transit funding in light of high gas prices, etc. It included some detail on some of the proposals currently being considered by the House and the Senate in connection with energy legislation that could be voted on as early as next week, including up to $2 billion in grants for transit agencies. Two billion doesn't sound like a whole lot to me (considering construction costs), but it's a start. The article also contained a graph (statistics gathered by the American Public Transportaion
  14. As an ex-Californian (4th generation native to SF Bay Area) who made the move with my family in 2001, I can say word has definitely gotten out among those I know. We moved here after visiting friends who had moved several months earlier. I remember being impressed by the housing they got for their money, the trees [which sadly are disappearing], uptown, and the airport [i did not expect Charlotte to have anything like it]. Part of it was having lived in CA all my life [my wife too], we wanted a change. We love the climate here as well - [occasional snow as well as 75-degree days in winter
  15. Morningside Village has a new sign up on Morningside Drive. Also, Morninside Village is going to be featured in the "Next Big Thing" in the Observer on Wednesday in which they will supposedly announce a couple of contracts for the first phase(s) of the development (the commercial / retail block with appartments). I believe they are supposed to start going vertical in August/September. Also, they are currently in the proceeds of digging out the new pond at the end of McClintock near Morningside. The improvements to the creek and the addition of the pond (and 14' wide walking/biking t
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