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  1. To be fair... Charlotte is a snooze fest from 9-5.
  2. Thank you. If you haven't been in Uptown over the last two weeks, don't continue to drag this discusion. It is back. Charlotte Shout has actually been a major draw for Spring Breakers & Families.
  3. While we're off topic. This is a good read from The Atlantic - https://apple.news/A7Z3w1vXRRfyOOvp6Q1Hyrg
  4. You've outdone yourself. The Italian emblem was a nice touch too.
  5. If that's the case, why don't you buy a Toyota and slap a Lamborghini logo on it?
  6. Any reason they can't blow out those windows and pull a Daily?
  7. Can confirm this is not the case. Neither Tyber or new concept.
  8. I've heard from a semi reliable source that Rock Bottom is going to be a ghost kitchen for an already existing, but unnamed American HQ.
  9. Don't have the energy to find the thread if it exists, but the 37 story apartment tower behind The Garrison sounds like a go. I know.....
  10. Something is afoot . There was drilling in the Ivey's garage 2 weeks ago. Security specifically called out new construction and this parking garage.
  11. I happen to think by mid/late 2021, Uptown will be chugging along. There are 20+ restaurant/bar concepts, 2 food halls, and more in the pipeline. Throw in low rents for establishments that have permanently closed that are now receiving interest from quality restaurant groups and it's a substantial influx. This is the wrong thread, but it's inline with convo. Our state, county and city have failed our local businesses. Open up outdoor space, take initiative and use some ingenuity. NYC is doing it, even Denver is doing it. They embrace civility and enforce the law. There's absolutely no reason bars and other small businesses should not be open at limited outdoor capacity ( ZERO exception for bars). If they don't comply, they lose their liquor license. For example... If the city closed down 5th and opened up the street like many other cities, establishments could be preserved. 5Church, Basil, Cowbell, Sophia's, Capital Grille. (Open up Tryon) Sip, Local, Conns, Soon to be Btower, and Sea level could all be open to the streets. Close the parking lane on Tryon in front of RiRa, 204, what was Malabar and all of a sudden you have 13 establishments doing business. Likely enough business to sustain them through the pandemic. This is just one example, but the concept could be carried over to many other establishments, especially on Tryon, College, and Church. It'd make for a much safer experience in south end and other neighborhoods as well. Does it require work to enforce? yes. Does it create road diets when traffic is already slim? yes. Does it require places to obey the law? yes. Does it require humans to be responsible? yes. BUT.... Will humans be more responsible if they have options? It seems to be working in other cities, why not give it a try? It's a step towards saving our small businesses and has been proven to be socially responsible during a pandemic in other major metropolitan areas.
  12. Incentives handed out pre Great Recession had a high failure rate. Interesting... At least all of the failed incentives referenced in the article were in Mecklenburg county Moving on
  13. You're justifying your argument with an article that's 5 years old and covers incentives handed out before the crash. Do you have an updated source?
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