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  1. Heard last night that the contractor working on the trolley line was never told about the structure or grade changes happening at Trade St. It's slowed down both projects considerably. Who doesn't love a good public-private partnership.
  2. Have to chime in bc I recently moved here. The apartments are decent at best and the amenities are on point, but this garage is one of the easiest and most accessible garages uptown. Parking validation notices are everywhere in Whole Foods. They will even come out to validate it if you call in. It's really that simple. That said.... It's only happened once, but DO NOT get stuck in a whole foods parking deck during lunch hour when the parking arms are malfunctioning. Holy nightmare! Now back on topic
  3. haha Yup But to be fair.... The developer took a massive loss on the project. We're lucky he cared enough to finish it.
  4. Hey, I named that building. Be nice ;-) But you're right... And IF only the exterior remotely resembled the interior.
  5. Can't confirm it's a reliable source, but... Suite is closing, Kandy is closing, Vault is on it's way out, Dale is fed up with BMG at Whiskey, and I believe I might be missing one more closing. Bubble will be a Foot Locker, Lebrettos will be another pizza joint, and the new owners are pushing family friendly restaurants and soft goods hard.
  6. A few thoughts on this... The demand for condos and luxury units is not tiny. Inventory and turnover is often low for luxury units. The Portman concept was a pipe dream, but we could easily sustain a mid size development with 14 properly priced units over 1mil+ (think The Trust x 2) in uptown. Construction costs are the barrier and will continue to be. I've lived uptown for 10 years. I rarely leave 277 unless I need to shop for soft goods or apple products. It's no NYC, but it is not a limited life. The $3.8M 3,800 sf condo = grossly over priced The $2.3M condo = incredibly unique, needs the perfect buyer to deal with Fahrenheit, and is currently a sh*t show on the inside which is a major turnoff to anyone at that price point. Without considering pocket listings... 32 condos over $700k have been on the market within the last year. 6 were expired or withdrawn for various (rather specific) reasons. That doesn't suggest the market isn't viable and also suggests they typically turn over rather quickly if they are properly priced. I don't believe many of the people in Charlotte purchasing a condo in uptown (at that price point) care about a $7 Uber or public transportation. Three vodkas in
  7. Not devastated They aren't closing... At least for now, but it looks like it'll happen in the near future.
  8. I'm facking pissed... I go multiple times a week and it's not 90's
  9. DD has good coffee? Really had higher expectations for the UP crew
  10. Until somebody has the cajones and market ability to build condos uptown. Don't see it happening anytime soon. We need all apartments we can get if we want residents to continue to move uptown.... Also wouldn't mind it pushing down pricing. As for surrounding neighborhoods
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