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  1. i don't know how developed this project is, but those renderings are pretty dismal; more thought went into the representation of the trains than anything else and those are a given. what about some signage, schedule, maps, etc. along the platform as some kind of digital/ interactive interface. the tower is a nice idea, but executed very poorly. i think the one thing architecture has the power to do, especially in this situation, is persuade people to use the station. it will become a novelty at first and if designed correctly will have the opportunity to increase ongoing ridership & attract positive attention, not only from inside GR but elsewhere as well.
  2. Does anybody have any news on this project? Links?
  3. if i may... i hope the current voting trend of the top 10 does not continue. there are some well deserved artist that have seemed to be overlooked. calvary, american officers, 1921 by chris laporte grandfather monk luan by sunti pichetchaiyakul pregnant self portrait by sara shamma symbiosis by christina mrozik just to name a few i just think this misinterpreted chuck close idea of parts to whole is not as nearly original. it doesn't take much talent to apply a posterize filter to a digital image and replicate it. again, if i may, i just would like to see the prize money awarded to extremely talented, proven, imaginative, creative individuals not just creative.
  4. http://www.archdaily.com/63398/new-study-says-leed-may-not-be-that-green-after-all/
  5. Mich. architecture a draw for travelers...
  6. Walked past Jamaica's Jerk Pit the other day. It was early in the afternoon and it was closed. Jamaican's must have the same hours as the Europeans!
  7. Hey folks! How about a thread that discusses any respectable restaurants of A2. I've been here in Ann Arbor for a week now and I find it somewhat difficult to find a decent place to eat. It may be because I'm not that familiar with the area, but a little insight on where the hot-spots are would be helpful. I wasn't aware of Zingerman's hype until I drove by on a Sunday and seen a line out the door that continued down the sidewalk. I stopped by later that day and found out what previous posts have stated- they're overpriced and average tasting. Although, as a marketplace they did have a nice selection of cheeses, meats, breads, olive oils, and other italian treats. I've also tried the Kai Garden on South Main St. and again just average.
  8. Triangle's website states that construction is planned to begin in the Fall of 2008. If that's the case, the design drawings or construction documents are already completed and the soils report done a long time ago. It was just a guess- a wrong one at that. Anyway, who's the architect?
  9. Maybe, the start of the soils report to learn the bearing capacity. Although, they would then dig sporadically around the site.
  10. I like it as well, but it's very tamed compared to earlier renderings. And, the one thing that doesn't work is the placement of the UICA signage.
  11. Is there a webcam for this project? I can't imagine one not being set up for such a large project.
  12. It's just a testament to the way we feel about architecture. Besides there's nothing wrong with a healthy, heated debate.
  13. Le Corbusier once said that you will ruin an architecture student if you bring him to Rome. We are not building in the 13th century and should not design our buildings as such. New technology, programmatic needs, cultural boundaries, local vernacular, social significance, etc... should be the driving force of a design. Traditional painting aroused the visual senses. Contemporary art evokes thought. Contemporary art is not about how well something was painted or the realism, but the experience it creates. Visually speaking, placing a blue block on top of a yellow block is not creative, but look beyond that at the texture of those blocks, the play of light, the spatial experience it creates is.
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