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  1. Grand Rapids Christian Middle School Would love to see some renderings or drawings! The site is in a pretty discrete location and mostly residential, just curious how that's being handled. I think schools are one typology that architects have the least flexibility with, prisons and hospitals being the others...
  2. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    i don't know how developed this project is, but those renderings are pretty dismal; more thought went into the representation of the trains than anything else and those are a given. what about some signage, schedule, maps, etc. along the platform as some kind of digital/ interactive interface. the tower is a nice idea, but executed very poorly. i think the one thing architecture has the power to do, especially in this situation, is persuade people to use the station. it will become a novelty at first and if designed correctly will have the opportunity to increase ongoing ridership & attract positive attention, not only from inside GR but elsewhere as well.
  3. Wealthy/Cherry Street businesses vandalized

    I don't know, looking at the picture when they first attacked the winchester I think it completely has to do with class or you could call it lifestyle. Knowing what that section of town was and then looking at a sign of some guy on a red bike named winchester would kind of annoy me as well. It's clearly someone who doesn't like what their neighborhood is turning into and these businesses mean the best but at the surface it seems pretentious. Now these 'kids' took it too far and just how to catch them, i don't know besides what has been said. They'll eventually foul up and their time will come. I would think they want to get caught and have their message heard otherwise how can something like this just go away?
  4. Wealthy/Cherry Street businesses vandalized

    The same reason people curse at their mother, blatantly lie, or not pay library fines. At a young age, especially in a developed country like America with a decent school system, we are taught right from wrong. Or, at the very least observe right from wrong. Whether America's school system is decent or not is not the issue; it's the fact that it is good enough that every kid is learning what a conjunction is. So, this may be at the level of grammar structuring what goes before, after, or in between; or discovering that plants are living things as well, or that boys have penises and girls have vaginas. We, as adults, know the correct thing to do, but chose not to do it. I think a transsexual knows he has a penis, but chooses not to use it. Anyway, I think you knew the answer to your own question and don't feel like wasting anymore of my time.
  5. Wealthy/Cherry Street businesses vandalized

    sorry, but these types of grammar issues most learn in middle school.
  6. Gordon Food Service new HQ

    any insight to how integrated was chosen, just curious, i thought paradigm design were their exclusive architect.
  7. Chicago Spire

    Does anybody have any news on this project? Links?
  8. Health Park Central

    Why change architects for the same exact building?
  9. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    you should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    if i may... i hope the current voting trend of the top 10 does not continue. there are some well deserved artist that have seemed to be overlooked. calvary, american officers, 1921 by chris laporte grandfather monk luan by sunti pichetchaiyakul pregnant self portrait by sara shamma symbiosis by christina mrozik just to name a few i just think this misinterpreted chuck close idea of parts to whole is not as nearly original. it doesn't take much talent to apply a posterize filter to a digital image and replicate it. again, if i may, i just would like to see the prize money awarded to extremely talented, proven, imaginative, creative individuals not just creative.
  11. Google Fiber

    it's in response to the deal between verizon & google. it's not legislation but it's a step in the wrong direction. the biggest gripe is with the idea of net neutrality and how this deal disregards this notion. has some pretty good articles that explains it.
  12. Google Fiber

    do no evil fail. i now revoke my vote for google's newly revealed attempt to implement a tiered internet service. It all makes sense now. Their idea of net neutrality is only for the "public internet" which will be full of advertisements and spyware graffiti, streams of pixelated movies w/ long crappy commercials, & mediocre, self-proclaimed web experts. The internet will be a digital dystopia at best in (5) years. The real content will only be accessed via google fiber aka the faster connection or premium package at a premium price. And since net neutrality is only for the "public internet" the access to rush limbaugh's latest thought can and will be significantly quicker than that of susan geha's.
  13. People talking about Grand Rapids
  14. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Mich. architecture a draw for travelers...
  15. Architectural History in Grand Rapids

    The State Historic Preservation Office is behind an effort to highlight Michigan's modern architecture and design heritage. It's raising $250,000 to help record oral histories of architects from the time; create driving tours; and research and catalog important projects. The office is promoting the state's architecture through a Web site — — with stories, photos and links to sites around the state.