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  1. I dropped about $50 there last week, it's a nice layout! Seems small compared to the Alpine location but had everything I was looking for and then some.
  2. You're making me excited to not be pregnant anymore (3 more weeks!). I cannot wait to drink some good coffee again! I can't wait to visit your place!
  3. That's nice to hear, any word when the actual work will begin?
  4. I park in that ramp every couple of weeks to see my fetus doctor (I'm almost 12 weeks preggo!) It's a little crowded in that ramp but I can always find a spot. I also want to give a shout out to my team of doctors, both my endocrinology team at Saint Mary's Wege Center and my fabulous OB team at West Michigan OB/GYN. They work together very effectively (so far) to make sure my high risk pregnancy is going as smoothly as possible. I think we're all very lucky to have such great doctors in this city, and these developments are only going to attract more!
  5. They do, or at least did when I was still there doing their payables. I'll let my girlfriend in the marketing department know you all are complaining about it :-)
  6. I never liked the coffee at the old Hava Java, it always tasted burned. That and they used powdered chocolate for their mocha drinks, which would settle at the bottom in one gross lump. If they open something else there I'll totally go! Thanks for the info
  7. WMU regularly holds events which usually fill up the spaces in Area 5, their guests are probably using the ramp. Area 5 had their "WMU Event Parking" sign up today when I got downtown. I know we would have loved a small convenience store or something, as it stands my students have to walk either to the gas station on Market or the one on Wealthy and Division if they want a snack and didn't pack one. We are loving that the ramp is open, I hard;y ever have anyone ask where they're supposed to park anymore! Dara Sundberg Guest Services Coach Douglas J Aveda Institute
  8. We got a note yesterday announcing this parking ramp is complete! This ramp has those "pay on foot" machines in the stairwells, and you can also pay by credit card at the exit terminals. They're doing demonstrations on the "pay on foot" machines today (Nov 14) at 11 am and 2 pm, and again tomorrow at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm. We're excited, they opened up our parking meters out front again! Yay!!
  9. The spaces in the ramp are "dibbed" by Cooley and WMU mostly. I know we were trying to get some spots for the Institute employees. I cannot WAIT for that thing to open. The most asked question I get from guests coming into Douglas J is "where do I park?". People don't like to hear that there is plenty of parking if you don't mind walking a couple of blocks.
  10. My brother is the parts manager at the new K&M Suzuki at Plainfield and 5 Mile. They built it inside the old movie theater. He gave me a tour one day and the windows from the old projector booth that would look into the theaters are still there. Weird to see an old movie theater as a car dealership now, especially having worked for 2 movie theater chains before.
  11. I'd love to join you all for that meeting but am closing at my semi-retail establishment downtown that day. You all should stop by if you have a chance! We just launched a new Men's Line of hair products and I will solicit you shamelessly for a donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  12. Does anyone know what's going on with the building on the south-east corner of Commerce and Cherry? Red brick with the bricks at the top falling onto the closed sidewalk below. The windows are full of old pallets and boxes and it looks like it could go up in flames at any second. Besides being home to a bunch of stray cats (they like to hang out in the windows) what is/was this building and are there any plans for renovation? Thanks!
  13. I went to Chicago over Memorial Day with my fiance (a trip I won from work this past Christmas!) and was thinking about the differences in recreation/tourism budgets between there and GR at that time. We were there for the first fireworks display at Navy Pier, and I said to him "I like how Chicago can afford to have firework shows twice a week between Memorial and Labor Day, and Grand Rapids can hardly scrape enough together to have them once" Big differences between here and there. They have a lot more shopping too!
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