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  1. It'll be interesting to follow, I love dining on Granby (Snappers/Vineyards/Bodega are my Top 3), and would enjoy being able to add another place to the list.
  2. Cruise Ship & Light Rail
  3. Norfolk Courts Complex being built (September 20, 2012) @ 400mm Norfolk Courts Complex being built (September 20, 2012) @ 300mm Norfolk Courts Complex being built (September 20, 2012) @ 200mm Norfolk Courts Complex being built (September 20, 2012) @ 100mm Norfolk Courts Complex emerging into the skyline (September 20, 2012)
  4. VB definately needs to increase the green throughout the downtown area. Was just in Charlotte and must say its amazing to see the steel/real jungle blend in the city. Also, please no more ridiculously elongated Westin style parking garages, really destroys the feeling of density...
  5. Looks from the rendering that it's for pedestrians crossing from the large parking lot on the east side of General Booth to the main aquarium entrance. Maybe has something to do with the renovation they've been doing for the past year or so, perhaps replacing the existing parking lot after construction vehicles have torn in up?
  6. I was driving down 264 today coming from the oceanfront, and saw a pile driver standing in place on the north side of 264, directly north of mt. trashmore. It was just to the east of the 3 office buildings that all look the same (the Skanska, onlinetrader ones), in the cityview area, right at the end of Bendix road it looked like. Anyone know what it might be there for? A new office building going in or ?
  7. That's a heck of an upgrade from their current office size. I worked in contact with them while working on the VB jail project for a couple years, & from visits I made to their office, I don't think their present location even exceeds a couple thousand square feet. Very positive note to see an A&E expanding, must be money out there somewhere, anyone know any other buildings they designed in the area?
  8. I think those 2 towers in the foreground are on park avenue at NSU. That's probably put the shot being taken from a building northeast of mac center... maybe the top of the apartments just north of the rotunda?
  9. There's a really pretty view of it from the Pungo Ferry Road bridge over the intracoastal waterway...16.5 miles away... puts the water & surrounding forest in the foreground, if only I had a decent camera...
  10. That's an amazing photo, I love the blue & green in it against that night background.
  11. Armada Hoffler updated a couple of photos on their website of Town Center & the westin... http://www.armadahoffler.com/portfolio_current.html http://www.armadahoffler.com/portfolio_multifamily.html The night shot of TC is a nice one, although low resolution. I'd hoped with these being updated, maybe some day soon vabeachtowncenter.com would update their photos but the most current are still july '07...
  12. What a shame... that skyline gap between the westin & the landing (if it even ever happens) will just look ridiculous now.
  13. Wow, those photos are amazing....I envy all you that live in Charlotte! The way that city lights up at night is so impressive.
  14. Just a photo I had laying around from my visit in September... I'd really like to visit again once 210 trade is built and see this angle again. <3 Charlotte
  15. When did Canada invade town center?
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