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  1. I spent my summer days as a child eating ice cream at that parlor on the left. Good memories!
  2. And to think we have much longer winters than most!
  3. What is the intersection of those homes?
  4. Everyone appreciates that! And welcome!
  5. That thing looks awesome. That is a good new view. I also want to see a rendering released of the back of the new BC Expansion that will face Capitol Park. Will it complement the BC and park?
  6. I don't think so. I think Quicken should be there.
  7. Why is there a photo of the Southfield Charter One tower, formerly Chrysler, on the UrbanPlanet Homepage?
  8. Also, Please get rid of the obnoxious signature THEDETROITCITY99.
  9. My grandma used to volunteer at the Octagon House.
  10. Wasn't that Sander's Mural on Cadillac Tower? BTW, last tuesday down in Orlando at the airport, I talked to Barry Sanders. They lost his luggage and boy he was pissed.
  11. Ok, Zachariah, your parents let you go to Pontiac, but they won't allow you to go too Detroit. That is pretty stupid when you compare the crime, Pontiac has pretty bad crime too.
  12. I totally agree with you hood.
  13. I have a friend who just moved here from Seattle and he says Detroit is almost as nice as Seattle. He has been going downtown a lot lately.
  14. I made it as my wallpaper. Awesome Picture!
  15. That and with christmas lights on the trees. I know this isn't christmas time, but I love the city during christmas.
  16. I was also at the game yesterday. It was a good game and the city was extra beautiful for some reason. Being in the upperdeck(which wasn't that bad) I got to experience the upper concourse for the first time. When it was raining, I went out to the concourse and there was an amazing sky over Midtown. I believe I have a picture. I will probably post it later. Why didn't Santiago turn the double play that allowed the winning run in? Also, can't Infante do more than a popup to end the game? BTW, the Garden Lofts seem to be coming along nicely. How much are they going for? My dad was wondering.
  17. I hate pictures of Detroit in the winter. Reminds me of a scene from the book "1984."
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