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  1. The store is a Gordon Food Service Marketplace. This is their second Orlando location. The other one is in the old Circuit City building in Altamonte.
  2. The work started on that project a few years ago and it was shelved due to the economy.
  3. I have seen a slide like that at bars and clubs in Cancun and some of the islands. Is it possible they are bringing back Carlos and Charlie's or maybe Senor Frogs?
  4. kracker

    Amway Center

    Everyone was commenting that is was too high and a long drop down. They had waiting lines at the elevators for people who refused to use the escalators.
  5. It looks like things are picking up at the events center. They brought in some big equiptment a few days ago.
  6. Pleasure Island is offically closing Sept 27th. The six night clubs are closing for good but the retail shops will remain open. The haven't released any official plans but they said it could take at least a year or two to renovate all the clubs into more restaurants and shops.
  7. They have just started the Moss Park Rd. Exit ftom the 417. Last I knew this project was cancelled. Does anyone have any other info about the proposed innovation way rd leading into lake nona?
  8. whats wrong with burger joints? I happen to own a burger joint and we have customers that will eat burgers 5 times a week! America loves BURGERS!!
  9. kracker

    The Plaza

    Keyword BOSTON. I am sure NYC or LA or Chicago or any other huge city has at least one but dont forget where this is. I am sure these cities wouldn't have a problem opening an Amc theater like we are.
  10. kracker

    The Plaza

    Also consider that 12 screens is a little overkill if Enzian would take over. 4-6 Screens would be max and then you would have to figure out what to do with the rest of the space. Within the next year some big movie operator will fill this spot. Just be patient.
  11. Starwood announced that they would build one of their new eco friendly Element hotels near Universal Orlando. The first Element hotel will actually open in Boston later this spring while the 137 room Orlando hotel will open in August 2009. Not sure if this was what you were referring to.
  12. The new renderings are a lot better than before. I don't think this is the right location for a project like this. The area has enough crime to give the millenia mall trouble, imagine what that movie theater would be like on a friday or saturday night. Lake nona deserves something like this and could get the money they are going to be asking for the condos.
  13. soccer? what is that?? Americans will never catch on to soccer. Even if David Beckham played every game in that stadium, you probably couldn't even have one possible sellout. It was hard enough to get a new arena and an 'upgraded' citrus bowl, no smart investor would ever waste their money on soccer in Orlando.
  14. The Orlando Business Journal reports that the Great Orlando Wheel company has purchased 37 acres of land for $38 million, which is just across the Beachline Expressway from the original Convention Center on Westwood.
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