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  1. Promenade JBG Retail has plans to replace the current Cadillac car dealership with a mixed used project. It will include an office tower, condo/apartment tower, and retail. The project will be built in phases, according to the density increases that the property will receive when a full funding agreement is signed for the Silver Line. The project will be across the street from the Tysons West station.
  2. With Approval Of FAA, a Final Tower Is Set to Rise in Rosslyn http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7122702154.html Another superstructure, a 370-foot, 30-story skyscraper crowned with a transparent pyramid, will soon be rising on the Rosslyn skyline. It might become a landmark in Arlington County: the last building of its size to be approved in Rosslyn, where the Federal Aviation Administration has put a lid on the soaring skyline out of concern for airline safety. The office building, named for its address at 1812 N. Moore St., will have more energy-efficient featu
  3. That would be great if Volkswagen moves its North American headquarters to the Dulles area, that would include its brands Audi and Bentley and probably Bugatti. I wonder if having ExxonMobil's retail headquarters nearby would have had anything to do with it?
  4. I like Imageshack, after you upload you get a set of links to use, the one at the bottom is best - a direct link.
  5. HiTech Hometown Kind of a cheesy video, but neat!
  6. Actually I didn't come up with any info. Which buildings around the mall are you referring to, I can't believe they would go that high! I guess Tysons isn't too close to the airports.
  7. The website has nice pics of the area Isn't there a height limit of 250' in over there?
  8. 4307

    Norfolk Pictures

    Here's a nice nighttime one
  9. Good thing it wasn't called the Hampster!
  10. picture taken from the french ship "dixmude" 1953
  11. I'd rather have a 500,000 square foot old-timey castle that sucks NO power
  12. Such lovely projects, I wish I had the cash to do that kind of stuff!
  13. Those two on the right look like they came from The Matrix
  14. Does anyone even use that airport?
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