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  1. Richmond Developments

    The Wawa was to go where the site work is currently. I have been wondering if they are just clearly to market the land or if they are actually beginning the construction. UPDATE: Digging through the permits, I see that they are currently working on Water/Sewer connections. The approval for a Wawa on the site was completed last October and architectural plans appear to have been submitted on 6/1/17 with an aim for completion in 2018.
  2. Richmond Developments

    Nothing really picture worthy, but I saw last night that River City Roll has steel work in progress and the new AAA garage has gutted out the lot with exception of the old garage's facade (both on Myer's between Boulevard and Cookie Factory Lofts).
  3. Proposed: The Belvidere

    Specifically, VCU's residential arm (VCU Real Estate Foundation) owns the Hess property and the adjacent former McDonald's site. That is why I find it very interesting that the work on Uphof's "Belvidere" site (next to ICA) also has renderings for VCU's separate Hess/McDonald's property. This suggests either a collaboration on the two projects or Uphof is trying to market his property to VCU. I drove by the Uphof lot and the adjacent Evergreen/Apartment demo site leveled by VCU. All I saw was what looked like grading on the VCU site, likely for the planned surface lot, and no notable equipment on Uphof's. For reference, VCU (light red), VCU REF (dark red) and Uphof (blue) ownership below. Uphof's "Belvidere" site is stripped blue and VCU REF's Hess/McDonald's site in stripped dark red.
  4. Proposed: The Belvidere

    The images shown there that have not been shared before actually appear to be the old Hess site, now owned by VCU, at Broad and Belvidere rather than Uphof's property. That adds more to the suspicion of this being a play for VCU buying the Belvidere and Grace site..
  5. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    Certainly one of my Squirrel game go-tos!
  6. Richmond International Airport

    Yup, that is it. For some reason I thought I was looking at them from DCA rather than IAD.
  7. Richmond International Airport

    They moved into BWI in 2015. I looked at them for an upcoming Europe trip for the Iceland stopover but sadly had to cut down the length of my stay. Perhaps next year! There is also similar competition from Icelandic out of DCA.
  8. Richmond off-topic postings

    If only we still built bridges like those Such a gorgeous city.
  9. Richmond off-topic postings

    Sadly, I doubt we would ever see the funds allocated to a nice fancy bridge since we do not need the navigable height like Charleston, unless something were built in between I-95 and the Pocahontas bridge. A RT. 5 to I-95 connector to move traffic out of the Bottom would be nice.
  10. It is now 600 and 700 Canal Place. This may be to differentiate the two towers as well as have a better location name for other tenants such as retail. The buildings will still be adorned with Dominion signage.
  11. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Given Amazon's addition of a third warehouse in the region, that seems very plausible.
  12. VCU Developments

    That is correct, VCU does have lots on both sides. There are also offices on the island.
  13. VCU Developments

    This is the Ambulatory Care building (synonymous with Outpatient Care). Perhaps you crossed info with the 16-story Critical Care Tower they built recently (wow, and by recently I now mean about ten years)?
  14. Structural support for the increased weight (both above and below ground), elevator equipment handling longer travel, heavier duty pumps, etc. Generally comes down to land values vs cost to build up and I imagine our land values are not all that high currently.
  15. New Richmond Arena

    I would be curious as to how much of that traffic is from outside the metro. Given that HR is stuck in a corner I doubt they bring in as much from outside whereas RIC can draw from Charlottesville (many businesses fly out of RIC for cheaper airfare), Lynchburg and southwest of RVA. HR does have the military passenger traffic but RIC also has an expanding Fort Lee and state government traffic which may balance that out (if not surpass).