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  1. Icetera

    Richmond off-topic postings

    The location was awful. If I recall, it was supposed to be near Cloverleaf rather than around downtown.
  2. Icetera

    The Tri-Cities Area

    It is for their new Multi-Modal Transit Center, combining local busses, GRTC Express, and Greyhound. I guess they are hoping that in the future there will be a lot of park and rides.
  3. Icetera

    Richmond International Airport

    That is really impressive given the concerns of the Shutdown!
  4. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    Yup, Rockett's property is all South of the rail-lines.
  5. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    Unfortunately, they are probably not planning that far ahead given that this is, as Wahoo said, a "new frontier." It may be more planned around security, rather than retail spaces that may sit empty for many years. Hopefully, this and the development on 17th will be a catalyst for more mixed developments in between.
  6. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    This development at 18th and Venable certainly snuck in:
  7. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    I am really curious as to how the apartments will be built. Trying to fit the 5 story office building as pictured into the corner and then a four story parking deck AND a separate 230- or 250-unit apartment building with a street separating is going to be a really tight fit. I would expect some height on those apartments!
  8. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    Curious the details as well. The buildings certainly match up as Broad & Madison. The facade makes it difficult to determine height, but considering that the visible portion of left most building is the main six floors of Quirk, this appears to be 12-14 floors. That would be a nice mix with the other Monroe Ward / Park towers.
  9. They should have used a Richmond flag!
  10. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    It was not as of Saturday night.
  11. Icetera

    New Richmond Arena

    I would agree on that as pushing the city (and state) government offices out of downtown seems counter-productive. Is this possibly temporary? I do not recall new government offices being included in the project.
  12. Icetera

    Manchester Development

    For a third of the property the office structure can fit directly in the view-shed. Even with it not completely blocking, a lot of view-shed will be lost to the North and East, though the Manchester bridge and city core should be unobstructed. Also, how much of Norfolk-Southern turnaround track was there for the now removed industry? Given that a lot of that rail has been ripped up, in time, could they sell that land to a developer and just leave the through tracks to the yard and West?
  13. Icetera

    Manchester Development

    When the South Reynolds project slaps a tower in between their low-rises and the river, those new homes' values are going to drop.
  14. Icetera

    Museum Developments in Richmond

    It is non-obtrusive to avoid detracting from the historic structures. I may have preferred a blue glass, though.
  15. Icetera

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    It really needs some potential retail frontage on the Broad Street side. Having voids on the side streets could be acceptable but not that stretch of Broad.