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  1. Icetera

    New Richmond Arena

    Hopefully BizSense will satisfy our needs in the morning. Nevermind, thanks Downtowner!!
  2. I believe the outpatient tower is the tower you were thinking of, just that it is happening sooner than we may have expected.
  3. Icetera

    Proposed: The Belvidere

    We all lost!
  4. Icetera

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Heh, not probably, it pretty much is from comparisons I have made in the past. That is what has hurt us and similar independent cities (City of Baltimore, St. Louis) in Per Capita ratings such as homicides and poverty.
  5. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    I was thinking the same! I honestly never understood where the reputation even came from until this week.
  6. Icetera

    Richmond Region Transportation

    I look forward to being one of those "yuppies" and giving my cars a rest for a quick jaunt on the bus.
  7. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    And many of those that were stating opposition could not explain why aside from hearing misinformed sound-bits.
  8. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

  9. Perhaps they need to install the massive HVAC and elevator systems in prior to building out (assuming HVAC is not on the parking garage structure).
  10. Icetera

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I changed the default view (hopefully for all). See if the BRT and Bike Share populates by default now.
  11. Icetera

    Richmond in Pictures III

    That area is really going to need an overall of sidewalks and landscaping as it transitions out of industrial.
  12. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    I imagine Carytown / Museum District has bee due to zoning limitations. Scott's Addition has had a couple lower budget hotels close in recent years so it may still be too early for the more boutique hotels pop up, especially with them barely just now entering downtown. I could certainly imagine them in a few years, though (possibly Boulevard development?). Aloft has yet to enter the city so perhaps they would be earlier adopters.
  13. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    The project is only adding an additional 20% of retail space compared to the current center, with a much better layout and obviously updated. Given that, it may do well. Now, if only they could replace the shopping center and parking lot across Thompson with a hotel (with visibility from I-195) as a western anchor.
  14. Icetera

    Richmond Developments

    Given the length and flow of Cary and Ellwood Streets on that block, I believe the drive cuts are very appropriate. Trying to force all of the flow into the shorter lengths of Thompson and Nansemond would be a traffic mess. Though added residential would be nice, the small town feel is also a big part of the draw to Carytown.
  15. Icetera

    Manchester Development

    South Reynolds (South Reynolds Retail on the development map). Given the large-format retail nature of that portion of the project, I would be very surprised to not see a grocery store there.