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  1. Realistically, it is accurate, but we also have better services and access to such. Due to that, rural areas will likely see a higher rate of fatality so the question will be how everyone perceives that. Given that newer urban dwellers are typically younger, I would be surprised it we see much of a negative effect.
  2. Here, I bet a part of that decline was the lack of available new rental units. 2020 results and the next few years should be interesting.
  3. I see the details now and went back to the data I have been collecting over the years. I swore they had gotten back on track but looking back that is not the case. That really surprises me given the amount of new units they are building.
  4. Nice shot of The Current as well:
  5. They were losing earlier in the decade but I doubt that is the case now given the amount of residential development. Certainly excited for results of the Census! That was in comparison to 2010. They need to look at growth rates over the past couple years rather than the net growth over the decade which is skewed by the earlier losses. Norfolk seemed to be about 10 years behind Richmond's recovery.
  6. No, they have the sliver along the tracks of the same block plus some more square footage along Nicholson (25 Nicholson St. on GIS).
  7. Not sure about that estimate for Norfolk as they have started growing again, but at a meager 1%. Using last available rate-of-growth I have been estimating Norfolk to be around 246k and Richmond around 236k (close to this estimate). At those rates we would pass Norfolk around 2029. We are 84th in density while 95th in population. Given our small restricted borders I look forward to watching that density grow!
  8. No, that was the surface lot next to Brown Greer. I am confused by the layout on this, though, as I can not see how it fits the lot, unless possibly the image is mirrored. EDIT: Looking back at prior plans, I do not think this is utilizing the lot with the raised art gallery at the corner of Nicholson, but solely built on the gas station lot. That means the corner may still one day be developed into offices or other mixed use.
  9. This one completely caught me by surprise! Especially as one of the lots that was slated for likely apartments is currently having utilities laid down that appear to be for more town-homes. If this moves, this puts 4-5 projects going at once in Rocketts Village properly plus Fulton Yards.
  10. Was supposed to consist of several apartment buildings if I recall correctly. Never have seen details.
  11. I know it is technically a virus, but at least we are seeing that organic growth that has been touted so much!
  12. Citizen and Greenleaf's Pool Room are closed for good. Hopefully Hotel Greene will reopen after the pandemic. https://www.wtvr.com/eat-it-virginia/citizen-restaurant-closing-for-good-coronavirus-cited-as-a-reason Greenleaf's Pool Room March 15 at 10:34 AM · With a heavy heart we are closing indefinitely— thanks to all of our friends and customers who brought the room to life over the years. Stay healthy and safe.
  13. Nearly the entire base has been demoed at this point. No idea the structural state of the interior now. Perhaps there is possibility of rebuilding where the plaza/parking deck was, which was the biggest issue with that tower. I would not be optimistic, though. They also save $500k in annual real estate taxes with the demo, so I doubt they would sit on it longer than they have to.
  14. Well, since the meals tax increase was theoretically for the schools and they are closed I guess no real affect here! Real estate taxes still have to be paid so perhaps we luck out by not being reliant on actual business taxes, unlike the State and Fed. It is about time the reality set in. Everything aiming for end of April was always laughable.
  15. While I agree with the sentiment, there are a lot of commercial businesses cutting hours or closing, which would be a reduction in electricity compared to even increased residential consumption. At least we already lack an arena to be missing out on things!
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