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  1. It depends on where it is placed in relation, which would be my concern. If Devon were centered more in OKC it would not be so bad. For Richmond, if it was placed on the pencil lot, it could fit in, but if it were placed on Belvedere it would just stand out and detract from the overall skyline. Renaissance Center in Detroit is another example of this effect. Detroit has a great old skyline but then RC just pulls all the attention away, ruining the overall view:
  2. Agreed on Boston and Philly being a great comparisons. Do not get me wrong, I do want to see taller towers, but I do not want them just plopping an overly tall tower and detracting from the remaining skyline, such as the effect from OKC's Devon Tower. I want to see us progress through 30-40 floors with solid, central placements prior to reaching higher and higher.
  3. Personally, I am not in a rush for 50-60 unless it is situated perfectly. Despite being shorter, I feel Richmond's skyline is more impactful compared to a lot of taller skylines as it is so dense rather than sporadic. I would be happy with seeing more 20-30 floor towers on the higher elevations and closer to the I-95/64 in order to further heighten that dense skyline and bring some impact to traffic traveling other directions besides the iconic Northbound I-95. For example, here are comparisons of Richmond vs Raleigh via Google Earth. Raleigh may be taller but the density is just not e
  4. They need to rename this to Scott's Park & Ride.
  5. There appears to be a lower Customs arrival space between Gates B6 and B10. Club Level Grill wraps behind the escalator. I assume this is an underutilized B8 for serving the adjacent gates via air-stairs?
  6. Usually we are going back and forth with Texas but I see they fell to 4th. Perhaps this will begin a new healthy rivalry with NC.
  7. But they were tired.. So tired.
  8. I certainly cannot fault them for that.
  9. Heh, I added this to mine yesterday under "Virginia Dept of General Services Building". Prominence is around 319', placing it slightly taller than the Omni:
  10. Every new subscriber adds a floor to their new tower!
  11. Icetera

    Monroe Ward

    It most definitely is. Perhaps they dropped a couple townhomes in favor of adding multi-unit housing in back? https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/06/12/eagle-eyes-monroe-ward-site-infill-development/?utm_source=BizSense
  12. Icetera

    Monroe Ward

    While not particularly tall, that certainly has some great density and would do wonders for returning foot-traffic to that block. Height-wise, it looks to be on par with 8 1/2 Canal, which has some impact. I would like to imagine that the little dude on the surface lot is planning out a future tower.
  13. Given the oddly high amount of shootings on I-95 around the Tri-Cities this year, both may be valid.
  14. Thanks for updating the tab from Navy Hill to City Center.

  15. Looks like crawler from I-64/95.
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