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  1. Richmond Developments

    Certainly a surprise. Perhaps the elevation called for a longer boom than a traditional crane could reach?
  2. There are plans for a Hyatt Place hotel on the north bank of the canal. The ugly structure will be removed and the canal opened up. It is currently delayed but hopefully not for much longer.
  3. I love the reflection of the towers around it.
  4. Richmond off-topic postings

    This is pretty cool. Lonely Planet is quite significant, in fact, I reference them a lot when travelling abroad for things off the typical tourist path.
  5. Scott's Addition Development

    I really like it, though I was also thinking Rotterdam. I imagine there are more accents coming.
  6. VCU Developments

    The dorms are looking rather good, certainly coming out better than I had expected.
  7. New Richmond Arena

    Certainly was a dump in 2001 but not concerned there as long as they can improve the exterior for better pedestrian interaction (within security limitations).
  8. New Richmond Arena

    That building is owned by the fed and contains offices for many other U.S. agencies, as well as the IRS. I suspect it will be an annoying thorn within the project.
  9. The Tri-Cities Area

    Not looking good At least it appears the most structurally intact portions are still standing as well as most of the lofts renovated across the street (though a lot lost). The bridge is gone as well.
  10. Richmond Developments

    This may be a tough sell given VCU already has the Siegel Center and accompanying practice facility, though they could certainly play the larger games at the new arena (which was a big part of prior intentions). Amusingly, the only school in the area that may have the graduation numbers to utilize an arena is VCU, though I suspect the Siegel Center may be being outgrown for such a use.
  11. Richmond Developments

    That was a rather thorough survey. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Richmond Developments

    There is supposed to be a 5 story apartment building going there, though I forget the details.
  13. That makes sense. Looks like the 20 floors plus two mechanical floors. Now the crown will protrude for the equivalent of another 3 floors. Perhaps the concrete apparatus will be used on the parking deck (looks like it needs at least another level)? I imagine the rest of the shorter structure will just be steel. I am also curious about the blocks now that you point them out. Perhaps just materials still wrapped? They may be around the size of the window panels.
  14. Richmond Developments

    Thankfully they are also kind of restoring parts of the street-grid, so I am not completely hating the surface parking.
  15. 2018 - Development Predictions

    South Reynolds is planning around a grocery store for the retail pad site, though not sure the status (was expecting around 2018 if I recall). Hopefully the arena will come with that high-rise hotel