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  1. The one Hike shared a while back appears to show more of a set back at the upper levels. This thing is going to have a serious impact on the skyline.
  2. Watching the Navy Hill presentation I am curious as to where they dug up this rendering for the Children's Hospital expansion. The massing looks quite a bit larger than the other rendering as it dwarfs City Hall.
  3. The vast majority of this development is studios and one-bedrooms so I doubt it will attract too many breeders. This will be great for the ever increasing foreign and young immigrant employees in the area.
  4. Icetera

    Richmond Banks

    Or top out their existing building. Though SunTrust has cut back, I thought quite a few others filled in some of the space?
  5. Agreed. I also wish they would reorient Site C to better acknowledge the old Roundhouse. The opportunity is rich to make that site unique.
  6. Also of note, the second round of ultra luxury riverfront town-homes at Rocketts Village are about to break ground. They cleared out the small observation deck and eliminated parking on the lots in preparation as of last week. The next apartment block is also well under way.
  7. Looks like Fulton Yard has made the first major hurdle from both Henrico and Richmond: https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/09/04/fulton-yard-project-near-rocketts-landing-gets-thumbs-up-from-planning-commissions-in-city-henrico/
  8. I imagine the parking deck would have used the same access as the below grade Altria ramp (Atlria building would not have been changed much). The fact that they just rebuilt the two bridges over the viaduct would have seemed very wasteful, though.
  9. I wonder if something forces them to reuse the existing entrances? It looks like the lot itself is not changing at all.
  10. Too much surface parking as well. Hopefully still in the works.
  11. The article does not provide any details to the actual Muse Dealership so I am curious as to the plan there. From the description, the restaurant appears to be going into the small one-story (used car showroom?) at the corner of 14th St. "undisclosed restaurant tenant to take over the one-story, 1,325-square-foot building at the corner of Semmes Avenue and West 14th Street."
  12. Weren't they talking about removing the top two floors in prior plans? This rendering suggests otherwise
  13. Its not 5,000 new seats but 17,000 as the existing 12,000 are done. It was never about adding more seats. One way or another, the coliseum site needs to be redeveloped, the the street-grid restored, the undeveloped and underdeveloped lots need to be opened for appropriate downtown scale development and city services need to be consolidated out of low-rise dilapidated facilities. The best place for Social Services to move would be right on top of that GRTC Transfer Center.
  14. I am so tired of the schools as a scapegoat to fight anything undesired. Throwing more money at them is not going to fix the mismanagement problem that has plagued the school system for decades now. Also, we are building new schools. I put all this together when the meals tax increase passed. Keep in mind that in response, I have spent considerably less going out in Richmond (a bit more in Henrico) and am actually now contributing less to the meals tax than prior to July 2018, despite the increase. From August 2018: Since 2003, the City of Richmond's population has risen 15% (198k to 227k), while the student population has declined 4% (26k to 25k), which makes sense given the younger, child-less residents moving back to the city (US Fertility rate has dropped 14% from 2.05 to 1.76). Meanwhile the meals tax has doubled in that time-frame (added a "temporary" 1% for the performing arts center, then an additional 1.5% earmarked for one year to RPS). Since 2010 (earliest available records), real estate taxes have increased 19% ($223 mil to $265 mil) while overall revenue has increased 10% ($630 mil to $692 mil). Local tax revenues (including meals) have increased 7% ($142 mil to $152 mil) and property taxes only 5% ($44 mil to $46 mil). In this time-frame, the City budget has increased 9% ($1.45 bil to $1.59 bil) while the Richmond City Schools' budget has increased 46% ($260 mil to $380 mil), despite a decline in student enrollment! Meanwhile, since the meals tax increase adoption, payments to the Redskins (budgeted out of school and jail construction funds) has increased 150% ($0.50 mil to $1.25 mil)! So why the hell does a system, that is losing demand need such a massive increase in funds unless there is serious mismanagement (as has been historically the case)?! And why is the burden always placed on the restaurant industry? Perhaps because increasing an existing tax is less noticeable to the masses than adding a new tax? Could it be possible, that despite huge increases in the budget, school funds get allocated elsewhere and facilities purposely neglected so that they can be used as a martyr for raising funds for other uses? Think of the children! https://www.richmond.com/…/article_156a508d-f78e-5719-a479-… http://www.richmondgov.com/CityCouncil/budget.aspx http://www.doe.virginia.gov/…/fall_member…/report_data.shtml https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.DYN.TFRT.IN…
  15. While I am mostly in support of this project I am not going to discount Vaceltic's points either and the other perspectives are needed here. One thing that does bug me is how much the project scope has crept. It was one thing when it was just the lots that were wasted as non-productive and non-tax-collecting city and state property, but the two south of Broad have plenty of potential outside of this project. It does make me suspicious as to why the City Center project never got anywhere. I do think directing more housing to the center of the city is critical, Manchester will be alright. I am also OK if there is not a large return on the project as long as it at least comes close to its costs. If we built everything with an expectation of increased revenue then there would be no libraries, museums, theaters etc.
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