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  1. FYI, a typical modern automatic car wash is more water efficient than a home hand wash, and that is not even accounting for those with recycling systems. They also better manage chemical runoff compared to home washing where it all goes into the drainage system. While I am certainly not excited about this development (though I may use it), at least it is on a small lot directly adjacent to a loud interstate that would not be desirable for residential mixed use. Better than in the middle of a high-potential corridor such as the old Car Pool.
  2. Spy Rock UMFS and Belmont on Broad developments:
  3. Icetera

    Libbie Mill

    Libby Mill progress:
  4. General Assembly Building crown filling out:
  5. Considering that this is a view from Brook Road with City Hall in the foreground, it looks like the VCU Children's Hospital elevator shafts have matched, if not surpassed, City Hall's roofline.
  6. The Foundry: School Street Apartments: I completely forgot about School Street so I was surprised to see this.
  7. It is. I snapped some shots this weekend and that development is well under way. Will add in a few.
  8. How could you even dream of ruining the history fabric of this neighborhood?!
  9. I believe this popped up a few years ago so glad to see signs of movement.
  10. Are we certain the posting is new? I imagine they would want to try and fill it in the meantime. Perhaps short term lease until they determine a use.
  11. It is definitely being used in some capacity with active security staff. Perhaps portions are closed off.
  12. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom

    Honestly, I was disappointed to see their plan using the Lovings' lots as it, in my opinion, spread the project out too much wasting more land than appropriate. That land could instead be generating increased taxes from the improved value due to the museum.
  13. I have not seen any recent activity for Fulton Yards. The Orleans tower referenced was in the original pre-recession plans but has long since dropped from the masterplan. Since then all plans show the surface lot remaining so perhaps there could still be hope in the future. I did find this old conceptional rendering with the current block in question though I believe that one died long before the Orleans lot plan: https://info.aia.org/aiarchitect/thisweek07/1005/1005d_rocketts.htm
  14. The tower site was the lot next to the Pulse station.
  15. At least it is in between two close "downtowns" with LRT access. This could certainly be a lot worse (*cough cough* Richmond).
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