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  1. With exception of the oversaturated Atlantic City (not comparable), which was dying anyway, how have the others really hurt their localities? Either way the locality brought in more revenues that likely helped other areas, even if not the immediate location. Either way jobs were created that otherwise would not have been. Failed legislation and candidate election attempts are retried again and again. How is rerunning a referendum any different? Why are we even arguing over allowing a private enterprise to set up a business using private money?
  2. Looks like the annex has 170,397 Sqft while the original tower has 100,609 Sqft. https://apps.richmondgov.com/applications/propertysearch/Detail.aspx?pin=E0000098015
  3. I generally like this site for data but this seems real off to me. Numbeo has Raleigh listed as the #1 city in the world for quality of life. Our Richmond is listed as #12, once again, in the world! Usually this list is dominated by Scandinavian, Swiss, and Oceanian cities. Quality of Life Index by City 2022 https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings.jsp?title=2022
  4. Considering that the neighbors you are referring to DID overwhelmingly vote YES, I am not sure how to read this statement. There is no need to convince them now as they were already convinced.
  5. I also like the look of Summit and think it will tie in well with Soda Flats (if that ever happens).
  6. Opus is the developer, hence the confusion. Prior it was just labeled "Opus" as it lacked an official name.
  7. It also appears to be integrated into the neighboring building so additional development may be extremely difficult.
  8. Sadly, some of the proposals for City Center actually had the current City Hall tower being demolished. Thankfully they do not appear to have made the final cut.
  9. Assuming they are not torn down...
  10. Dammit, it appears Emporis actually may have the CoStar height, which is unusual for them. https://www.wtvr.com/2013/02/27/holmberg-wtvr-tower-a-surprisingly-gentle-giant-turns-60/
  11. It was a project that was discovered on one particular architect's portfolio. While the portfolio did not contain officially released projects, many have since come to be.
  12. Nice photos from Hourigan where you can see the Children's Hospital clearing matching City Hall's height:
  13. Level 2 Development appears to be a DC based developer that has become active recently in VA and NC. http://www.level2development.com/portfolio.html
  14. A few are basically to keep the forums fairly uniform such as the Project Listings, Welcome (for new user intros, etc.), and the Coffee House (for political discussions). One is basically a memorial page for a significant founding contributor we lost years back. Since we are one of four forums with an active development map, the Project Listings thread is rarely updated, but suggestions occur in the Development Map thread..
  15. Looks like the site is back up or it cannot handle much traffic as it took two visits.
  16. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom

    Looks like the land changed hands last month in preperation. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/01/11/land-deals-lay-groundwork-for-3-multifamily-developments/
  17. Icetera

    Shockoe Bottom

    Looks like some sampling at the site for Shiplock. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/10/26/developer-connell-planning-47-unit-apartment-building-at-tobacco-row-site/
  18. The problem with that is there is no easy access from Broad up to Leigh from anywhere West of VCU. This means either a 10 minute trek from Scotts Addition/Science Museum Station to the likely Bowtie Station or a 10-15 minute ride to the transfer station, then another 10+ min ride to get back to Bowtie and beyond. The reasoning behind the overlap is that, from the ridership I see, the stretch from VCU Med to Science Museum has the heaviest ridership (especially to VCU/VUU). Beyond that segment, the ridership drops significantly so having busses running the whole route at a higher frequency would see a lot of waste at the endpoints. By overlapping routes on the busy stretch, frequency (aka capacity) is effectively doubled where it matters without underutilized buses at those endpoints. This also means reuse of stations, rather than building new ones only a few blocks away, and a reduction in trackage when we hopefully reach light-rail. This type of overlap is common in metro systems such as Chicago's Loop, NYC's 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 lines, and DC's Yellow and Silver Lines. I also do not think there is much push to bring the Pulse system directly into the transfer station when it is only a 1-2 block walk.
  19. Ultimately, at least two North/South routes will be needed. Given that, I am thinking of a two phase plan where the first line runs Belvidere-Chamberlayne/Broad/14th-Hull/Belt/Midlothian (RED). This adds coverage to VUU, Gilpin, VCU, Broad Street overlap, Old Hull Street stretch, Southside Plaza/VA and then onward to the Midlothian/Chippenham development node. The next line (PURPLE) is then added to run all of RT-301 to which point the RED LINE is adjusted to continue West on Broad and then North up Arthur Ashe. Phase 1 Phase 2
  20. Pickard-Chilton has put up the renderings on their site. https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/costar-group-corporate-campus?fbclid=IwAR2fDEWPXvENMeE8Bs5cgrLI395Vmc7TPbkCPJyTA6L7-tv9mlZvLG4i4Jw This may be the only unseen rendering:
  21. I love the optimism but I believe they usually do four but cut down towards the end of the year to three.
  22. Manchester Bridge via 8/9th does create a direct route to the current GRTC transfer "plaza." I think any route for the first North/South line must run Hull Street between Commerce and Cowardin and then proceed down Midlothian to maximize connectivity of businesses and residents. A future line can run Route 1, probably via Belvidere. For the stretch with parking along Hull Street, I estimate around 200 spaces lost, easily replaced with a parking deck or two (equivalent to approximately four Carytown sized garages). As far as crossing the Mayo Bridge, I can also see some great benefits. First, note that the Mayo Bridge is likely seeing replacement so there is potential there. Cutting the few on street parking spaces that already muck up traffic between the bridge and Commerce would not be terribly detrimental and dedicated BRT lanes may force traffic to slow down in that stretch (it gets pretty bad). Having an overlapping route from VCU Medical Center to the VCU stop would greatly relieve what I witness as the most significant stretch of ridership, without adding more buses to the existing route that will be underutilized outside of that stretch. Thinking 14th > Broad > Lombardy which allows for a new doorstop VUU station. Very quick snapshot overlay:
  23. Hopefully that is coming down in the next year with a significant replacement (7 and 13 floors if I recall correctly).
  24. The Opus Ascend lot is just over half an acre at 0.58 combined and that has a rather girthy footprint.
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