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  1. Thanks for all the time you put in this site about All the latest news about Mobile's development and future. Keep it up Cuz !! Doing a great job !
  2. Hope this means some of the vacant parking lots downtown will get developed
  3. Hey LSUBOY, have u seen the 40story condo BR is getting ? Thats what Mobile needs.
  4. Hint: It rhymes with the name of a stadium in Montgomery
  6. http://www.downtownmobile.org/images/news/dan_june.july.pdf HOT! off the press
  7. the best spot for 2nd cruise terminal has to be the convention center. it would definitly make more money , than what it is doing now. hey there is your bridge over water street. And a new convention center would be placed at the eyesore civic center(when they tear it down.
  8. Was reading aa article a few months back , about all the bare parking lots. and mentioned the big one behind grand central where the old crowton hotel used to be. There are phones ring off the hook for the property, but that church won t come off of it. A highrise (30stories plus) condo , with retail would look great! And will set off a major boom! It really looks like the condos on water street will not happen
  9. Hopefully Nodine will take control of the project and build the damn thing! Went downtown the other day and saw and talked to people from the cruise ship. They asked '' Whats this large piece of undeveloped land. I told them a park with a water display or maybe a HIGHrise condo with outdoor shops and places to eat. ..... In response they said, " Why do we want to sit down and watch a water display? We're fixin to go on a 5 day cruise! '' ....As i wuz leaving i thought ; how the hell is Mobile thinking about a second ship? , when people are not happy , cause theres nothing to do in port
  10. The bums in downtown are partying as i speek! The land is going to be their new condo
  11. wow! whereya get all this info from! it looks good. Thanks! Got a question, Will the land just north of the convention center turn into something different? Man, the convention center is a big waste of water front. Mobile should make it the second cruise ship dock. If (a big if) we ever get another ship, going have to put it some where, right? as the rendering above shows. The new condo will take over cooper riverside park? Another big waste of money.
  12. Ahh....no . ITS north of everything. Want u come visit us sometime.
  13. Wish i had a map to show this . what if I-165 split ? the way it is now. going to downtown , and a new bypass headed east from I-165 south to the Cochran Bridge , after it geauxs over the river , extend it to merge with the bayway. Which needs to be 8-laned all the way to the malbis exit. Then all is needed is a elevated causeway fROM I-165 to the bridge then to I-10. (o yeah the new bridge would run by the cochren with the same height. Only downfall would be those Damn enviromentalist!(birdwatchers)
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