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  1. Graydon's will be opening a second location soon in EGR on Lake Dr. - found out last week from one of the waitresses. It's a good thing - it's getting difficult to get a table at dinner time these days! ** Sorry - just realized this was already noted in the bar/pub thread. They have great food though, they should be noted in the restaurant area.
  2. So I was at Mezze yesterday and looking out the window I noticed a maroon pickup and several police cars in the huge empty lot just off division. They were there for over 2 hours and just as I was getting ready to leave I saw a large blue van and several people putting what seemed like a body onto a gurney and into the van. Does anyone have any idea what happened? The pickup didn't seem to have any visible damage. Maybe the driver had a heart attack while driving? I can't find anything in the press about it. Just kind of an eerie thing to see without knowing what happened. Thoughts are wit
  3. It's actually Tommy Fitzgeralds place. Owner or exec. chef (not sure if he's both) of the recently destroyed Jimmy's grill in Lowell. He is the executive chef though of Corey and Shannon's new place so you're close. I think he's probably just overwhelmed with work at the moment with Churchills opening late this month and Jimmy's burning down last week.
  4. I may be wrong but I think I remember one of the reasons it was vacated was because of structural issues and it being unsafe for housing.
  5. Sorry for the re-post. I guess I haven't been paying much attention while driving up and down Michigan St. I drove up Benson yesterday and that's the first I've noticed it. It looks a heck of a lot better than the old glass panel ugliness that was there.
  6. Just noticed yesterday there are small coming soon signs posted up on a building near Park Row on Michigan. Looks like Urban Mill/It's a Grind is building a new drive thru location. Although I hope it doesn't hurt their downtown location in the process...
  7. I happened to be walking to Nat'l City from the street party Saturday around 9:30pm when the Alticor meeting at VAA let out. There must have been 800+ Japanese ( sounded like Japanese ) and another 300+ Europeans walking with me on their way to the Amway Hotel. I felt very cultured in a city that typically hosts Americans and Latinos. Hopefully in the next 10 years there will be more and more tourists in DT because it was great to be in a bustling city for 20 min.
  8. Yup, they're definitely working on the old Alma Latina bar. Pinnacle construction has a couple trucks out back. There's also an electrician's truck and an elevator truck. Both back doors are open and demo sounds can be heard including breaking glass - too dark to see what's going on. Anyone got the scoop?
  9. Living right next door I've noticed what I'm guessing to be a realtor showing the building several times over the last couple months. Friday morning there was a contractor's truck parked out back and this morning I noticed a new very large black dumpster directly behind the building. Seems as though someone is finally doing something here.
  10. Thanks GRDad. I think the search engine on UP is acting up, or maybe I just don't know how to use it... Whenever I type in street numbers it errors on me. Anyway, not sure how to move this reply over to the other topic so I'll just post here - a link to the listing with renderings: 345 State Street
  11. I tried searching for information about this development, so apologies if it's a re-post. I was doing a search on Grubb&Ellis's website and noticed a yet to be renovated space for lease at 345 State Street - the Park Professional Bldg. There's a note saying the first two (current) floors are for Medical suites and a possible addition of two more floors for residential. Anyone have the inside scoop?
  12. Herm, I applaud your efforts and commitment to keep Vertigo's doors open. I always try to shop at your place especially since i live just a block away. I totally agree with using the internet as an informational tool and then still shopping locally. I love that I can come into your store and tell you what bands I like and you or your employees can accurately suggest other bands I might like. I do still buy a song or two off itunes but when I'm looking to get a full album buying locally can't be beat. And I actually enjoy going into your store and seeing the range of customers. If I wanted to b
  13. I hung out with a former co-worker last night who told me I was half right. My former company did come up with some good ideas that were killed internally but KIAS was actually the city's idea. I still can't totally fault the city because my former company should have told them it wasn't any good instead of moving forward. Hopefully the city will realize that it's not working and take steps to correct it.
  14. Well I'll be sure to let the friends who told me about it know they're wrong. Sorry for the brief excitement.
  15. I did a search and didn't find any info on this, sorry if it's a repeat. I heard the building being built in front of Celebration Cinema at Knapps is a PF Changs. Anyone have pics? It was dark when I left the theatre last week but the basic steel structure seemed to be up.
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