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  1. VeeFan

    Flint Off Topic

    It reminds me of the view you get when driving east on I-69.
  2. I was just wondering about the Rowe building, have they been able to start work again on it?
  3. I know this was discussed once recently, but I was very glad to see the demolition of the former Medical Arts building on Flushing Rd. going along nicely. Not only is it a pretty nice jab at the Vemulapallis, but evidently there have been developers interested in the property for awhile now and it will be great to see development in that area.
  4. VeeFan

    Flint Off Topic

    Ever the marketer for Brown Sugar Caf
  5. I've always loved this church on N. Saginaw. I remember it was boarded up a few years ago, has it reopened now?
  6. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    I haven't been able to get the PDF to open. Thanks for finding it at least. And this is something that I think all artists should know, but Regina said that she loves playing in Detroit because the crowds always have such a great atmosphere.
  7. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Does anyone happen to know what St. Andrews Hall used to be before it became a concert venue? Was it a theater before? The concert was freaking awesome there on Friday. We didn't get lost on the way or mugged once we were there, so that's convincing enough to go to more concerts there in the future.
  8. Then take a drive downtown and see for yourself what's going on. There's not much to tell, they're still working on the Rowe building, finishing up the First Street Lofts. That's it. Not a whole lot else going on at the moment.
  9. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Not 21 yet, not for another 5 months. I could still go without having her approval, but I'd prefer not to have to take out thousands of dollars in student loans to finish up college.
  10. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    I've always typed in blue, and not just on here. I mapquested it, we'd have to be idiots to get lost.
  11. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    I don't think Regina Spektor is going to be bringing out the thugs. Is it hard to get around Detroit on Friday evenings? That's another thing she's concerned about, that with the traffic my friend and I would get lost since we're not familiar with downtown Detroit. Thanks.
  12. VeeFan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Is anyone familiar with the E. Congress St. part of Detroit? I'm looking at going to a concert over there (St. Andrews), but my mom is convinced that it's not a safe area (I think working on the north end of Flint has made her pessimistic about inner cities). Is it really that unsafe, or is she overreacting?
  13. On the subject of U of M, I'm not sure what's going on but there's some project that's been started by the UM power plant. Right now it looks like they're just grading the ground, and all the trees in the area have been cut down.
  14. Same goes for me. Some of the coaches at my high school always wanted me to be a sprint runner for the track team, but it was just something I couldn't fit into my schedule. Has anyone heard what the final numbers were for participation in the Crim this year? The 10K was up by 1,000 alone, wasn't it?
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