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  1. VAI also has their green roof installed: http://oxblue.com/pro/open/vai/
  2. You are correct - it will be installed to the left of the current signage.
  3. Nice photos John! FYI - The HDVCH and MSU tower cranes will be coming down in August, and I think the VAI one will be coming down soon as well. So if anyone has been intending on getting some shots w/ all 4 in the air, you should work some time into your schedule sometime soon.
  4. Tower 35 will have the same fantastic cast stone product, so don't hold your breath for that one to look any better. Whoever ran the sales pitch for that product must have been one smooth talker...
  5. Floors are poured up through 1/2 of 6th and the final few pours of the 1st floor auditorium seating and final lobby topping slab. The tarps are for fireproofing operations. It keeps the material from carrying in the wind and sticking to things it's not supposed to - i.e. cars, adjacent buildings, etc.
  6. FYI - the HDVCH 3rd floor beams have been delayed but the 4th, 5th, etc. floors are fab'd and ready to go. So once Level 3 shows up you should see the steel really start to fly.
  7. Demo and abatement is in progress. Actual structural demo is probably a couple months away, but it should be down this fall.
  8. It is completely finished but there are a handful of shelled unleased spaces throughout the building - i.e 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th floor NE corners.
  9. That's basically correct. It's a frosted glass in lieu of the spandrel glass to let more light into the atrium. In my opinion, instead of frosted glass they should have gone with the same tinted vision glass used on the rest of the building, but the heat transfer may have been too extreme for the LEED-compliant HVAC system...
  10. Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion Lobby: Gowned Waiting Area:
  11. That Circle K is the only decent gas station within any reasonable distance of The Hill.
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