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  1. My organization is an ArtPrize venue--- matching started on Friday and there are over 800 artists registered that we, as a venue, can browse thru. It is kind of like facebook- if you are interested in having an artist at your venue- you can click on a button that says "MAKE A CONNECTION" - it is pretty nice. There are still a couple of bugs that they need to work thru- but I think they'll take care of it soon. Only issue--- the artists are a bit slow to put things on their pages - examples of their work, artist statement, etc. EXCITING!
  2. Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Contest!!!! I absolutely love the parallels. I think it is novel and exciting. Everyone I know is eager to participate in some way--- dinners every night in different parts of town, preview parties of artists that we know to be participating.... ENDLESS options. So fun. Glad we have more hotel rooms in town to accommodate guests--- maybe Craigslist is going to blow up with people subleting for the week or renting out a room for the time!!!!!!! Word up.
  3. I am pretty certain that the announcement will include: 1. Job creation (not a large number, but a good number of 'creative class' jobs) 2. Involvement from the DeVos's, the City, the State and a number of edgier creative groups 3. A concept that will help to stop the 'brain drain' in GR I can't wait!
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