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  1. Well according to the gov't you're supposed to spend no more than 30% [give or take some percentage point depending on which agency you are getting your figures from] on housing. That should include more than rent [utilities, takes, insurance, etc.]. That said, I would have to be making $80,000 to afford $2000 in rent [not including utilities and such] and $120,000 for $3,000 in rent. I have to agree, where does the line start for one of these jobs?
  2. I have to say... I'm just now getting to visit Richmond in many years and all of this development is amazing. I went down to Rocketts today after spending most of my work day getting caught up on all that was going on and all of that development along with Tobacco Row is just amazing. I hope if I ever move here I can afford to live there... Also, I have no idea how you guys accomplish anything but thanks for giving me a place to stay up-to-date on all the stuff going on here!
  3. Good lord... I have to agree who can afford 400k or 2-3k/month... wouldn't it make more sense to target young professionals who will go out and spend money and help the night life in the area?
  4. Congrats to the Virginians on the high rankings for business and careers... guess I should be hoping to head that direction soon... I'm somewhat surprised to hear Wells Fargo is moving into the Richmond market. Isn't there already good representation of most of the nation's larger banks in the Richmond market? I guess its a good forcast of the future of Richmond if Wells Fargo thinks there is enough business to go around...
  5. I would definately agree that Richmond is in the top-3. If I pinned it down to 3 I'd go with Charlotte, Richmond, and Louisville. But that thread is just going to be a representative the cities from which the people are posting
  6. I thought the plans for petersburg were interesting... i recently saw similar plans for the redevelopment of downtown lexington ky two of the things that jumped out at me when I read the lexington report and I noticed were also in the petersburg report were the change of one-way streets to two-way streets with green medians and larger sidewalks. The other was the seemingly large amount of parks and green area recommended to be created... I haven't actually been to petersburg so the meat of the plan didn't mean much other than 'sounding good' to me....
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