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  1. Birmingham - City Federal Condos
  2. ^^^ I agree... Someone will jump on that space if it opens. I have no doubt. I'm much more interested in seeing what lands at Habert Plaza downtown.
  3. Birmingham - Vintage painted sign
  4. I read this article too and it seems to contradict itself in my opinion. It opens with doom and gloom and the retail sector in Birmingham is flat with low occupancy rates and then leads into The Grove, Chase Lakes and The Summit expansion. This may not be as much as 2007 but it hardly seems flat?
  5. I've noticed that thread before... forgot all about it. Done.
  6. I read about this in the paper and wouldn't be surprised if it landed somewhere in Leeds near the Bass Pro Shop and Barber Motorsports. I would really like to see it downtown though...
  7. Thanks! Here's a pic from Highland Park
  8. Thank You. I'm not sure why I was having trouble previously. Linear Motion at the McWane Science Center... (I couldn't get it to work for me either )
  9. I can't for the life of me figure out how to post a pic in here? Anybody?
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