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  1. If it's a crime to pay respect and remember a man who grew a local business and gave back to the community and did so with as much class as the human condition allows for, then call me a criminal.
  2. I will always call it Meijer's since it is Fred Meijer's store.
  3. I appreciate all views even when they're not-productive. I haven't offered a solution because there is none. The bulk of homeowners have to start dying off or moving into apartments to free up homes/land. That's just going to take time. No magic bullet, no sarcasm, no negative attitude needed; just time. I wish there was a better option but it's literally a gigantic generation (the Boomers) versus an even larger gigantic generation (the Millennials) in the housing market and the Boomers (rightfully so) are holding steady in their homes. Also, keep in mind, the late 90s were twenty years ago. Not very relevant.
  4. This type of attitude helps nothing. I can't believe that this whole forum is dedicated to hyping up downtown and downtown living and you're shocked that people want to live there? That disconnect helps no one and just encourages persons to view your input as stagnant noise. You're better than that, GRDadof3."I suffered so others have to suffer too." is just a tired argument.
  5. City-data.com Their map can display percent of houses that are owner occupied and also age of home owner. It doesn't have one exact overlay but by looking at a couple, you can get an idea.
  6. That's exactly my point. It's Boomers who own that "desirable" (yes, I understand that is perspective) land. Whether it's HH, Walker, Creston, Midtown, or EGR; its Boomers who own the lion's share of that land and the houses on it. And no matter how much the buying power of other generations increases, some people just won't sell.
  7. I would argue Allendale is not as desirable as, say, Heritage Hill.
  8. You are holding out way too much hope for a company that preys on the poor and lower income neighborhoods by using manipulative tactics (different packaging that skews the price per oz but without doing the math, a person thinks they're getting a deal). They'll do the absolute bare minimum required.
  9. This isn't a bubble. Bubbles are artificial and there's nothing artificial about the lack of available homes for sale. I don't see the market correcting until the Boomers start dying off in droves. They own the lion's share of homes (and property that homes are on) in the most desirable places.
  10. The house I lived in in GR was made of wood and it was built in the 1870s. Over a hundred years seems pretty durable to me.
  11. Having the Grand River dredged and maintain for boats would be a huge boon for GR. Just think of the yachters from Chicago being able to spend the night at the JW after a trip across Lake Michigan.
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