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  1. I like how Toledo and Flint are equated with a nuclear disaster.
  2. So we should build for what the trend is now as oppose to what it could be in the future? And why is age the only deciding factor for you to determine a home needs to be demolished? Why not condition? Density (multiple units / occupants)? Space efficiency? Energy efficiency? Anecdotally, I'm on the front end of the millennials, and have already bought and sold a house. I don't want to rent and, least of all, do I want a tiny home to raise my child in. Anything less than 900 SW ft is uncomfortable just due to noise alone. I very much suspect that humans will still procreate no matter how much they say they won't (looking at my generation here) and that they won't want to hear their six month old baby screaming through their organic, non-GMO bamboo quarter inch walls, even after they've turned the baby monitor down.
  3. I'm hesitant to continue to encourage urban living. My thought process being that millennials (the driving force of urban living) are nearing 30 years old. Many of them are following in the foot steps of their parents, once income allows, to buy a house out in the suburbs. My hypothesis is that as median income rises among millennials so too will their appetite for suburban houses.
  4. Plus you can hit up the casino in MI City. After having used the South Shore to get into Chicago, I don't think I'll ever use another way again. Getting dropped off right at Millennium Park and walking, ubering, bus, rent-a-biking, looping, or cabbing to where you need to go is perfect.
  5. I want that train setup.
  6. I went there plenty of times and the food was always good. A 4.1/5 stars on Google Maps with 71 reviews is pretty decent. Your friend must be old with aging taste buds. Tell them to go back to Walker Roadhouse.
  7. Isn't this interchange scheduled to be redone soon anyway?
  8. "back in my day..."
  9. I'm in Columbus. I can make it in five hours.
  10. Taking the bus would of course be a fall back option to the better one of bicycling.
  11. Asked my friend at CSX. He said if he had to guess, they're adding more tracks to expand their train to truck operation.
  12. Sounds like a fun trip down EPA lane. He probably meant bike parking.