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  1. Skateboards have been illegal downtown for decades. Guess GR really doesn't like alternative transportation.
  2. Yes there are. But because it's a river that carries slit and other debris (trees, etc) the maps are not always accurate and quickly become out of date. My father has one of the Grand Rivers mouth near Spring Lake / Grand Haven and it's about as useful as wearing a blindfold.
  3. Can't let the herd leave The Compound.
  4. OK....now convince nurse Annie who works twelve hour night shifts to ride her scooter for half an hour each way through a foot of snow and single digit temperatures. Let me know how it goes.
  5. Sort of like the river walk?
  6. First off, I very much appreciate your perspective. Second, this conversation deserves much more technical discussion that is beyond the scope of this forum. Third, I'm going to presuppose our conversation will inevitably end () with us talking in circles and really just waiting to see how the future plays out. So before GRDadof3 tells us to move along, let's agree to do just that.
  7. I'm getting the impression you don't quite know how blockchains work. In short, they're a set of "transactions." Be it a cat picture, Bitcoin, or online gambling like Ethereum wants. The blockchain is a record of all those transactions (growing is size accordingly). Those who "mine" Bitcoin (or mine ether) are essentially verifying every single one of those transactions. They are very much needed to keep this type of distributed computing going. They ARE the platform. Those verifications are what Ethereum are talking about in that video when they say the platform is "trustworthy." You're correct in that Bitcoin is limited in supply but the amount of transactions that can be done with it in an amount of time are not. The same is true for Ethereum with one very big difference; the "bitcoins" (ether) are not limited. Unlimited ether plus unlimited transactions makes for a very large electricity bill to get together enough computing power to verify an unlimited blockchain. Let me ask you this; are you willing to let your home computer run 24/7 at 100% CPU usage to participate in Ethereum in, say, five years?
  8. This company is playing with fire and it hates them. Just look at Bitcoin's blockchain (a relatively small blockchain compared to what these dudes want to do). - https://bitcoinwisdom.com/bitcoin/difficulty In 9 months alone, it's difficulty (and therefore hashrate) have doubled. DOUBLED! In under a year. Thats essentially doubling the power bill for their hashrate since compute cycles still cost roughly the same and so does electricity. And the bulk of that horsepower comes from stuff that isn't your laptops dual-core. Look at the attached chart. That rocketship of difficulty requires real world compute cycles which cost real world money. Ain't nobody wanna see their bills rise that fast especially when it's being used to serve up cat pictures and poker games. And Bitcoin is peanuts compared to what Ethereum wants to do.
  9. "No Mildred, that's where our weefees go and the guberment steals our metaldata."
  10. Jet.com is a much bigger boy than Moosejaw. Jet.com has a far better chance of staying. More specialized knowledge employees (software design, data analytics, etc) and therefore much harder to transfer operations over. That's just my opinion though. Walmart certainly has the cash to say 'cya' to all of them but I think the odds are less likely if Walmart bought Jet as an actual investment and not just a 'buy and burn' takeover of a competitor.
  11. If you think Walmart is going to keep all those jobs (why would they keep HR / payroll overlap? Walmart already has a literal building full of people doing that), let alone keep them at the same pay rate for longer than two years, I got some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you. Also, as a Walmart shareholder (you probably are too, check your 401k), I say they damn well better get rid of business overlap. Love that attitude or hate it but its how the free market works. The only reason some of those 350+ jobs may stay in MI is because they're cheaper to keep there until Walmart figures out how to consolidate them into existing Walmart operations.
  12. A tip: I watch long (> 20 mins) YouTube videos at a higher playback speed like 1.5x or 2x. Cuts down the time needed to watch the whole thing.
  13. Shoot, for $20 you could buy a webcam and stream it yourself on YouTube. Could get a couple pennies in ad revenue too.